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Supporting the Safe Drive, Stay Alive program

Born of a Wiltshire fireman's desire to prevent the collisions he regularly dealt with in his work, Safe Drive, Stay Alive uses impactful visual presentations and moving personal testimonies to teach young people the importance of safe driving before they become drivers. Since 2005, Honda of the UK Manufacturing has contributed £85,000 to the program, each year sponsoring an education officer in the local fire brigade who coordinates the program in local schools. In FY2009, Honda of the UK Manufacturing helped bring Safe Drive, Stay Alive to over 8,000 teenagers from 56 schools and colleges in Swindon and Wiltshire.

Supporting the Safe Drive, Stay Alive program

Supporting Swindon Academy

In the UK educational system, an academy is a secondary school funded by the national government with substantial contributions by private sponsors. Academies help address the issue of low academic achievement in a community by providing a beacon of excellence to students ready to take on a challenge. In the five-year period 2006 to 2011, Honda of the UK Manufacturing has committed to investing £1,000,000 in Swindon Academy, which has a specialism in Science with Business and Enterprise. In addition to financial support, Honda offers students of the academy a wide variety of innovative programs, in which associate volunteers play an essential role. In Honda's Prepare for Work workshops, students go through a practice recruitment process from initial application to mock selection tests and learn about the rigors of the modern hiring process. Honda also provides extensive support to the scientific curriculum of the school and is involved in science fairs on an ongoing basis.

Supporting Swindon Academy

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