Honda Colors!
N360—a big adventure started 45 years ago—“Colorful Honda”

Honda’s cars—a myriad of colors, each infused with passion.
A recent example is Honda’s N-ONE model. Released in autumn 2012 in a variety of color schemes—11 body colors and five two-tone styles—it has generated tremendous interest.
However, Honda’s tradition of abundant color variations goes back some 45 years to the original trendsetting model—the N360, released in 1966.

The N360 turned the conventional wisdom of the time on its head, offering maximum space and comfort for a mini-vehicle while delivering performance that many drivers considered equal to a sports car. Despite these outstanding features, it was sold at a lower price than competitors’ mini-vehicles, quickly generating huge popularity.

However, these were not the only reasons that the N360 proved such a hit. At a time when there were very few cars in bold colors such as red, the N360’s styling and coloring earned it high praise—not only from men, but also from women with little previous interest in cars.

Honda also embarked on a series of innovative new marketing campaigns.
Among these campaigns, the most unique were advertisements with the tagline, “Colorful Honda.” In these advertisements, 13 different color variations (including two-tone variants) were lined up on brightly colored magazine pages.

In the late 1960s (generally recognized as the start of Japan’s car ownership boom), the N360 packed everything that is fun about driving into a small vehicle. One reason it was loved was its “colors.”

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