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WMXBulgariaApril 4, 2010
2010 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 01 SEVLIEVO Circuit – Bulgaria

Hard day for Honda riders at GP of Bulgaria MX World Championship curtain raiser

The opening round of the 2010 FIM Motocross World Championship, at Sevlievo, Bulgaria, was a tough one for the Honda riders contesting the senior classes of motocross racing. The highest-placed representative on the day being LS Motors Honda rider Davide Guarneri who finished the MX1 GP in 10th place overall on his CRF450R.

Davide Guarneri Davide Guarneri

Davide Guarneri

Davide Guarneri

The grand prix was held in clear weather conditions with a warm spring sun shining on the perfectly prepared Sevlievo circuit on race day after a little rain dampened proceedings during practice and qualification. However, the added moisture helped mould the track’s normally hardpack clay surface into a tough, rough and rutted test of man and machine.

In his MX1 debut Guarneri was consistently strong and battled hard amongst the more experienced 450 riders to take his LS Motors Honda to 10th and 12th place finishes, respectively, in the 35-minute plus two-lap motos, the first moto won by Max Nagl (KTM) who went on to finish just behind Alessandro Cairoli (KTM) in the second moto to seal the overall win and establish a six-point lead over Cairoli in the championship standings.

Guarneri’s LS Motors team-mate Tanel Leok, who had proved devastatingly quick in pre-season competition, suffered terrible luck throughout the weekend after setting fastest lap time in the opening practice session. Hampered by bad starts the Estonian Express overcame crashes and a mild concussion to finish the day in 14th place overall with a 12-17 scorecard.

There was also bad luck for the CAS Honda team riders with Evgeny Bobryshev unable to complete more than half a lap in the opening race after getting tangled in the green netting, a feature that borders the MX circuits, following a coming together with another rider. The Russian returned to the track in moto two to finish a very respectable 15th which earned him six points and a 18th place finish overall.

Gareth Swanepoel meanwhile made a strong Honda debut for the CAS squad with a solid 12th overall courtesy of 11-13 finishes. The South African star battled hard after not getting off the starting gate too well in either moto but his determined charge proved he’s as fit and consistent as ever.

Martin Honda fielded a pair of GP debutantes and both acquitted themselves well against the world’s best, and in extremely tough conditions. MX1 rider Jimmy Albertson twisted an ankle in practice then suffered a big crash in the warm-up session but fought his way home in both races to end the weekend in 18th position overall with 16-20 finishes.

Albertson’s MX2 team-mate Alessandro Battig narrowly missed out on scoring points in his first ever GP by finishing 23rd in moto one. The plucky young Italian backed that up with a hard fought for 29th place in the final encounter.

Marvin Musquin (KTM) won both MX2 motos to score a maximum 50 points six clear of Ken Roczen (Suzuki) second twice today at Sevlievo. Nikolaj Larsen was the first Honda home in both races with 14-18 finishes.

All six Honda supported riders will be in action at the second round of the FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship which will take place at Mantova, Italy next Sunday, April 11.

Gareth Swanepoel Tanel Leok

Gareth Swanepoel

Tanel Leok

Davide Guarneri − LS Motors Honda:
“For my first GP on a 450 it went pretty good. I finished 10th and 12th for 10th overall and I was Honda’s best rider on the day so I’m satisfied with that. In the second moto I got a little bit tired near the end and so I concentrated on finishing the race without crashing because it was important to get points. My speed is quite good already, I will train a little bit with Marnicq so I’m stronger for the 450 and I am quite confident that if I get some good starts I can fight at the front of the pack in the upcoming races.”

Tanel Leok − LS Motors Honda:
“The track was good. It was very rough and heavy − just the way I like it. I was fastest in the first practice session but I had some terrible luck in the races. In the first moto I missed a gear on the start straight and as I was coming through the pack I hit a hay bale that had been knocked on to the track. I had a big crash and after that I was in a lot of pain and I had a headache as well but I carried on and got back to 12th − I was riding well and putting in plenty of consistent lap times.
“In moto two I tangled with Monni at the start and ended up near the back again. I had a small problem with the adjustment of the clutch lever and for me that’s something that is really important and I found it quite difficult to ride well after that. Also my head was still hurting from the first race so things weren’t so good − it was difficult. It just wasn’t my weekend and a lot of things went wrong but that happens sometimes in motocross.”

Gareth Swanepoel − CAS Honda:
“The first race I got a semi good start and rode well in the first few laps. I stiffened up in the middle part of the race and lost a few positions but then I got back into it a little bit and came through strong at the end and finished 11th. In the second race I got a better start but tangled up with someone in the first corner and it basically just stopped me so I was way at the back of the pack. I managed to put my head down and charge through and I made some really good passes. I’m a bit disappointed with the place I finished in but very happy with the way I rode and the performance of the bike. It took me all weekend to get loose but I finally got there in the end.”

Evgeny Bobryshev − CAS Honda:
“The first race was over quickly for me − I only made it half way around the lap before it was all over! I got a mid-pack start and had a little bit of contact with Monni and got pushed off the track and the green fencing wrapped around my rear wheel. I couldn’t go any further and I dnf’d.
“The track had changed a lot before the second race and I found it hard to find a rhythm at first but it was going well until after about 25 minutes I started getting arm pump − after that I lost a lot of places and ended up finishing 15th.”

