WMXLatviaJune 27, 2010
2010 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 09 Kegums – Latvia

Bobryshev Fantastic Fourth in Latvia

The ninth event from fifteen in the FIM Motocross World Championship took place at the Kegums circuit for the Grand Prix of Latvia, and while Clement Desalle celebrated his second victory of the season, Honda were best represented in the premier MX1 class by the vibrant Evgeny Bobryshev who finished fourth overall on his CRF450R and tied on points for the podium.

Evgeny Bobryshev Davide Guarneri

Evgeny Bobryshev

Davide Guarneri

A total of 17,000 spectators crowded a fast, sandy and bumpy circuit through the weekend with sunny and fresh conditions on Sunday creating two physical 35 minute and 2 lap motos for the riders. CAS Honda’s Bobryshev led a Grand Prix for the second time this season (and in his career) as he leapt away from the pack to front the first moto until three laps from the end. The Russian was overhauled by Desalle but still achieved a small career landmark with second place and his first top three finish. In the following sprint ‘Boby’ didn’t have such a positive start but made his way to same tally as Steve Ramon but he missed the third step of the rostrum due to the ranking of Moto2.

Eighth in the final classification was Tanel Leok; competing in front of a sizeable partisan support from nearby Estonia. The Catalan Grand Prix winner rode two steady races from lacklustre starts for ninth and eighth. His LS Motors Honda team-mate Davide Guarneri was ninth in the MX1 competition and although he confessed the track was not his preferred surface did make some trouble inside the top ten for eighth and 10th.

Bobryshev’s team-mate Gareth Swanepoel recovered from a very poor start in the first moto to rescue 15th while the South African managed 12th later in the day (despite a late engine stall) for 13th by the end of the GP. Martin Honda’s Jimmy Albertson was a little unlucky to walk away with only a final placing of 15th. The American made an excellent launch from the gate in the first moto and ran as high as third for the opening stages. Lacking full race fitness the recently-turned 22 year old took 12th but did not finish the second race due to a mechanical problem.

In the world championship standings Leok heads Bobryshev and Guarneri, in eighth, ninth and 10th respectively and split by 18 points. Swanepoel is 13th and Albertson 17th even though the latter has missed three Grands Prix.

The tenth round of the world championship will take place at Uddevalla next weekend with the Grand Prix of Sweden and the last race before a three week summer break in July.

Tanel Leok Jimmy Albertson

Tanel Leok

Jimmy Albertson

Evgeny Bobryshev, CAS Honda:
“It was an awesome day, and yesterday also actually, so a good weekend! In the second race I did not have such a good start and the track was becoming really bumpy and it was difficult to push. I was so close to the podium but I am really happy anyway. It was so nice to be leading in the first race! I was so clean and didn’t even have to clean my goggles. I have always said to myself that I can get these results; I just needed the starts and the right feeling on the track. On sandy tracks when it gets bumpy then it gets slower but here the speed did not drop and the bumps were sharp so it was difficult. I had a few sketchy moments and you really had to hold onto the bars and use energy. I will keep training and training and try to get on that podium.”

Tanel Leok, LS Motors Honda:
“It was OK today. I had a bad starts but that was because of a difficult time on Saturday and I was in a low position on the gate. It was always going to be tough from there. The races were good and my riding was strong so I’m happy for that. If anything it was hard to come through so many riders at the beginning of the motos but I pushed all the way to the end so I have a positive feeling about this GP even if the result is not spectacular.”

Davide Guarneri, LS Motors Honda:
“I knew this was going to be a hard race for me because this is a tough track but I am quite happy with the result even if for the championship it did not turn out well because Bobryshev was so quick and took a lot of points. My speed was OK even if I could not push as much as I wanted to. Our target at the beginning of the year was to get inside the top twelve and now I am tenth. Everything can still happen and we are close to 9th and 8th in the series.”

