WMXCatalunyaMay 16, 2010
2010 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 05 BELLPUIG – Catalunya

Victory for Leok and LS Motors Honda at Catalunya

The 2010 Grand Prix of Catalunya will live long in the memory for Tanel Leok and the LS Motors Honda team after the Estonian won the fifth round of fifteen in the FIM Motocross World Championship. Leok went 7-1 in the two motos run under bright blue skies at Bellpuig to give the CRF450R its first victory since the 2009 Brazilian GP.

Tanel Leok Tanel Leok

Tanel Leok

Tanel Leok

The 24 year old rode well in the first moto to rise from 17th place to seventh across a rough, hard-pack track that offered line choice but was still difficult for overtaking. The second race was more interesting with numerous position changes as Leok engaged in a battle for the lead with Ken De Dycker and Max Nagl and was able to profit from a mistake by the German to hit the front for the final six laps. With Nagl making another error later in the race Leok was able to triumph by one point. The former Dutch and Italian champion celebrated his third career GP success and only learnt he was the winner after being informed by the media near the podium.

CAS Honda’s Evgeny Bobryshev finished in eighth place overall. The Russian pushed through for a well-earned fifth place in the opening moto to equal his personal best moto result. He carried his form into moto 2 but a small crash, while attempting a fast run into the sharp left turn before the set of three step-ups, meant he was unable to pass Steve Ramon holding seventh and ended the race in 10th place.

Davide Guarneri was 16th after scoring 10th place in the first moto but encountered gearbox trouble in the second and retired at mid-race distance. Gareth Swanepoel was a first corner faller in the first outing and rode to 23rd despite being left well behind the departing field. In the second moto the South African was fighting for a top ten slot until his goggle lens broke and affected his vision. He finished behind his team-mate for 11th and 17th overall.

Martin Honda’s Jimmy Albertson suffered misfortune on Saturday when he was hit by Nagl and then Ramon on the step-ups. The result of the melee was a dislocated left shoulder that needed several attempts to rectify. The American will undergo a medical check but it is unlikely that he will be fit for his home Grand Prix in two weeks and may miss the trip to France one week after the USA jaunt.

Leok is now holding eighth place in the world championship 29 points in front of Bobryshev in ninth. Guarneri is the third Honda rider in the top ten.

Round six of the series will take place at Glen Helen in San Bernardino, California for the Grand Prix of USA on May 30th.

Evgeny Bobryshev Davide Guarneri

Evgeny Bobryshev

Davide Guarneri

Tanel Leok, LS Motors Honda:
“I am really happy. Of course I came here to take a podium but to go 7-1, well, it was a big surprise to come over the finish line and learn that I had won. In the last few laps I was not even looking at the pit-board because I wanted to concentrate and not make a mistake. The first moment I found out I had won was when the lady doing the TV interview told me! When I finished seventh in the first moto I thought even making the podium would be difficult but I pushed hard to catch Max and when he made a mistake and crashed I could take advantage. Physically I feel really good and the bike is working well. We are improving all the time and even now we still have things to test.”

Evgeny Bobryshev, CAS Honda:
“My second fifth position of the season, that was pretty good but the best thing for me was that I did it on the hard-pack; that was a bit unexpected. Normally my speed in training on this type of track is good but I cannot do it in the race so today was an improvement. I had a crash in the second moto on the corner before the step-ups. I just went too fast into the berm and it gave away. I lost time and I was pretty unhappy about that. Overall though eighth means a satisfying day and my championship position is good.”

Jimmy Albertson, Martin Honda:
“I can’t believe my luck but at the moment I feel pretty good. As soon as the doctor came he was able to click the shoulder in without a problem and I didn’t have any pain. It feels a bit stiff now but the night was alright and it isn’t really bothering me. It could have been a lot worse. I fly home to the US now and will have my doctor make an MRI as soon as I get back. I don’t know what we can do but I hope this will not be too bad.”

