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WMXBulgariaApril 5, 2009
2009 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 02
Grand Prix of Bulgaria, Sevlievo

Marvellous Musquin takes maiden MX2 success

French teenager Marvin Musquin made history at the Bulgarian round of the FIM Motocross World Championship, the second race of the season and in as many weeks, by winning his first MX2 Grand Prix and giving his NGS team their first ever set of grand prix silverware. By taking his CRF250R to the top step of the podium over Gautier Paulin and Xavier Boog he also gave the motorcycle its first victory in the category.

Kevin Strijbos Clement Desalle

Kevin Strijbos

Clement Desalle

The MX1 class was won by Josh Coppins from Jonathan Barragan and Ken De Dycker, who now leads the points standings by one point from Coppins. Honda’s best performer at Sevlievo today was Clement Desalle in 10th place.

Away from the rainfall that debilitated the Grand Prix of Italy last weekend the skies over Sevlievo remained blue and sunny. The track has been nicely graded and presented its usual mix of wide, fast corners, many jumps and bumps and steep up and downhill sections. Overtaking was still tricky and importance was place on the effectiveness of the start.

Musquin launched from pole position and flew away from the pack in the first MX2 moto. Despite a slow-speed fall that cost him a few seconds the Frenchman took his maiden checkered flag in just his second full world championship season (his seventeenth event as a GP regular). In the second race a slightly worse start saw him pull through to 3rd position but he could not catch the leaders as he endured rear brake trouble following a brush with a track side fence. His ranking enabled him to scale the top step of the podium.

A day of misfortune befell Honda’s representatives in the MX1 class as Josh Coppins won the Grand Prix with two runner-up finishes.

Clement Desalle, LS Motors Honda, was 10th and 15th just one week after his first rostrum appearance in Italy. The Belgian was four places ahead of CAS Honda’s Billy Mackenzie. The Scot started the first race brightly and was challenging for the top three before he started to drop back with an engine problem that finally forced him into the pits. In Moto2 he raced to a top ten finish with 9th .

Martin Honda’s Kevin Strijbos was 15th overall with just one race finish of 9th, from Moto1. The Belgian sustained a twisted knee in Faenza and was unable to ride or train during the week. He managed to keep a consistent pace but it was not enough to trouble the leaders. In Moto2 he crashed over the finish-line jump and took a blow to the head. Team-mate Marc de Reuver placed 17th. The Dutchman slipped off in the qualification heat meaning that he faced a tall order from the start gate. He was unable to do better than 12th in the first moto and then failed to score in the second outing, complaining of a lack of energy.

Cedric Melotte suffered a compression to his back in Moto1 that ended his participation for the day. The Belgian re-aggravated an old injury and could not take to the line for the second outing.

In the world championship standings Desalle holds 8th position while Strijbos and De Reuver are lower down in 14th and 15th. Musquin is 2nd in MX2 and 4 points from leader Gautier Paulin.

Bulgaria also represented the first round of seven in the FIM Women’s World Championship and American number one Ashley Fiolek took a podium slot on her CRF250R with 3rd position.

The series rolls onto round three and the first ever Grand Prix of Turkey at Istanbul next weekend.

 Gregorio Lavilla  Ashley Fiolek

Mark DeRuever

Ashley Fiolek

Marvin Musquin, NGS Honda:
“I think being on the inside and having pole position was a big advantage for me today. I started well in the first moto and apart from a crash on the corner past the pits, when the bike stepped out of a rut and threw me off, I was able to go on and win my first moto. It was a big thrill and I was feeling nervous leading the race to be honest! In the second race my start was not as good and I had to fight back from fifteenth. When I got to third place I felt pretty tired because of the heat and the pace. Near the end I ran wide and caught the fence in my wheel meaning that I had no rear brake, so from then I just settled and made sure of the GP win.”

Kevin Strijbos, Martin Honda:
“I am still trying to get back up to speed in the Grands Prix. I ran my own race in the first moto and took as many points as I could. My plan was the same for the second but I had a heavy fall going past the finish line and hit my head. For the first time in my career I was seeing stars and knew I could not continue. I am working hard so I can only hope for better next week.”

Marc de Reuver, Martin Honda:
“It was a difficult weekend. I crashed in the qualification heat which meant I had a bad gate pick for the start. I tried to make ground but I don’t know what the problem was. I felt completely dead and need to visit the doctor to get myself checked out.”

Billy Mackenzie, CAS Honda:
“I kind of struggled all weekend really. I have never liked this track or had good results here. I had a problem with my starts and we also had a mishap with the bike. After running quite high in the first moto I started to lose power and I wasn’t sure whether to carry on or not but this is quite a dangerous track with some huge jumps so I decided not to risk a big crash. The team found and solved the problem for the second moto and it was a real battle out there; everyone was swapping bumps and lines. I was missing a few ruts and making some mistakes but eventually I found my rhythm although it wasn’t really fast enough. My wrist and my tendonitis is a bit better and so is my rib but I am missing some good, hard motos, especially in these warm conditions so that’s what we will be working on after the trip to Turkey next week.”

