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2013 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship

Round 04: Arco di Trento – Italy

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April 14, 2013

Nagl Rides To Best Honda GP Result

A testing Arco di Trento layout for the Grand Prix of Trentino in northern Italy was the slippery and difficult stage for the fourth round of the FIM Motocross World Championship. In front of twenty-three thousand spectators (weekend figure) for a busy meeting, MX1 World Champion Tony Cairoli recorded his third victory of the season in the premier class.

Photo 01zoom
Maximilian Nagl
Photo 02zoom
Maximilian Nagl

Warm sunny skies coated the circuit located alongside the huge Dolomite mountains where Honda World Motocross’ Max Nagl gave the factory team reason to smile after a difficult week with his first moto top three result.

The German was fast and proactive on the bumpy and hard-pack terrain but a crash in the first moto – a recovery leading to eleventh position – meant his third place later on would only provide seventh spot in the overall classification. Nagl switched around some Dunlop rubber for the second moto and a better getaway saw him threatening the top five from the opening phases of the thirty-five minutes and two laps. Keeping steady and nursing an advantage over Gautier Paulin the twenty-five year old was able to post his best race finish on the works CRF450R so far.

Nagl’s efforts in Italy lifted the Honda World Motocross team after Evgeny Bobryshev was pushed to the sidelines with a fractured right fibula. The Russian believed he had initially sustained a twisted ankle during a training incident midweek but more pain and subsequent scans revealed the small break and he could now also miss round five in Bulgaria next weekend.

Also forlorn in Italy was Gariboldi Honda’s David Philippaerts. The former World Champion still needs to find some good fortune as a crash in the first moto and then another blameless accident in the second corner of the next outing meant the veteran was fighting adversity and a position deep in the pack both times. DP pulled through to fifteenth on both occasions but cut a frustrated figure back in the race truck as well as nursing a painful left arm.

Bobryshev is eighth in the MX1 standings but only twelve points and two positions in front of a resurgent Nagl. Philippaerts is twelfth. Round five of the FIM Motocross World Championship will take place next weekend at the fast and hilly Sevlievo circuit for the Grand Prix of Bulgaria.

Photo 03zoom
David Philippaerts
Photo 04zoom
Tanel Leok
Max Nagl
Race Result: 11th/3rd - Championship position: 10th
“I’m so happy after all the crap at the start of the season. The last two weeks have been hard because we have been working a lot and training hard and I made another step forward, improving my speed and physical condition. I still need to work on my starts because the first moto was terrible and I crashed on the first lap. I got to eleventh but it was so tough to fight through. I was really angry after the first moto and we changed some small things on the bike and the start was much better and I felt my riding was also. I’m really happy to be in third place and it gives a lot of energy to me, the team and everybody.”
David Philippaerts:
Race Result: 15th/15th - Championship position: 12th
“Crap day, again. In the first moto I was riding very fast and very good but I made a silly crash when I came into a jump too quickly. It was a really big crash and after that I had nothing. I finished fifteenth but I was tired and sore. It was not easy. In the second moto I started well but Desalle crashed in front of me and I tried to jump over him but I couldn’t and fell off as well. I had to restart but didn’t have a good feeling with the track. I found it very hard and had no speed. Not good results and this is not an easy period for me.”
Photo 05zoom
Maximilian Nagl

2013 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 04: Arco di Trento – Italy

MX1 - Race 1 Result
Rank Rider (Team)
1 Cairoli, Antonio (KTM)
2 Paulin, Gautier (Kawasaki)
3 Desalle, Clement (Suzuki)
4 de Dycker, Ken (KTM)
5 Searle, Tommy (Kawasaki)
6 Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
7 van Horebeek, Jeremy (Kawasaki)
8 Boog, Xavier (KTM)
9 Simpson, Shaun (TM)
10 Guarneri, Davide (KTM)
11 Nagl, Maximilian (Honda)
12 Karro, Matiss (KTM)
13 Barragan, Jonathan (KTM)
14 Goncalves, Rui (KTM)
15 Philippaerts, David (Honda)
MX1 - Race 2 Result
Rank Rider (Team)
1 Cairoli, Antonio (KTM)
2 de Dycker, Ken (KTM)
3 Nagl, Maximilian (Honda)
4 Paulin, Gautier (Kawasaki)
5 Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
6 Searle, Tommy (Kawasaki)
7 Boog, Xavier (KTM)
8 Desalle, Clement (Suzuki)
9 Barragan, Jonathan (KTM)
10 van Horebeek, Jeremy (Kawasaki)
11 Karro, Matiss (KTM)
12 Goncalves, Rui (KTM)
13 Leok, Tanel (Honda)
14 Simpson, Shaun (TM)
15 Philippaerts, David (Honda)
MX2 - Race 1 Result
Rank Rider (Team)
1 Herlings, Jeffrey (KTM)
2 Tixier, Jordi (KTM)
3 Charlier, Christophe (Yamaha)
4 Nicholls, Jake (KTM)
5 Coldenhoff, Glenn (KTM)
6 Butron, Jose (KTM)
7 Anstie, Max (Suzuki)
8 Ferrandis, Dylan (Kawasaki)
9 Petrov, Petar (Yamaha)
10 Pocock, Mel (Yamaha)
11 Kullas, Harri (Honda)
12 Seewer, Jeremy (Suzuki)
13 Olsen, Stefan Kjer (Honda)
14 Rauchenecker, Pascal (KTM)
15 Desprey, Maxime (Yamaha)
MX2 - Race 2 Result
Rank Rider (Team)
1 Herlings, Jeffrey (KTM)
2 Butron, Jose (KTM)
3 Ferris, Dean (Yamaha)
4 Tixier, Jordi (KTM)
5 Charlier, Christophe (Yamaha)
6 Coldenhoff, Glenn (KTM)
7 Lupino, Alessandro (Kawasaki)
8 Ferrandis, Dylan (Kawasaki)
9 Anstie, Max (Suzuki)
10 Seewer, Jeremy (Suzuki)
11 Desprey, Maxime (Yamaha)
12 Lieber, Julien (Suzuki)
13 Pocock, Mel (Yamaha)
14 Heibye, Even (KTM)
15 Rauchenecker, Pascal (KTM)

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