WMXSwedenJuly 4, 2010
2010 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 10 Uddevalla – Sweden

Bobryshev takes fourth overall at Swedish MX1 Grand Prix

An overcast Grand Prix of Sweden, the tenth round of fifteen in the FIM Motocross World Championship, was claimed by Tony Cairoli in the MX1 class while Steven Frossard claimed overall honours in the MX2 category. Honda’s stand-out rider was once more Evgeny Bobryshev as the Russian MX1 rookie guided his CAS Honda CRF450R to fourth position overall for the second race in succession.

Evgeny Bobryshev Gareth Swanepoel

Evgeny Bobryshev

Gareth Swanepoel

Saturday’s hot, stuffy and dry conditions were replaced by rain on Sunday morning which added a slippery edge to the loose and stony soil and also forged a bumpier surface. Despite the climate switch a hefty 22,000 attendance scaled the adjacent rocky hillsides to support this staple and popular event on the MX GP calendar.

Bobryshev rode a lonely race to fifth at the flag in the first moto but was part of an exciting three-man chase for second place in the next sprint. The 22 year old crossed swords with Clement Desalle and Steve Ramon and when the trio began to trade track space ‘777’ suddenly found himself closed-off by the two Belgians and almost crashed. He lost valuable seconds at a late stage of the moto and crossed the line fourth for his second-best point haul of the season.

In ninth place overall with results of 7th and 12th Boby’s team-mate, Gareth Swanepoel, enjoyed one of his better meetings and was Honda’s second highest runner on a day when misfortune befell the trio of Tanel Leok, Davide Guarneri and Jimmy Albertson.

LS Motors Honda rider Leok – winner of round five at Bellpuig in May – had a technical problem that caused him to stop four times on the first lap of Moto1 and eventually retire. At a slight disadvantage with regards to track acclimatisation in the second outing the Estonian nevertheless built-up his speed to take ninth (12th overall). Team-mate Guarneri had two very positive starts and was circulating in second place in Moto1 until a mistake led to a broken clutch lever and necessitated his withdrawal. Staking a claim to fifth in the next race the Italian again hit the dirt and damaged the same bike component, although he was able to continue and passed the flag in 14th. Martin Honda’s Jimmy Albertson stopped with a bike problem in the first moto and then had a crash in the second that led to a badly cut middle finger on his right hand.

Bobryshev has now moved up to eighth place in the MX1 world championship standings with a 46 point gap to Ken De Dycker in seventh. He holds a slender four point margin over Leok with Guarneri 10th and Swanepoel moving up to 12th in the table.

A summer break for the better part of July will now split the calendar with round eleven taking place on August 1st in the sand of Lommel for the Grand Prix of Limburg (Belgium).

Tanel Leok Davide Guarneri

Tanel Leok

Davide Guarneri

Evgeny Bobryshev, CAS Honda:
“I had a bad start in the first moto because my gate seemed to drop slower than the others and I was also boxed-in on the second turn. I came from pretty far back to reach fifth but then I was on my own and just had to worry about Nagl who was ahead. We had the same lines but he was a bit quicker and I was making mistakes to stay with him. Anyway he crashed and I could take fifth. The second race was awesome. I was behind Cairoli and riding comfortably. He had great lines so I was just watching and learning. He made a few mistakes and I came close but then he disappeared and I had Desalle to focus on. I tried to pass at one point but Ramon was just behind me and I ended up being the sausage in the bread! Desalle slowed in a corner and looked across at me and I didn’t think his tactics were so nice, so Ramon was on the outside and I was squashed. My right leg went under the bike and I had to almost stop to get back on! If I had passed Desalle then perhaps I would have made the podium. Maybe next time, I am getting closer! Now some sand training before Lommel.”

Gareth Swanepoel, CAS Honda:
“I was really happy with the first race. I got a good start and fought on as hard as I could. I struggled a bit with the track all weekend but kept the pace up and hung with the guys for seventh, so I was pumped with that. In the second the start wasn’t quite as good and then there was a bit more to do in the pack. I did not ride as well but salvaged 12th. I have moved up a place in the championship and Lommel is next which should be pretty good for me. Both my parents will be there for that one and my mum has been a lucky charm in the past so I hope she can be again.”

