WMXLatviaJuly 17, 2011
2011 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 10 Kegums – Latvia

Third Podium in A Row For Bobryshev

A hot Grand Prix of Latvia at Kegums was attended by 21,000 spectators and while Antonio Cairoli claimed his third overall victory from the ten rounds of the 2011 FIM Motocross World Championship held to-date, Honda World Motocross’ Evgeny Bobryshev picked up his third podium trophy in a row with third position overall on his works CRF450R.

Evgeny Bobryshev Evgeny Bobryshev

Evgeny Bobryshev

Evgeny Bobryshev

The hard terrain at the circuit southeast of the capital city of Riga was packed with small rippling bumps and holes that constantly unsettled the bikes. The 1500m gnarly layout barely gave the riders time to breathe and was physically demanding.

One week after his historic success in Germany, Bobryshev was again a protagonist and ran with Cairoli and Max Nagl to dispute the lead during the first 35 minute and two lap moto. The Russian was finally able to fend-off the German and secured his sixth top three race placing of the year. The second sprint saw the 23 year old holding a lonely third spot as Cairoli broke-free with Steven Frossard in tow. As Bobryshev crossed the finish line he was loudly cheered by a large section of support that had made the trip from his homeland. ‘Bobby’s spray of champagne was his fifth of an impressive maiden campaign as a factory Honda rider.

Team-mate Rui Goncalves was again in touching distance of the ‘box’. The Portuguese spent large parts of practice and qualification on Saturday perfecting his set-up and was finally able to race to seventh and fourth positions for fourth overall. The former MX2 championship runner-up was again a strong force in the second race as the Hondas guarded two positions at the top of the leader-board.

Seventh in the final MX1 classification was LS Honda’s Ken De Dycker. The Belgian was constantly battling for places inside the top ten and was frustrated by his inability to set a consistently quick speed throughout the afternoon. The former Grand Prix winner was sixth and ninth for his ranking and is now keenly anticipating a home meeting in the Lommel sand in two weeks.

Also glad to get into the sand (the terrain was the scene of his best GP finish with an MX2 moto triumph in 2009) will be LS Honda’s Shaun Simpson who was defeated by the challenge of the track today. The Scot was fifteenth in both races for thirteenth overall.

Swian Zanoni guided the CRF250R for Honda Brazil HM to twenty-first position in the first moto and missed out on his first GP point in 2011 by just one place. The Brazilian started well and was on the gas in the second sprint. He was holding seventeenth spot when a crash caused a dislocated right wrist and necessitated a visit to the hospital.

Evgeny Bobryshev is thirty-six points behind Steven Frossard and third position in the MX1 series standings. He is the first of three CRF450Rs in the top nine of the category with Goncalves holding seventh and De Dycker just inside the top ten. MX1 rookie Simpson is fifteenth.

Rounds eleven and twelve of the FIM Motocross World Championship will take place on consecutive weekends on July 31st and August 7th with Grand Prix events in Limburg (Belgium) and Czech Republic.

Rui Goncalves Ken DeDycker

Rui Goncalves

Ken DeDycker

Evgeny Bobryshev (Honda World Motocross)
Race Result: 3rd/3rd Championship position: 4th

“The best riders in the world are here so you have to be happy with a third place. The track was very different this year and it was very difficult, especially in the second race, to hold the bike and stay on two wheels. I took it easy out there because I knew a mistake would cost me positions and a lot of points. Anyway it was a great day and I think third place is the best I could do. I have to say a big thanks to the fans they really cheered me on, like when I was ‘lying’ on the bike at the end of the second moto!”

Rui Goncalves (Honda World Motocross)
Race Result: 7th/4th Championship position: 7th

“It feels like I have been doing sevenths and fourths a long time! I’m happy with the second moto and the first was not too bad either, but I was riding a bit tense. I need to sort this out if I want to be on the podium. The team have worked really hard on the bike this weekend, like night and day, to give me the best material for the races. That’s what I had and I really appreciate it. I’m getting stronger and I will keep on focussing because I know better GPs are yet to come.”

Ken De Dycker (LS Honda Racing)
Race Result: 6th/9th Championship position: 9th

“Today was OK. I didn’t have such a good start in the first moto, but was struggling to find good lines and consistent speed. The second race wasn’t much better and I lost some positions in the first few laps. I could pick it up a bit more at the end, but felt tired. We have a break before Lommel, but I expect things will be better there.”

