CVT-equipped models are not available in all countries.

Merits of Honda’s new torque converter-equipped CVT

As a step in our ongoing efforts to make the CVT even more comfortable, Honda has developed a CVT equipped with a torque converter, just like the ones used in automatic transmissions.

Let’s take a look at some of the merits of a torque converter-equipped CVT.

Powerful acceleration for comfortable, sporty driving

During initial startup and acceleration, the torque converter effectively increases engine torque. This allows the Honda CVT with torque converter to deliver smooth, powerful off-the-line acceleration.

Honda is focused on delivering efficient driving performance. That’s why we have designed the CVT to detect strong centrifugal force acting on the car and maintain high engine rpms even when the driver eases off on the accelerator on winding roads.

This allows the car to react to the driver’s modulation of the accelerator pedal with power and sensitivity, for sportier driving performance.

Torque amplification also improves fuel economy

The torque converter amplifies torque for powerful off-the-line performance. This delivers ample acceleration with less load on the engine than previous models, further improving fuel economy.

The Honda CVT: easy to use, comfortable, economical, sporty performance.
It’s a Honda original.

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