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Honda Access Europe N.V.

Supporting children's health care

Honda Access Europe provides charitable donations to non-profit organizations in Belgium that work to improve children's health care. Honda Access Europe also supports organizations that work to improve health care in developing countries.

Honda Belgium N.V.

Providing scholarships to study in Japan

In cooperation with other Honda companies in Belgium, Honda Belgium has supported the Honda Belgium Foundation since 1981. Established December 19, 1980, the Honda Belgium Foundation works to establish deeper ties between the people of Belgium and Japan by supporting research on the culture and technology of Japan, holding and supporting exhibitions on Japan, fostering study of the Japanese language and providing scholarships to persons wishing to study in Japan. In FY2009, Honda Belgium NV and other Honda companies in Belgium provided scholarships to three Belgian college students to pursue their dream of studying in Japan.

Providing internships to high school students

Each year, Honda Belgium offers internships to high school students, helping them fulfill the requirements of their schools' curricula while learning valuable job skills. In the selection process, the departments at Honda Belgium review the internship applications, looking for students whose backgrounds and aspirations are a good fit. Then, with a focus on the surrounding city of Aalst, Honda Belgium selects several students to participate in internships lasting two to four weeks, in which the students gain knowledge and experience that will benefit them for their entire careers.

Honda Europe N.V.

Fostering tomorrow's talent

Honda Europe is a supporter of the Visitatie Technical School near the Honda facility in Ghent, Belgium. The school is dedicated to providing students an inside look at how companies work to better prepare them for their careers. Each year, Honda Europe welcomes the third-year class (15- to 16-year-olds) for a company visit. The students get to see the warehouse and have a look at how the logistics of supplying cars worldwide functions.

Fostering tomorrow's talent

Honda France Manufacturing SAS

Benefiting the Red Cross

In FY2009, Honda France Manufacturing donated six generators to the Red Cross and also held a blood drive that collected substantial quantities of blood for the international organization. The goal of both initiatives was to extend help to victims of disasters.

Honda Bank GmbH

Providing internships to high school students

In Germany, all ninth-grade high school students are required to participate in a two-week internship at a company of their choice. Students learn about different jobs, workplaces, fields and the structure and function of companies. Honda Bank received its first application from a German student in January 2009 and offered her an internship that met the requirements of her high school curriculum. Over the course of two weeks, the student experienced roles in all departments, including Sales, Marketing, Retail Financing, Wholesale Financing, Controlling, Internal Audits, Risk Management and IT. Going forward, Honda Bank plans to offer a similar internship to one or two students each year.

Teaching children the value of money

Willi Turturica works for Honda Bank, which specializes in vehicle finance, so when his daughter's teacher mentioned she was looking for an expert to teach local students about financial responsibility, he offered to help. With the support of his company, Mr. Turturica planned and taught a set of two seminars for 7- to 8-year-old students. The children learned about the history and uses of money, why different currencies have different values, and the concept of price. The purpose of the program was to enrich the curriculum and support the educational efforts of parents by teaching children how to manage money responsibly and thus help combat youth debt, an important social problem in Germany. The program was very well received, and Mr. Turturica is now planning another module in which he will teach students about markets.

Teaching children the value of money
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