Jimmy Albertson − Martin Honda:
“The first moto I got a mid-pack start and came around about 20th. I managed to pick up some places in the early laps and then De Reuver fell down in a rut in front of me and I had to get off the bike to push it out of the rut so I could carry on. I ended up dropping back down to 16th which is where I finished. “In the second moto I got a better start and after a few laps I was pretty close to running top 10 and then I came together with another rider and went down pretty hard. As soon as I fell I got back up and I was thinking ‘man, this day can’t get much worse’ but I fought through to 20th so I got at least one point so all the effort wasn’t for nothing. “The guys are really fast over here in the World Championship for sure but I know that if I ride to my full potential I can do a lot better. I’m really looking forward to next weekend so I can show everyone what I do.”

Alessandro Battig − Martin Honda:
“I am happy. I think in the first heat it was possible to take some points but I just came a little bit short and then the second didn’t go so well but it’s okay because I’m just here to learn. I think I could do with a little bit more speed and a little bit more aggression and then I will do better. The bike is very good and I ride well at Mantova so I’m really excited about racing there in the next GP.”

Roger Harvey − Honda Off-Road Manager
“It’s been a difficult opening GP for us. After seeing Tanel Leok’s outstanding pre-season form we were looking forward to seeing him finish quite well up there at this race. Unfortunately he suffered lots of bad luck and a rider he was following flicked a hay bale up in front of him − he had quite a big crash because of that and it turns out he has a small concussion. He rode the second race but after the event he had quite a severe headache − if he says it severe then it must be. “Davide Guarneri rode really well today and I’m very pleased with his performance. He lost a bit of speed towards the end of the second moto and I think that’s probably because he’s just stepping up from the MX2 bike.
“Jimmy Albertson came here to learn about GPs and he hurt his ankle yesterday and then had a big off this morning and that shook him up. He’s taken another step though and now he knows what these races are all about and it isn’t going to be easy for him. Alessandro Battig is just a kid. He was on the small bikes last year and he’s come here and he’s just the wide eyed kid on the GP scene. He’s here to learn and he’s gone out there and finished two races today in his first GP − what more can we ask.
“Gareth Swanepoel was going okay today − he was consistent and that’s what we expect from him although we’d probably like him to be a little bit higher. Bobryshev had a tough day and bounced off the track in the opening moto following contact with another rider and he got tangled in the green fencing so he had no option but to stop the bike completely. In the second moto he had quite a reasonable ride and just kept pushing.”

2010 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 01 Bulgaria

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 Nagl, Maximilian / GER / KTM
2 Philippaerts, David / ITA / Yamaha
3 Desalle, Clement / BEL / Suzuki
4 de Dycker, Ken / BEL / Yamaha
5 Cairoli, Antonio / ITA / KTM
6 Barragan, Jonathan / ESP / Kawasaki
7 Ramon, Steve / BEL / Suzuki
8 Boog, Xavier / FRA / Kawasaki
9 Coppins, Joshua / NZL / Aprilia
10 Guarneri, Davide / ITA / Honda
11 Swanepoel, Gareth / RSA / Honda
12 Leok, Tanel / EST / Honda
13 Monni, Manuel / ITA / Yamaha
14 de Reuver, Marc / NED / Suzuki
15 Strijbos, Kevin / BEL / Suzuki
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio / ITA / KTM
2 Nagl, Maximilian / GER / KTM
3 Ramon, Steve / BEL / Suzuki
4 Pourcel, Sebastien / FRA / Kawasaki
5 Desalle, Clement / BEL / Suzuki
6 Barragan, Jonathan / ESP / Kawasaki
7 Philippaerts, David / ITA / Yamaha
8 de Dycker, Ken / BEL / Yamaha
9 Boog, Xavier / FRA / Kawasaki
10 Coppins, Joshua / NZL / Aprilia
11 Boissiere, Anthony / FRA / TM
12 Guarneri, Davide / ITA / Honda
13 Swanepoel, Gareth / RSA / Honda
14 Monni, Manuel / ITA / Yamaha
15 Bobryshev, Evgeny / RUS / Honda
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Musquin, Marvin / FRA / KTM
2 Roczen, Ken / GER / Suzuki
3 Frossard, Steven / FRA / Kawasaki
4 Tonus, Arnaud / SUI / Suzuki
5 van Horebeek, Jeremy / BEL / Kawasaki
6 Herlings, Jeffrey / NED / KTM
7 Simpson, Shaun / GBR / KTM
8 Osborne, Zach / USA / Yamaha
9 Roelants, Joel / BEL / KTM
10 Nicholls, Jake / GBR / KTM
11 Kullas, Harri / FIN / Yamaha
12 Verbruggen, Dennis / BEL / KTM
13 Triest, Nick / BEL / KTM
14 Charlier, Christophe / FRA / Yamaha
15 Pocock, Mel / GBR / Yamaha
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Musquin, Marvin / FRA / KTM
2 Roczen, Ken / GER / Suzuki
3 Herlings, Jeffrey / NED / KTM
4 Frossard, Steven / FRA / Kawasaki
5 Tonus, Arnaud / SUI / Suzuki
6 van Horebeek, Jeremy / BEL / Kawasaki
7 Osborne, Zach / USA / Yamaha
8 Nicholls, Jake / GBR / KTM
9 Simpson, Shaun / GBR / KTM
10 Charlier, Christophe / FRA / Yamaha
11 Triest, Nick / BEL / KTM
12 Kullas, Harri / FIN / Yamaha
13 Aubin, Nicolas / FRA / Kawasaki
14 Larsen, Nikolaj / DEN / Honda
15 Lupino, Alessandro / ITA / Yamaha

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