Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development Report

Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development Report

Round 1 - Round 5
Maiden Victory and the Continued Challenge

Michelisz made spectacular showing (Rd. 4 Hungaroring, Hungary)

“After the good results in Slovakia, Honda Civic WTCC will have to carry a 30kg weight from this Hungarian round. The regulation is aimed at leveling the performance gap between the entrants; a certain weight penalty calculated from lap times of the three latest rounds is to be inflicted. Chevrolet for example, the current champion machine, carries a 40kg penalty from the season opening round in this year.

Hungary is the home country for Zengo Motorsport, the customer team for Honda Civic WTCC and of course its driver, Norbert Michelisz. Many Michelisz supporters were gathered to cheer the local hero and it made the atmosphere of Hungaroring very special.

Making this home cheering a tailwind, Michelisz did a fantastic job. He marked the 2nd fastest time in the qualifying beating Honda’s works duo, and finished close 2nd in the race, which made the home crowd elated with joy. I’ve seen many races in many different countries, but I don’t remember such a rapturous mood ever uniformed in the spectator stand.

For the Castrol Honda World Touring Car Team Tarquini finished 3rd in Race 1 but his speed wasn’t quite matched the previous level. Monterio crashed in Race 1 and Tarquini followed suit in Race 2. Tarquini’s crash hitting both guardrail and another car was a worrying one because the driver had to be sent to the hospital. Fortunately, he called me later on the phone from the hospital and explained, “It’s hurt a little but I’m OK.” Good grief!”

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