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2014 FIM MXGP / MX2 World Motocross Championship

Round 04: Trentino – Italy

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April 13, 2014

Nagl Takes top Four in Italy as Ganser Shines Again

The FIM Motocross World Championship landed in Europe after trips to Asia and South America in the first three rounds of eighteen in the 2014 schedule. The Grand Prix of Trentino in Italy was attended by 25,000 spectators and Honda World Motocross’ Max Nagl was a prominent figure in the leading pack with the factory CRF450RW and took fourth place overall, just missing out in his second podium of the season by two points.  At the compact, tricky and frustrating hard-pack circuit of Arco Di Trento in the Lake Garda region of the country, Clement Desalle (Suzuki) flew to victory in the premier MXGP class with Jeremy Van Horebeek (Yamaha) in second place overall and Kevin Strijbos (Suzuki) completing the podium.

Maximilian NaglMaximilian Nagl
Maximilian Nagl
Maximilian NaglMaximilian Nagl
Maximilian Nagl

The second ever visit by the MX series to the small and scenic course in the Dolomite mountain range again drew the Grand Prix stars to the jump-laden Italian track. The presence of the European EMX125 series and also the second outing for the FIM Women’s world championship meant the slick terrain was battered by a large flux of riders throughout the weekend. The result was a ripple of braking bumps and solid ruts with square-edges that were not kind or forgiving to the more throttle-happy of the GP elite.

On this surface, and in reasonable Spring temperatures, it was Nagl who was the pick of the Honda select as he managed two top five results. The German rider consistently found a positive launch out of the start gate - to improve on the weak aspects of his performance in Brazil two weeks ago – but did not have the feeling or cutting-edge of confidence to be in contention for victory. Nagl circulated on the periphery of the podium positions and tried to increase his pace in the second moto but after a few scares wisely decided to bring the red machine home to notch a scorecard of fourth and fifth.

Evgeny Bobryshev continues to recover from surgery to his lower right leg and although he might be lacking peak fitness the Russian was still able to use the potency of the CRF to get off the start line and run near the front of the field. His persistence was rewarded with seventh position in the first moto but he had to withdraw from the second race. ‘Bobby’ lost control on the approach to a jump negotiating the back section of the circuit and crashed directly in front of the pursuing Jeremy Van Horebeek who clipped ‘777’s back in a sickening collision. In truth both riders were lucky. Bobryshev rolled off the course but was soon on his feet and Van Horebeek stayed upright and in the race. Evgeny was able to steer his bike to the pitlane and left the circuit promptly for a precautionary x-ray on his back and ribcage.

After four rounds the MXGP points standings are beginning to take a clearer picture. World Champion Tony Cairoli (KTM) leads the way on 175 while Nagl holds fourth position and trails by thirty-one. Bobryshev is a little further back and needs eight points to demote Todd Waters (Husqvarna) from seventh place.

Over in the MX2 category and former European Champion Tim Gajser again grabbed some of the limelight with the Honda Gariboldi CRF250RW. The teenager was part of a large gaggle of racers to contest first position in the opening sprint. At one stage the Slovenian was chasing World Champion and leader Jeffrey Herlings (KTM). He eventually had to concede second place to Brazilian Grand Prix winner Arnaud Tonus (Kawasaki) but third spot represented his second top three finish in consecutive motos. The teenager was luckless in the next race after he was taken down in the second corner and had to retrieve his 243 machine from the floor. Gajser was fast again and defied the limitations of Arco di Trento to reach a credible eleventh place by the chequered flag. Team-mate Kei Yamamoto struggled with the demands of the Italian dirt and failed to classify in the top twenty on both occasions.

Jeffrey Herling took the overall win in MX2 with Tonus in second and Glenn Coldenhoff (Suzuki) in third place.

Round five of the FIM Motocross World Championship sees the teams and riders making a journey north and east towards the award-winning Sevlievo circuit for the Grand Prix of Bulgaria next weekend. The European stint of the GP calendar has now kicked into force with trips to Holland, Spain and the UK as well during the month of May.

Evgeny BobryshevEvgeny Bobryshev
Evgeny Bobryshev
Evgeny BobryshevEvgeny Bobryshev
Evgeny Bobryshev
Maximilian Nagl:
Race Result: 4th/5th Championship position: 4th
“The biggest positive is that we improved the bike for the starts. I was in the top five both times and that was much better. I was struggling with the track all day, right from the warm-up. It was unbelievable. It was not possible for me to turn the bike. I could not put it flat in the turns and I had a feeling that I would crash. To keep upright in the corners means you are going very slowly. I tried hard and in the second race when I was fighting for third position I was really aggressive and pushing hard but I was so over the limit and close to a big crash a couple of times. The turns were very short and not flowing…I was struggling and couldn't find that extra one second that you need to follow the top guys. Sevlievo is next and it is a place where everybody is going the same speed and there can be one second between fifteen of us. The start is important and I know this is better now. The team have done a really good job with the bike so thanks to them for that.”
Tim Gajser:
Race Result: 3rd/11th Championship position: 10th
“The first moto was great. My start was good and my riding also. I was following Herlings for almost half the race …so the tempo was good! It was awesome to finish third. I didn’t start well in the second moto and that led to a crash on the second turn. I had to restart down in twentieth somewhere. I crashed again and then had to focus to make my way to eleventh; it was not so bad considering the two crashes. It could have been an overall podium today but we still have time to do that. I was riding smart behind Herlings without much pressure. I was catching a little bit and prepared to pass him but he gave a bit more gas and he was gone! It was a really quick race because a lot was going on. Overall, not a bad weekend.”

2014 FIM MXGP / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 04: Trentino – Italy

MXGP - Race 1 Result
Rank Rider (Machine)
1Paulin, Gautier (Kawasaki)
2Desalle, Clement (Suzuki)
3Van Horebeek, Jeremy (Yamaha)
4Nagl, Maximilian (Honda)
5Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
6Cairoli, Antonio (KTM)
7Bobryshev, Evgeny (Honda)
8Roelants, Joel (Honda)
10Boog, Xavier (Honda)
20Thuresson, Filip (Honda)
24Gercar, Klemen (Honda)
MXGP - Race 2 Result
Rank Rider (Machine)
1Desalle, Clement (Suzuki)
2Van Horebeek, Jeremy (Yamaha)
3Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
4Cairoli, Antonio (KTM)
5Nagl, Maximilian (Honda)
6Simpson, Shaun (KTM)
10Boog, Xavier (Honda)
17Thuresson, Filip (Honda)
19Roelants, Joel (Honda)
20Gercar, Klemen (Honda)
28Bobryshev, Evgeny (Honda)
MX2 - Race 1 Result
Rank Rider (Machine)
1Herlings, Jeffrey (KTM)
2Tonus, Arnaud (Kawasaki)
3Gajser, Tim (Honda)
4Guillod, Valentin (KTM)
5Seewer, Jeremy (Suzuki)
6Tixier, Jordi (KTM)
11Desprey, Maxime (Honda)
17Mallet, Simon (Honda)
22Yamamoto, Kei (Honda)
MX2 - Race 2 Result
Rank Rider (Machine)
1Coldenhoff, Glenn (Suzuki)
2Herlings, Jeffrey (KTM)
3Tonus, Arnaud (Kawasaki)
4Guillod, Valentin (KTM)
5Febvre, Romain (Husqvarna)
6Tixier, Jordi (KTM)
11Gajser, Tim (Honda)
13Desprey, Maxime (Honda)
19Mallet, Simon (Honda)
24Yamamoto, Kei (Honda)

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