Shaun Simpson (LS Honda Racing)
Race Result: 15th/15th Championship position: 15th

“A tough weekend. I didn’t like the track last year and didn’t like it this year! It could be such a nice track, but every time we come here it seems to be getting harder and harder. I just tried to struggle on as best I could. Last year we had problems with set-up and it was the same story. It was important to get a start and I did that in the first moto, but didn’t feel that great and faded back. I was lucky to get through the mess on the first corner of the second race, but after that my first ten minutes were shocking. I was much better towards the end and my laps were consistent and fast. I felt OK. It has been a hard three weeks and I’m looking forward to Lommel.”

Roger Harvey, Honda Motor Europe Off-road Racing Manager:
“Not a bad weekend for us and fantastic to see Evgeny take his third podium in a row. He rode sensibly and brought the points home and his progress this season is clear by his championship position and to be honest we are really pleased with this. The factory team worked extremely hard for Rui and he repaid them with a tremendous ride in the second moto. If he could just sort out his first race then we will have both riders going for podiums. It was hard work for Ken and Shaun, but I’m sure both will be happy of a short break now before LS Honda’s home event in Lommel in two weeks.”

2011 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 10 Latvia

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio / ITA / KTM
2 Frossard, Steven / FRA / Yamaha
3 Bobryshev, Evgeny / RUS / Honda
4 Nagl, Maximilian / GER / KTM
5 Philippaerts, David / ITA / Yamaha
6 de Dycker, Ken / BEL / Honda
7 Goncalves, Rui / POR / Honda
8 Desalle, Clement / BEL / Suzuki
9 Boog, Xavier / FRA / Kawasaki
10 Ramon, Steve / BEL / Suzuki
11 Guarneri, Davide / ITA / Kawasaki
12 Leok, Tanel / EST / TM
13 Boissiere, Anthony / FRA / Yamaha
14 Aranda, Gregory / FRA / Kawasaki
15 Simpson, Shaun / GBR / Honda
Evgeny Bobryshev

Evgeny Bobryshev
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio / ITA / KTM
2 Frossard, Steven / FRA / Yamaha
3 Bobryshev, Evgeny / RUS / Honda
4 Goncalves, Rui / POR / Honda
5 Philippaerts, David / ITA / Yamaha
6 Ramon, Steve / BEL / Suzuki
7 Leok, Tanel / EST / TM
8 Desalle, Clement / BEL / Suzuki
9 de Dycker, Ken / BEL / Honda
10 Nagl, Maximilian / GER / KTM
11 Barragan, Jonathan / ESP / Kawasaki
12 Guarneri, Davide / ITA / Kawasaki
13 Boissiere, Anthony / FRA / Yamaha
14 Campano Jimenez, Carlos / ESP / Yamaha
15 Simpson, Shaun / GBR / Honda
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Roczen, Ken / GER / KTM
2 Searle, Tommy / GBR / Kawasaki
3 Herlings, Jeffrey / NED / KTM
4 Tonus, Arnaud / SUI / Yamaha
5 Anstie, Max / GBR / Kawasaki
6 Aubin, Nicolas / FRA / KTM
7 Osborne, Zachary / USA / Yamaha
8 Paulin, Gautier / FRA / Yamaha
9 Kullas, Harri / FIN / Yamaha
10 Teillet, Valentin / FRA / Suzuki
11 Butron Oliva, Antonio Jose / ESP
12 Nicholls, Jake / GBR / KTM
13 Tixier, Jordi / FRA / KTM
14 Petrov, Petar / BUL / Yamaha
15 Karro, Matiss / LAT / Honda
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Roczen, Ken / GER / KTM
2 Herlings, Jeffrey / NED / KTM
3 Searle, Tommy / GBR / Kawasaki
4 Anstie, Max / GBR / Kawasaki
5 Osborne, Zachary / USA / Yamaha
6 Kullas, Harri / FIN / Yamaha
7 Teillet, Valentin / FRA / Suzuki
8 Nicholls, Jake / GBR / KTM
9 Karro, Matiss / LAT / Honda
10 Paulin, Gautier / FRA / Yamaha
11 Lupino, Alessandro / ITA / Husqvarna
12 Petrov, Petar / BUL / Yamaha
13 Tixier, Jordi / FRA / KTM
14 So¨derberg, Ludvig / FIN / Kawasaki
15 Heibye, Even / NOR / KTM

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