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Honda’s Vision of a Hydrogen Energy Society

Honda’s Vision of the Future of Cars

Smart Hydrogen Station

World's First Completely-packaged Smart Hydrogen Station(SHS)

Engineers Talk

Smart Hydrogen Station

Power Creator Realizes Compact Hydrogen Station

Connecting to vehicles. Connecting to Lifestyles.

Using Electricity from a Vehicle: Easy to Use, Portable External Power Output Device

Clarity Fuel Cell

Make FCVs Common

Engineers Talk

Clarity Fuel Cell Powertrain

To realize a 5-seater sedan package, based on Honda’s principle of "man maximum, machine minimum,"

Realizing a Collision-free Society Honda SENSING

Realizing a Collision-free Society.

The Turbo Engine Reimagined

The Turbo Engine Reimagined.

Real Time AWD (Real Time All-Wheel Drive)

Safer, More Secure on Slippery Surfaces.

Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive)

The next generation four-wheel drive system.

Sport Hybrid i-MMD (Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive)

High performance systems realize low fuel consumption and outstanding acceleration.

Sport Hybrid i-DCD (Intelligent Dual-Clutch Drive)

Compact, Highly Efficient System Realizes Low Fuel Consumption and Driving Pleasure.

Joining Two Different Metals FSW(Friction Stir Welding)

A revolutionary method to attach steel and aluminum solidly.


Light, compact, and highly efficient diesel engine realizing high fuel economy and performance.

Safety for Everyone ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle)

Pursuing the goal of Safety for Everyone with Honda Advanced Safety Vehicles

Variable Cylinder Management

Combining ample power with outstanding fuel economy

Hybrid Technology IMA

With an electric motor assisting the engine, Honda hybrid vehicles realize both superior fuel efficiency and performance.

Variable Valve Timing and Lift Device VTEC

By developing an engine that delivers everyday ease-of-use and outright performance, Honda resolved a century-old dilemma.

Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control i-VTEC

Honda engine technology delivers environmental responsibility and driving pleasure.


Combining smooth and seamless acceleration with superior fuel economy.


A new concept: using engine torque to help steer the car.
An innovative new technology that adds a whole new dimension of handling power.

Crash-compatibility body

Improving safety for everyone involved in a collision,
including occupants of vehicles large and small.

Not all technologies depicted are used in all markets.

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