Cedric Melotte, CAS Honda:
“On Saturday my back was really stiff. I tried to do some stretching but the muscles were still very tense Sunday morning. In the first race I turned at the bottom of the hill and hit a bump and it felt like I had broken a disc. I had an injury like this in 2004 and needed a big injection to fix it and today it felt like it had come back again. I preferred to rest my back for the second moto and I have already arranged with my doctor for another injection on Tuesday. I will probably need to rest for two days but I hope to be in the best shape possible for Turkey.”

Roger Harvey, Honda Motor Europe Off-road Co-ordinator:
“We should recognize the fantastic achievement of Marvin Musquin and his NGS team in winning today’s Grand Prix. I was impressed with the way he rode; for such young years he has a mature head on his shoulders. He ran away with that first race and then saw that him win the GP with third in the second moto. It was great to see the kid and his team on the top step of the podium and the first time for Honda in almost ten years. Looking at the MX1 class I have to say today was very disappointing. We are up against the problem of Billy Mackenzie and Kevin Strijbos both protecting injuries and not able to train on the bike during the week. This means we end up at a GP trying to race without the bike-time needed; hopefully this is improving from this point. Bad luck for Cedric and his back compression. We know Marc can ride around here and now he will have tests to find out why he could not make it happen at this Grand Prix. A bittersweet day.”

2009 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 02 Bulgaria

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 de Dycker, Ken / BEL / Suzuki
2 Coppins, Joshua / NZL / Yamaha
3 Nagl, Maximilian / GER / KTM
4 Barragan, Jonathan / ESP / KTM
5 Philippaerts, David / ITA / Yamaha
6 Leok, Tanel / EST / Yamaha
7 Cairoli, Antonio / ITA / Yamaha
8 Ramon, Steve / BEL / Suzuki
9 Strijbos, Kevin / BEL / Honda
10 Desalle, Clement / BEL / Honda
11 Vuillemin, David / FRA / Kawasaki
12 de Reuver, Marc / NED / Honda
13 Priem, Manuel / BEL / Aprilia
14 Noble, James / GBR / Suzuki
15 Pourcel, Sebastien / FRA / Kawasaki
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Barragan, Jonathan / ESP / KTM
2 Coppins, Joshua / NZL / Yamaha
3 Philippaerts, David / ITA / Yamaha
4 Cairoli, Antonio / ITA / Yamaha
5 Nagl, Maximilian / GER / KTM
6 Leok, Tanel / EST / Yamaha
7 Ramon, Steve / BEL / Suzuki
8 de Dycker, Ken / BEL / Suzuki
9 Mackenzie, Billy / GBR / Honda
10 Swanepoel, Gareth / RSA / Kawasaki
11 Vuillemin, David / FRA / Kawasaki
12 Pourcel, Sebastien / FRA / Kawasaki
13 Noble, James / GBR / Suzuki
14 Priem, Manuel / BEL / Aprilia
15 Desalle, Clement / BEL / Honda
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Musquin, Marvin / FRA / Honda
2 Paulin, Gautier / FRA / Kawasaki
3 Aubin, Nicolas / FRA / Yamaha
4 Boog, Xavier / FRA / Suzuki
5 Guarneri, Davide / ITA / Yamaha
6 Osborne, Zach / USA / Yamaha
7 Tonus, Arnaud / SUI / KTM
8 Simpson, Shaun / GBR / KTM
9 Roelants, Joel / BEL / KTM
10 Vongsana, Khounsith / FRA / Honda
11 Leuret, Pascal / FRA / Honda
12 Goncalves, Rui / POR / KTM
13 Avis, Wyatt / RSA / Honda
14 Schiffer, Marcus / GER / KTM
15 Larsen, Nikolai / DEN / Suzuki
 Clement Desalle

Clement Desalle
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Frossard, Steven / FRA / Kawasaki
2 Paulin, Gautier / FRA / Kawasaki
3 Musquin, Marvin / FRA / Honda
4 Boog, Xavier / FRA / Suzuki
5 Guarneri, Davide / ITA / Yamaha
6 Goncalves, Rui / POR / KTM
7 Simpson, Shaun / GBR / KTM
8 Aubin, Nicolas / FRA / Yamaha
9 Schiffer, Marcus / GER / KTM
10 Tonus, Arnaud / SUI / KTM
11 Lupino, Alessandro / ITA / Yamaha
12 Teillet, Valentin / FRA / KTM
13 Osborne, Zach / USA / Yamaha
14 Larrieu, Loic / FRA / Yamaha
15 Monni, Manuel / ITA / Yamaha

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