WMXPortugalMay 9, 2010
2010 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 04 AGUEDA – Portugal

Leok and Bobryshev in Portuguese GP top ten

The Grand Prix of Portugal saw two days of contrasting weather conditions at Agueda for the fourth round of fifteen in the FIM Motocross World Championship. Practice and qualification took place under day-long rainy skies, while sunshine dried the rough orange dirt on Sunday and created a rough and bumpy track.

Tanel Leok Tanel Leok

Tanel Leok

Tanel Leok

The MX1 Grand Prix was won by Clement Desalle for the first time this season with Tony Cairoli and Max Nagl also making the podium. The Honda CRF450R was present inside the top ten of the final classification thanks to LS Motors Honda’s Tanel Leok and CAS Honda’s Evgeny Bobryshev who scored sixth and seventh positions overall respectively.

Leok made some reasonable starts from the line, even though he was handicapped in Moto1 when the barrier failed to drop and the faulty gates were sealed-off for a hasty restart, meaning the Estonian had to occupy another slot. He was outside the top ten at the start but raced his CRF450R up to sixth by the chequered flag. In the second outing he managed to overtake David Philippaerts and brand-mate Bobryshev late in the 35 minute and 2 lap distance to repeat his first moto finish.

MX1 rookie Bobryshev rallied to ninth in Moto1 and leapt out of the gate and into a top five position at the start of Moto2. He circulated on the fringe of the leading group and eventually took his blackened machine to seventh.

Martin Honda’s Jimmy Albertson had an eventful and tumultuous weekend. He suffered a crash during the qualification heat that saw his machine strike him on the back and leave a nasty gash. He was out-of-sorts in Moto1 and retired at mid-distance unable to grasp the demands of the drying course. A more resilient figure in Moto2 was able to complete the race in 17th place.

LS Motors Honda Davide Guarneri was able to count on a reasonably good performance in the second moto in which he took 10th. The Italian Champion had fallen early in Moto1 and crossed the finish line in 15th. He ended the day 12th overall.

Bobryshev’s team-mate Gareth Swanepoel had a tough weekend with the South African feeling the effects of a bout of Flu. In Moto1 he collided with a rider on the second corner and crashed, meaning a long hard ride from last position to 20th and one point. He took a few laps to find a smooth rhythm in Moto2 but once he found the pace he climbed through the field to finish 16th for an 18th place overall at the end of the day.

In the world championship standings Leok is eighth place with 96 points, 17 ahead of Bobryshev in ninth.

The MX2 Grand Prix was won by reigning World Champion Marvin Musquin with Jeffrey Herlings runner-up and Ken Roczen in third place. Martin Honda’s Alessandro Battig missed out on the points with 26th overall and a crash in the first race did not help his progress.

The Grand Prix of Catalunya at Bellpuig, round five of 15 will take place next weekend, May 15-16.

Evgeny Bobryshev Davide Guarneri

Evgeny Bobryshev

Davide Guarneri

Tanel Leok, LS Motors Honda:
“The false start in the first heat was strange and then I had to take another gate when they moved us all along. I was just outside the top ten on the first lap but reached seventh and then struggled to make any more positions. The track was rougher for the second moto but I liked it. Philippaerts got a little bit sideways on the step-up after the first corner and we almost came together. I got into a rhythm but then reached Philippaerts’ rear wheel and got stuck behind him for a while. I felt I was a little bit faster than him and found a place to overtake; that was good.”

Evgeny Bobryshev, CAS Honda:
“I am quite happy; it was a good weekend and another step forwards. Unfortunately in the first moto I was coming through from quite far back and it was hard to pass because it was one line but ninth was OK. The second moto was much better because I had a good start and was in the top four. Those guys were quick at the front and my goal was to stay with them as long as possible. Many people were saying the sun would come on Sunday but overnight I heard the rain on the truck roof and thought ‘oh no! For sure we will have a mud race’. Finally the track was rough but it was dry and a good day.”

Jimmy Albertson, Martin Honda:
“It was a rough day, a bad day. I was not riding well and I feel like I cannot say much more. I couldn’t get a flow going on the track. I had a pretty bad crash in the qualification heat yesterday and got slammed by the bike in the back. It meant a poor gate-pick and I rode awful in the first moto. I pulled off the track which I don’t like doing but at the time I could not get a rhythm and it felt dangerous to me. In the second moto I came around the first lap and it said something like ‘27’ on the pit-board and I kept on riding and moving forward and finally got a flow. I made it to 17th but compared to the rest of the weekend it felt like a top ten result. 17th definitely isn’t good but a positive step and we will start over again in Spain.”

