CVT-equipped models are not available in all countries.

What is a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)?

A CVT is a transmission that can change without steps, eliminating the need for gear changes.
Before we examine how the CVT works, let’s take a look at its merits.
*CVT=Continuously Variable Transmission

If a bicycle were equipped with a continuously variable transmission, it would maintain just the right pedal weight for minimum exertion, whether starting off, cruising, or climbing a hill.

The reason:
In a CVT, the drive gear ratio can be continuously changed to maintain the right pedal weight for the driving conditions, eliminating the need to shift up and down between 1st gear, 2nd gear, 3rd gear, and so on.

When this principle is applied to an automobile:

The engine continually maintains a low-load rpm during acceleration.

How the CVT works

The Honda CVT combines a drive belt with variable-diameter pulleys to transmit power with a continuously variable ratio.

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