Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development Report

Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development Report

Round 6 - Round 8
Endless Development Challenges

Attempts at aggressive settings paid off for later in the season (Rd. 7 Circuito Da Boavista, Portugal)

“Portugal is Monteiro's home, and as the various events took place, he was at the centre of many. Also people from Honda and its partners came from around Europe to watch the race so we were naturally very keen to do well.

We came to this race with quite aggressive settings in the turbo and ALS (anti-lag system). We'd had a safety margin before, but this time, we pushed it to the limit to draw more power. Unfortunately, with an outside temperature of over 30 degrees added to this, the exhaust temperature reached over the limit at nearly 1100 degrees and broke the turbo charger. This problem happened to Monteiro's car during the free practice session. Although the issue was resolved for the qualifying, it wasn't done to perfection so the Portuguese could not run so fast in the session. Following this, we made the setting a little less aggressive, but in the ever-rising temperatures, Tarquini suffered a turbo blow out in Race 1. Due to the work required after this, the Italian was forced to start Race 2 from the back of the grid. Michelisz did well to take 4th position in the qualifying but smashed into the wall after contacting with another car in Race 1. The damage to his car was too heavy to allow him to start Race 2. Consequently, our record of consecutive podium finishes ended.

In the end, we couldn't live up to the expectations of the many people who supported Monteiro and Honda, and I'm very sorry about that. However, as an engineer, there was a positive result in which I was able to confirm the limit of our aggressive settings. I confirmed that there was a point where we could bring out power more effectively between the absolute limit we tried this time and the safety point applied in the previous races. By this, we achieved improved power and drivability, which received very good feedback from our drivers. The results of the races were disappointing, but we made a big step forward this time for the second half of the season.”

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