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Eagle Rock School

American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Eagle Rock School

A school that provides a life-changing experience

American Honda Motor established the Eagle Rock School, located in the mountain resort community of Estes Park, Colorado, the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park, to further its long-term commitment of contributing to society in areas beyond the imperatives of the company's day-to-day operations. This residential tuition free school accepts students who have not experienced success in traditional academic programs or who do not expect to graduate from high school, but are passionate about changing their lives. The school does not assign grades for courses (and therefore there are no failures) and does not seek to impose restrictions of time or place. The program is individually structured with an emphasis on students discovering who they are as individuals, what their dreams are, and what they need to learn in order to realize those dreams. What is important is for each of the students to record, express and verify for themselves what they have learned and how they have grown from their experience. Through classes and communal living, students learn the value of visualizing their own dreams and working to realize them.

With only 96 students, the school is annexed to an educational training facility and receives numerous visits each year from those active in education and related fields. Eagle Rock School's mission is to foster young people who have the desire and the determination to make a difference in the world. The school also hopes to exert a positive influence on other educators.

A school that provides a life-changing experience

8 Themes

Individual Integrity

  • Intellectual Discipline
  • Spiritual Development
  • Physical Fitness
  • Aesthetic Expression


  • Service to Others
  • Cross-cultural Understanding
  • Democratic Governance
  • Environmental Stewardship

5 Expectations

  • Developing an expanding knowledge base
  • Communicating effectively
  • Creating and making healthy life choices
  • Participating as an engaged global citizen
  • Providing leadership for justice

10 Commitments

  • Live in respectful harmony with others
  • Develop mind, body and spirit
  • Learn to communicate in speech and writing
  • Serve Eagle Rock and other communities
  • Become a steward of the planet
  • Make healthy personal choices
  • Find, nurture and develop the artist within
  • Increase capacity to exercise leadership for justice
  • Practice citizenship and democratic living
  • Devise an enduring moral and ethical code

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