Honda Collection Hall

“Machines never lie.
Success will always come if they’re really good.
So let’s show the world what we’ve done.
Then they can see the real Honda!”
- Founder Soichiro Honda at the inception of the Honda Collecti on Hall.

All the machines on display here embody the dreams and passion of not
only the people who founded Honda, but also everyone who has e ver
used and come to love a Honda product.
We hope you will enjoy the many photos and episodes displayed h ere
in conjunction with the machines that represent “the real Honda.”


3FRacing Motorcycles and Racing Cars

Aim to Be the Best in the World.

Aim to Be the Best in the World. Aim to Be the Best in the World.

Honda has honed its technology in a world of races. The 3rd floor exhibition area introduces the history of Honda’s spirit of challenge in pursuit of excellence in motor sports.

2FMotorcycles, Automobile and Power Products

Create Products That Serve People.

Create Products That Serve People. Create Products That Serve People.

Beginning with the original bicycle engine, exhibits on the 2nd floor trace the progress of Honda manufactureing with displays of actual products that have been loved for generations.


ASIMO&Environmental Technology Area

ASIMO&Environmental Technology Area

We will introduce the humanoid bipedal robot ASIMO developed by Honda as well as Honda’s steps towards improving the environment.
Here you can see the future of Mobility and Green Energy.



In ASIMO Super Live, ASIMO can be seen running, kicking a ball, carrying objects, and various other functions.

Reading Room

Reading Room

You can also see videos and pictures, as well as read available books.

Pit Kobo

Pit Kobo

You can build an electric cart by yourself and go on a test drive.


Museum Shop

Museum Shop

If you are looking for a Honda minicar, then look no further!
You may find limited edition goods that are not available anywhere else!
We also have plenty of information on Honda and classic cars.

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