Davide Guarneri, LS Motors Honda:
“I crashed on the first lap of the first moto and everything was difficult then. I concentrated on coming back into the top twenty for some points and made it to 15th although it was really hard to pass. The track was muddy and mostly one line in the first moto, it was a bit better in the second. I started very well in the second race but I was not so sharp in the second corner. I tried to stay with the top six riders but this was not my track today. I was not riding smart. I did my best and 10th was satisfactory.”

Gareth Swanepoel, CAS Honda:
“I have been struggling this weekend with a bit of Flu. I got through Saturday OK but I hit someone on the second corner of the first moto and went down. I then did not ride so well in the second heat; I did not even know where I finished. The track was difficult today but it was alright considering all the rain we have had.”

Alessandro Battig, Martin Honda:
“It was a hard day because my starts were not good. I crashed on the first lap of the first moto and took a long time to restart the bike. The second moto was better and I felt my riding was OK. I think it would have been possible to make the top fifteen but again my start did not help. I feel I am improving each GP and will look for more in Spain, which should be a good track for me.”

Roger Harvey, Off-road Manager, Honda Motor Europe:
“A hard day for the riders especially with the weather changing the conditions. Jimmy had a hard weekend and the crash on Saturday did not help with his mind-set for Sunday. We were disappointed he pulled in but he had a decent attempt in the second moto. Tanel just missed a bit with the starts to go for a podium result and Gareth was not 100%. Davide struggled a bit with the track while Evgeny made another positive impression. He is doing well in his first MX1 season and we are pleased with his progress. Hopefully it will be sunny in Spain next week and we look forward to a hard-pack race.”

2010 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 04 Portugal

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 Nagl, Maximilian / GER / KTM
2 Desalle, Clement / BEL / Suzuki
3 Philippaerts, David / ITA / Yamaha
4 Boog, Xavier / FRA / Kawasaki
5 Cairoli, Antonio / ITA / KTM
6 Leok, Tanel / EST / Honda
7 Ramon, Steve / BEL / Suzuki
8 Pourcel, Sebastien / FRA / Kawasaki
9 Bobryshev, Evgeny / RUS / Honda
10 de Reuver, Marc / NED / Suzuki
11 Goncalves, Rui / POR / KTM
12 Strijbos, Kevin / BEL / Suzuki
13 Boissiere, Anthony / FRA / TM
14 Aubin, Nicolas / FRA / Kawasaki
15 Guarneri, Davide / ITA / Honda
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio / ITA / KTM
2 Desalle, Clement / BEL / Suzuki
3 de Dycker, Ken / BEL / Yamaha
4 Boog, Xavier / FRA / Kawasaki
5 Nagl, Maximilian / GER / KTM
6 Leok, Tanel / EST / Honda
7 Bobryshev, Evgeny / RUS / Honda
8 Philippaerts, David / ITA / Yamaha
9 Pourcel, Sebastien / FRA / Kawasaki
10 Guarneri, Davide / ITA / Honda
11 Coppins, Joshua / NZL / Aprilia
12 Ramon, Steve / BEL / Suzuki
13 Goncalves, Rui / POR / KTM
14 Strijbos, Kevin / BEL / Suzuki
15 Boissiere, Anthony / FRA / TM
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Musquin, Marvin / FRA / KTM
2 Roczen, Ken / GER / Suzuki
3 Herlings, Jeffrey / NED / KTM
4 Simpson, Shaun / GBR / KTM
5 Osborne, Zach / USA / Yamaha
6 Charlier, Christophe / FRA / Yamaha
7 Kullas, Harri / FIN / Yamaha
8 Roelants, Joel / BEL / KTM
9 Tonus, Arnaud / SUI / Suzuki
10 Karro, Matiss / LAT / Suzuki
11 Frossard, Steven / FRA / Kawasaki
12 Larsen, Nikolaj / DEN / Honda
13 Pocock, Mel / GBR / Yamaha
14 Tonkov, Aleksandr / RUS / Suzuki
15 Smitka, Petr / CZE / KTM
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Musquin, Marvin / FRA / KTM
2 Herlings, Jeffrey / NED / KTM
3 Osborne, Zach / USA / Yamaha
4 van Horebeek, Jeremy / BEL / Kawasaki
5 Frossard, Steven / FRA / Kawasaki
6 Roczen, Ken / GER / Suzuki
7 Tonus, Arnaud / SUI / Suzuki
8 Roelants, Joel / BEL / KTM
9 Nicholls, Jake / GBR / KTM
10 Verbruggen, Dennis / BEL / KTM
11 Lupino, Alessandro / ITA / Yamaha
12 Teillet, Valentin / FRA / KTM
13 Kullas, Harri / FIN / Yamaha
14 Karro, Matiss / LAT / Suzuki
15 Charlier, Christophe / FRA / Yamaha

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