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Honda R&D Southeast Asia Co., Ltd.

Funding scholarships to Churalongkorn University

For the period 2007 to 2010, Honda R&D Southeast Asia has committed 500,000 baht per year to fund a scholarship to Churalongkorn University. The company selected Churalongkorn University because of both its overall academic strength and its renowned engineering program.

Supporting a disadvantaged school

On January 15, 2009, Honda R&D Southeast Asia provided stationery, toys, towels and other items for 400 students in Dang-Pao School, a disadvantaged elementary school located near the company. The children's teachers distributed the gifts during the school's Children's Day Festival.

Honda Thailand Foundation

Donating the Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu AIDS hospice

On December 1st, 2008, World AIDS Day, the Honda Thailand Foundation supported a telethon benefiting Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu, a temple that serves as a hospice for 400 AIDS patients. Honda donated 100,000 baht to the temple, and 80 associates volunteered at the telethon, working the phone banks and singing songs to cheer the patients. In addition to benefiting the temple, the telethon serves to raise awareness of AIDS in Thailand, especially among teenagers.

Donating the Wat Phra Baht Nam Phu AIDS hospice

Reforesting nearby national park

Since 2008, Honda has cooperated with the Thai Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to plant 2 million trees in Thailand over a 10 year period. In the initial August 2008 planting, a group of 250 Honda associates and their family members and friends joined a group of 700 government employees, students and community members to plant 40,000 trees in a nearby national park.

Reforesting nearby national park

Thai Honda Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Providing scholarships

Every July, Thai Honda Manufacturing donates a total of 780,000 baht to 13 schools located in Samutprakan Province, the previous home of the Honda factory, and Bangkok Province, the current home. The funds provide scholarships for 390 students. From 2006 to 2009, the company also donated a total of 400,000 baht to the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology, which provides education at the undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of science, technology and the humanities while fostering stronger ties between Thailand and Japan. In addition, Honda donates 20,000 baht to Tippawas temple every March, when it holds its annual festival, to support its role as a community center.

Cleaning local temples

In January and February 2009, Thai Honda Manufacturing helped clean up at Tippawas, a temple near the factory that serves as a community center. A group of 150 Honda associates collected trash, mowed the grass and performed other landscaping tasks and cleaned the sidewalks and other paved surfaces. In addition, the volunteers helped clean the temple and its community resource facilities.

Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Holding the Children Idea's Contest

Since 2008, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam and with a view to helping kids develop their imagination and creativity, Honda Vietnam holds the Children Idea's Contest, which is based on the contest created in Japan by Honda Motor. The contest is open to children 6-10 of age, who submit drawings of their mobility-related ideas. From the many thousands of entries they receive, the board of judges selects 50 and invites their creators to produce mock-ups. From these mock-ups, the judges select 20 for the children to present before the judges at a special event. The first-prize winners receive an educational trip to Japan, and the contest also awards several scholarships as prizes. In 2008, the contest's inaugural year, one child received the first prize. In 2009, six children won dream trips to Japan.

Holding the Children Idea's Contest

Sponsoring the YES Award

Since 2006, in cooperation with the Honda Foundation and the National Institute for Science and Technology Policy and Strategy Studies, a research organization under the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam, Honda Vietnam has awarded the YES Award to foster young, prospective leaders in science and technology and to accelerate Vietnam's development in the fields of science and technology. Every year, Honda selects 10 outstanding students from six affiliated technology-oriented universities to receive US$3,000 from the Honda Foundation and a motorcycle from Honda Vietnam. If a recipient goes on to pursue an advanced degree in Japan, he or she receives an additional US$10,000 from the Honda Foundation.

Nationwide rider training in Vietnam

For the second year in a row, Honda Vietnam sponsored and organized the Farmer Safety Riding Contest in locations across Vietnam. Surpassing the FY2007 total of seven events, from May to September Honda held a total of nine contests in nine different provinces. As before, the two-day, festival-like events were organized jointly with the Central Farmer Association, the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC), and the various Provincial Farmer Associations and Provincial Traffic Police Departments. The events drew acclaim from participants across Vietnam.

Designed for farmers, who represent nearly 70% of the Vietnamese population, the FY2008 program maintained the successful format of the previous year. At every stage, the activities of the program were welcomed with the highest level of enthusiasm by the farmers, who were eager to receive hands-on information about riding in general.

Nationwide rider training in Vietnam

Honda Vietnam Autoparts Co., Ltd.

Supporting victims of the Vietnam War

Although the Vietnam War ended in 1975, the use of the chemical dioxin in that conflict has resulted in birth defects and many other long-term problems. In FY2009, Vietnam Autoparts donated approximately US$500 to the local chapter of the Red Cross, which used the money to purchase calves for the families of dioxin victims and wounded soldiers. In rural Vietnam, donating calves is an efficient way to help disadvantaged families, since the families can add value to the animals through their own labor and enhance their agricultural produce, enhancing their living standards over time.

Supporting victims of the Vietnam War

Supporting the poor during Vietnamese New Year

In Vietnam, Tet, or the traditional Vietnamese New Year, is the biggest event of the year. On this occasion, Vietnamese families buy new clothes, decorations and food and join family and friends in celebration. In FY2009, to help people unable to make such purchases, Honda Vietnam Autoparts provided cakes worth approximately US$1,100 to some 150 children and elderly persons in Hung Yen Province. Associates visited the recipients personally, offering the gifts and joining them in celebration of the new year.

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