Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development Report

Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development Report

Round 6 - Round 8
Endless Development Challenges

Development of the 2014 car gets underway

“At last the final decision on WTCC car regulations for 2014 has been made, and the team has been hastily developing the chassis and working on the engine full scale to comply with the new regulations.

The basic specification of the engine as a 1.6-litre turbo-charged with a direct petrol injection system, will remain unchanged, but the engine weight regulation has been revised. The gross weight of the engine should be 81kg or more, not a big difference from the current 82kg, but the prescribed minimum weights for components such as blocks and heads will be abolished, which means we will have more freedom in the design and be able to reduce the gross weight. Another major change will be the enlarged diameter of the restrictor to 36mm from the current 33mm. With the increased incoming airflow thanks to the enlarged diameter of the restrictor, the engine power will also go up. I believe that the new 2014 specification engine will be lighter and powerful, and thus more competitive.

The chassis will also undergo some significant changes. In the current situation, there are many parts where we cannot change from the road-going version of the racecar, but with the new regulations, a high degree of freedom has been given in the shape of the suspension, the exterior and aerodynamic parts. Therefore, the visual difference from its production vehicle will be quite apparent, especially with the newly installed wider tyres, it will provide for more dynamic races. J.A.S. Motorsport is designing and developing the chassis at full speed.

Due to a delay in the release of the new 2014 regulations, our plan for the shakedown for the 2014 car for October is likely to be delayed considerably and suggests that it could be difficult to do it before the end of this year. Of course the situation is the same for all the teams and we cannot do anything about it. There is also a possibility that the delay will affect the schedule of the 2014 season and people around the paddock have already started saying that the next season may not start until the middle of April.”

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