Davide Guarneri, LS Motors Honda:
“It was a bad day and many strange things happened. In the first moto I was around 12th and my rhythm was really good. I passed a few riders to reach 8th, then made a mistake and dropped the bike but I could recover to finish 10th. For the second moto I could not start with the leaders again and although my speed was really good I had a problem with the gearbox and the race was over.”

Gareth Swanepoel, CAS Honda:
“I went down at the start of the first moto and when I got up I stalled the engine so it took me a while to get going. I was so far behind and I contemplated pulling in but I did not want to give up so I tried as hard as I could but struggled. I had a much better start in the second moto. I perhaps wasn’t ‘barging’ enough on the first lap but I settled in behind Cairoli and then my goggles broke; it seems I cannot buy any luck at the moment. I almost managed to hold off the guys. We are on the right path.”

Roger Harvey, Off-road Manager, Honda Motor Europe:
“We are over the moon for LS Motors Honda and Tanel. They have been working hard to reach this level and today they deserved it. Again another good showing from Evgeny, and Gareth once more suffered bad luck, so we hope that he can turn it around soon. While the CRF450R took another win today we still had some bad news with Jimmy’s injury. We can only hope the prognosis is not too bad. Glen Helen should be touch-and-go for him but we will see.”

2010 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 05 Catalunya

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 Nagl, Maximilian / KTM
2 Philippaerts, David / Yamaha
3 Desalle, Clement / Suzuki
4 Boissiere, Anthony / TM
5 Bobryshev, Evgeny / Honda
6 Cairoli, Antonio / KTM
7 Leok, Tanel / Honda
8 de Dycker, Ken / Yamaha
9 Aubin, Nicolas / Kawasaki
10 Guarneri, Davide / Honda
11 Strijbos, Kevin / Suzuki
12 Lozano Rico, Alvaro / Yamaha
13 Boog, Xavier / Kawasaki
14 Coppins, Joshua / Aprilia
15 Ramon, Steve / Suzuki
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Leok, Tanel / Honda
2 Boog, Xavier / Kawasaki
3 Cairoli, Antonio / KTM
4 de Dycker, Ken / Yamaha
5 Philippaerts, David / Yamaha
6 Desalle, Clement / Suzuki
7 Ramon, Steve / Suzuki
8 Strijbos, Kevin / Suzuki
9 Nagl, Maximilian / KTM
10 Bobryshev, Evgeny / Honda
11 Swanepoel, Gareth / Honda
12 Goncalves, Rui / KTM
13 Coppins, Joshua / Aprilia
14 Boissiere, Anthony / TM
15 Soubeyras, Cedric / KTM
Tanel Leok

Tanel Leok
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Roczen, Ken / Suzuki
2 Frossard, Steven / Kawasaki
3 Herlings, Jeffrey / KTM
4 Paulin, Gautier / Yamaha
5 Roelants, Joel / KTM
6 Simpson, Shaun / KTM
7 Musquin, Marvin / KTM
8 van Horebeek, Jeremy / Kawasaki
9 Nicholls, Jake / KTM
10 Kullas, Harri / Yamaha
11 Teillet, Valentin / KTM
12 Osborne, Zach / Yamaha
13 Tonus, Arnaud / Suzuki
14 Verbruggen, Dennis / KTM
15 Karro, Matiss / Suzuki
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Musquin, Marvin / KTM
2 Roelants, Joel / KTM
3 Lupino, Alessandro / Yamaha
4 Simpson, Shaun / KTM
5 Nicholls, Jake / KTM
6 Kullas, Harri / Yamaha
7 van Horebeek, Jeremy / Kawasaki
8 Teillet, Valentin / KTM
9 Verbruggen, Dennis / KTM
10 Paulin, Gautier / Yamaha
11 Frossard, Steven / Kawasaki
12 Dagod, Hugo / KTM
13 Larsen, Nikolaj / Honda
14 Karro, Matiss / Suzuki
15 Tonus, Arnaud / Suzuki

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