Tanel Leok, LS Motors Honda:
“More crazy luck for me. The Heat race did not go well on Saturday and it meant that it was again difficult to get good starts. Anyway I must have been around seventh at the start of the first race, which wasn’t bad, but I crashed in a high berm of one of the first corners because the bike stopped. It was hard to come back from a worse start in the second moto and the track had changed quite a bit. The lines were different and it took me time at racing speed to find the best way. At the end I felt good.”

Davide Guarneri, LS Motors Honda:
“This should have been a race in which I made a lot of points on the others but I ended up losing them. I was really fast in the first moto and ran second for six or seven laps and then was fighting for a bit with Philippaerts. I made the fastest lap but then had a small crash that bent the clutch lever the other way. It was hard to restart the bike and I had to retire. In the second moto the start wasn’t as good as the first but also not so bad. I was fourth for many laps until I made another mistake and broke the clutch lever again but this time it was easier to get the bike into gear. For sure I was slower after that because riding without a clutch on that track was difficult.”

Jimmy Albertson, Martin Honda:
“In the first moto the bike lost power and finally quit but things went better in the second moto. I started in 18th and worked my way up to 12th and had a whole group of guys in front of me. I slid around coming out of one corner and I threw myself over a fence. I cut my finger up pretty good but I’m OK and the doctor cleaned it up; I should be ready to ride in about a week.”

Roger Harvey, Off-road Manager, Honda Motor Europe:
“A hard weekend all -round although Bobryshev again showed how much he has developed and it was a pleasure to see him attacking for second position in that second race. We have a bit of a break now at GPs but Boby should be able to take this confidence to the next round of the British Championships in three weeks where he has been really strong. Swanie did a good job and can take heart from better speed while Guarneri really should have been looking at a podium but his mistakes were costly. Tanel left himself with a lot to do but also had some misfortune and the same can be said for Jimmy. A tough Grand Prix is next at Lommel but the guys have a few weeks to prepare for it.”

2010 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 10 Sweden

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio / KTM
2 Desalle, Clement / Suzuki
3 Philippaerts, David / Yamaha
4 Ramon, Steve / Suzuki
5 Bobryshev, Evgeny / Honda
6 Nagl, Maximilian / KTM
7 Swanepoel, Gareth / Honda
8 Strijbos, Kevin / Suzuki
9 Boog, Xavier / Kawasaki
10 Boissiere, Anthony / TM
11 Coppins, Joshua / Aprilia
12 Goncalves, Rui / KTM
13 Söderström, Tom / Yamaha
14 Priem, Manuel / Aprilia
15 Schmidinger, Günter / Suzuki
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio / KTM
2 Desalle, Clement / Suzuki
3 Ramon, Steve / Suzuki
4 Bobryshev, Evgeny / Honda
5 Boog, Xavier / Kawasaki
6 Nagl, Maximilian / KTM
7 Strijbos, Kevin / Suzuki
8 Philippaerts, David / Yamaha
9 Leok, Tanel / Honda
10 Goncalves, Rui / KTM
11 Coppins, Joshua / Aprilia
12 Swanepoel, Gareth / Honda
13 Aubin, Nicolas / Kawasaki
14 Guarneri, Davide / Honda
15 Schmidinger, Günter / Suzuki
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Frossard, Steven / Kawasaki
2 Herlings, Jeffrey / KTM
3 van Horebeek, Jeremy / Kawasaki
4 Musquin, Marvin / KTM
5 Paulin, Gautier / Yamaha
6 Kullas, Harri / Yamaha
7 Osborne, Zach / Yamaha
8 Roelants, Joel / KTM
9 Simpson, Shaun / KTM
10 Charlier, Christophe / Yamaha
11 Lupino, Alessandro / Yamaha
12 Teillet, Valentin / KTM
13 Leib, Michael / Kawasaki
14 Tonus, Arnaud / SUI / Suzuki
15 Delince, Jeremy / KTM
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Roczen, Ken / Suzuki
2 Frossard, Steven / Kawasaki
3 Paulin, Gautier / Yamaha
4 Herlings, Jeffrey / KTM
5 Musquin, Marvin / KTM
6 van Horebeek, Jeremy / Kawasaki
7 Leib, Michael / Kawasaki
8 Roelants, Joel / KTM
9 Osborne, Zach / Yamaha
10 Karro, Matiss / Suzuki
11 Simpson, Shaun / KTM
12 Nicholls, Jake / KTM
13 Lupino, Alessandro / Yamaha
14 Charlier, Christophe / Yamaha
15 Kullas, Harri / Yamaha

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