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2014 FIM MXGP / MX2 World Motocross Championship

Round 07: Talavera de la Reina – Spain

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May 11, 2014

Bobryshev Perseveres in Spanish Heat

Honda World Motocross’ Evgeny Bobryshev guided the HRC CRF450RW to eleventh position overall at a hot and demanding Grand Prix of Spain in front of an appreciative and busy crowd at Talavera de la Reina. The venue southwest of Madrid accommodated 16,000 sun-drenched spectators, among them Go&Fun Honda Gresini MotoGP racer Alvaro Bautista, for the first MXGP return to the country since 2011.

Xavier BoogMaximilian Nagl
Xavier Boog
Xavier BoogMaximilian Nagl
Xavier Boog

New and modern circuits like Losail, Si Racha and Sevlievo have characterized the opening phase of the season, so to come to the flowing layout, small hills and dips and weaves of Talavera was like embracing a traditional element of motocross. Fans could get close to the action and riders faced power-heavy scenic uphill drags and rough hard-braking descents. Constant watering made the dirt a tricky prospect and the track was very bumpy, rutty and unsettling in the second motos; making for exciting fare.

Bobryshev had a decent first moto (both races at thirty minutes and two laps duration) by running at the front for long stretches until the Russian’s lack of race fitness and form began to tell. His eventual fifth position was his fourth top five finish and equal best result so far in an eventful 2014 campaign. ‘Bobby’s dramatic season continued in the second sprint when two crashes proved costly. The first caused him to lose sixth position and meant a quick recovery of the fallen CRF. The second was a faster and harder tumble and 777 did well to make it to the checkered flag in fifteenth (ranking eleventh for the Grand Prix) with a painful abdomen.

Evgeny keeps eighth spot in the championship standings as the series nears the halfway stage. Team-mate Max Nagl continues his rehab and recovery from a broken wrist. The German is expected to miss another two rounds of the series with a provisional date of the Grand Prix of Italy pencilled in for his return to MXGP duty.

In the overall standings Clement Desalle (Suzuki) claimed victory with Jeremy
Van Horebeek (Yamaha) taking second place and Kevin Strijbos (Suzuki) on the last podium step.

Tim Gajser (Honda Gariboldi) flung his works CRF250RW around the Spanish slopes on Sunday in the two outings of the MX2 division. The first race was a static procession and the Slovenian was not a protagonist with a crash on one of the uphills – and through some slick terrain – casting him back to seventeenth. The second moto was the antithesis; a fantastic multi-rider struggle for second position that saw some close battles, risky overtaking, falls and fervour for local favourite Jose Butron (KTM) at the heart of the scrap. Gajser was consistently in the mix and when Butron made a mistake on the last lap he narrowly missed becoming tangled in the mess. The seventeen year old reached the flag with second position for a personal best at FIM World Championship level and seventh place in the MX2 points standings. Kei Yamamoto bagged one point for twentieth in the same affair.

The overall MX2 winner was Jeffrey Herlings (KTM). The Kawasaki pairing of Dylan Ferrandis and Arnaud Tonus took second and third places respectively.

The British Grand Prix at Matterley Basin in Winchester will host round eight of the FIM Motocross World Championship on May 24th and 25th. The expansive circuit has been the UK stop for GPs since 2011.

Tim GajserEvgeny Bobryshev
Tim Gajser
Tim GajserEvgeny Bobryshev
Tim Gajser
Evgeny Bobryshev:
Race Result: 5th/15th Championship position: 8th
"Yesterday we made a good step with the bike and the setting so I was feeling good for Sunday. The first race went really well. I was third out of the start. I tried to follow Desalle but slowly I lost the tow. I wasn’t too happy. I slid too far in one corner and damaged the left side of the bike a little bit, with the radiator bent and hanging out. It was tricky to ride but I was stiff anyway. I still miss good time on the bike. This is only the second week I have been able to ride and you need more to be at this level. I know I have the speed and my fitness is good but I miss the form. The second race went totally wrong. I was sixth and trying to follow Van Horebeek but I was putting too much pressure on myself to find that extra second. I went down twice, really hard the second time and I hurt my stomach. I felt sick for the rest of the moto and made the finish in fifteenth. It is the second GP in a row where we have had something happen in the second moto. I just need to keep working from here."
Tim Gajser:
Race Result: 17th/2nd Championship position: 7th
"The first race was not so good; a bad start and I crashed. Seventeenth was not what I was expecting. I did much better in the second and starting in second place was a big help, my riding also saw an improvement. I was second behind Butron for a while and it was hard to pass, very one line. We both had a good tempo and others riders joined us there were many together. There were a lot of block passes! Both Butron and Febvre crashed on the last lap and I nearly went down as well because I had to ride over Butron’s bike and almost hit the handlebars but I saved it and took second, which was really good. The second race was a lot of fun for us and for the fans too I’m sure."

2014 FIM MXGP / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 07: Talavera de la Reina – Spain

MXGP - Race 1 Result
Rank Rider (Machine)
1Desalle, Clement (Suzuki)
2Van Horebeek, Jeremy (Yamaha)
3Frossard, Steven (Kawasaki)
4Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
5Bobryshev, Evgeny (Honda)
6Cairoli, Antonio (KTM)
7Boog, Xavier (Honda)
9Roelants, Joel (Honda)
21Gercar, Klemen (Honda)
MXGP - Race 2 Result
Rank Rider (Machine)
1Desalle, Clement (Suzuki)
2Cairoli, Antonio (KTM)
3Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
4Van Horebeek, Jeremy (Yamaha)
5Frossard, Steven (Kawasaki)
6Nicholls, Jake (KTM)
9Boog, Xavier (Honda)
11Roelants, Joel (Honda)
15Bobryshev, Evgeny (Honda)
18Gercar, Klemen (Honda)
MX2 - Race 1 Result
Rank Rider (Machine)
1Herlings, Jeffrey (KTM)
2Tonus, Arnaud (Kawasaki)
3Ferrandis, Dylan (Kawasaki)
4Tixier, Jordi (KTM)
5Febvre, Romain (Husqvarna)
6Lieber, Julien (Suzuki)
17Gajser, Tim (Honda)
19Desprey, Maxime (Honda)
22Yamamoto, Kei (Honda)
MX2 - Race 2 Result
Rank Rider (Machine)
1Herlings, Jeffrey (KTM)
2Gajser, Tim (Honda)
3Ferrandis, Dylan (Kawasaki)
4Febvre, Romain (Husqvarna)
5Tonus, Arnaud (Kawasaki)
6Butron, Jose (KTM)
16Desprey, Maxime (Honda)
20Yamamoto, Kei (Honda)

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