Gareth Swanepoel, CAS Honda:
“In the first race I got a terrible start and it was tough to come back from that. I came through to 15th and it was a mediocre result and ride. The second race was a lot better, including the start and I could go with the guys a lot sooner than I have been in the past. It went well. I was in a relatively safe 10th and pushing hard when I stalled the bike with two laps to go, which was really frustrating because my speed was such an improvement over earlier.”

Jimmy Albertson, Martin Honda:
“I feel a bit disappointed because my starts were good and I was hanging it out there but knew I didn’t have the condition to go with those guys and lost a few too many places in the first moto for my liking. The second was going OK but we had a problem with the bike. Overall I feel I am coming back to something like the level I want to be. It was good to be up there in the first moto and I will take some confidence from that.”

Roger Harvey, Off-road Manager, Honda Motor Europe:
“What a great ride from Boby and so pleasing to see him perform like that. It was a shame he could not hang on for the win but his tactics were spot on twice because he put in the early pace to breakaway then assessed the situation when Desalle arrived and decided to go for a safe podium. Tanel had some eyes on him this weekend and rode well even if he was missing a bit on the starts but at least he had better luck. I’d also like to comment on the progress from Jimmy Albertson, who is clearly not yet 100% but really tried hard today.”

2010 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 09 Latvia

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 Desalle, Clement / Suzuki
2 Bobryshev, Evgeny / Honda
3 Ramon, Steve / Suzuki
4 Cairoli, Antonio / KTM
5 Philippaerts, David / Yamaha
6 Boog, Xavier / Kawasaki
7 Nagl, Maximilian / KTM
8 Guarneri, Davide / Honda
9 Leok, Tanel / Honda
10 de Dycker, Ken / Yamaha
11 Goncalves, Rui / KTM
12 Albertson, Jimmy / Honda
13 Boissiere, Anthony / TM
14 Coppins, Joshua / Aprilia
15 Swanepoel, Gareth / Honda
Evgeny Bobryshev

Evgeny Bobryshev
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio / KTM
2 Desalle, Clement / Suzuki
3 Ramon, Steve / Suzuki
4 Bobryshev, Evgeny / Honda
5 Boog, Xavier / Kawasaki
6 Philippaerts, David / Yamaha
7 Nagl, Maximilian / KTM
8 Leok, Tanel / Honda
9 Goncalves, Rui / KTM
10 Guarneri, Davide / Honda
11 Boissiere, Anthony / TM
12 Swanepoel, Gareth / Honda
13 Strijbos, Kevin / Suzuki
14 de Dycker, Ken / Yamaha
15 Walkner, Matthias / KTM
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Musquin, Marvin / KTM
2 Roczen, Ken / Suzuki
3 Herlings, Jeffrey / KTM
4 Frossard, Steven / Kawasaki
5 Roelants, Joel / KTM
6 Kullas, Harri / Yamaha
7 Paulin, Gautier / Yamaha
8 Simpson, Shaun / KTM
9 Teillet, Valentin / KTM
10 Charlier, Christophe / Yamaha
11 Vongsana, Khounsith / KTM
12 Tonus, Arnaud / Suzuki
13 Nicholls, Jake / KTM
14 Karro, Matiss / Suzuki
15 Triest, Nick / KTM
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Herlings, Jeffrey / KTM
2 Frossard, Steven / Kawasaki
3 Roczen, Ken / Suzuki
4 Paulin, Gautier / Yamaha
5 Osborne, Zach / Yamaha
6 Roelants, Joel / KTM
7 Musquin, Marvin / KTM
8 Tonus, Arnaud / Suzuki
9 Charlier, Christophe / Yamaha
10 Nicholls, Jake / KTM
11 Leib, Michael / Kawasaki
12 Kullas, Harri / Yamaha
13 Simpson, Shaun / KTM
14 Teillet, Valentin / KTM
15 Karro, Matiss / Suzuki

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