Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development Report

Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development Report

Round 6 - Round 8
Endless Development Challenges

From Europe to South America with the conditions of the cars improving (Rd. 8 Autodromo Termas de Rio Hondo, Argentina)

“The WTCC has moved from Europe to South America, followed by USA, Japan, China and Macau, where the cars will be away from their base camp in Europe.

A minor failure was found in the engine of Monteiro's car after the races in Portugal, but we decided to replace it once the car arrived in Argentina because the car had been loaded on a ship immediately after the races.

For the races in Argentina, the compensation weight had lifted, and we were able to get a fresh start in the second half of the season. For the engine setting, we maximized the balance between reliability and power or response based on the achievement we made in the previous races in Portugal. I believe that by doing this, our cars showed improvement.

Michelisz finished the qualifying in 3rd and Tarquini in 4th. Monteiro was demoted on the grid in Race 1 due to engine replacement, so putting more focus on Race 2, he aimed at 10th in the qualifying to get pole position in Race 2 where a reverse grid would be applied. In the end, he finished the qualifying in 7th, still leaving hope for Race 2. In Race 1, Michelisz moved up to 2nd, but was forced to slow down after a contact with another car and came out in 7th. Tarquini was pushed out of the pack right after the start to drop down to 7th, but fought back later to finish in 4th. Due to his grid penalty for the engine replacement, Monteiro started the race from 22nd but charged to 10th to get a point by the end of the race.

Following feedback and a request from Tarquini after Race 1, we revised settings of the turbo and ALS and this worked for Race 2. Tarquini completed the race in 2nd to win back a podium finish for us. As expected Monteiro got off to a good start and advanced to 2nd place, but had to settle in a disappointing 6th after being pushed off the track in the middle of the race.

Even though we gained a podium finish in 2nd place, we could have had better results considering the conditions of our cars. But in a real race, we cannot always get the result we expect and this race reminded me that this is just how racing is.”

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