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WMXBulgariaMay 11, 2008
2008 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 04
Grand Prix of Bulgaria, Sevlievo

De Reuver best Honda rider at Sevlievo – MacKenzie holds onto fourth in series standings

Italian rider David Philippaerts increased his lead in the FIM MX1 Motocross World Championship taking the overall win at round four of the series held in Sevlievo, Bulgaria. The super-fast hillside circuit saw the two races held in very different conditions – strong sunshine and a dry track for moto one and under cloudy skies on a dampened circuit for moto two – although the racing was fast and furious in both 35-minute plus two lap motos.

Mark DeRuever

Julian Bill

Dutchman Marc De Reuver was Honda’s strongest performer in MX1 taking fifth place overall riding his factory CRF450. The Honda Martin Racing rider scored a fine third place in moto one to take his maiden MX1 podium appearance of the year before backing that up with a solid second moto fifth. De Reuver’s team-mate Julien Bill and CAS Honda’s Billy MacKenzie were also able to race their Hondas to top-10 finishes while American CAS Honda rider Mike Brown just missed out in 12th place overall.

Sebastien Pourcel took pole position during Saturday’s qualifying session with a time of 1:46:767 while MacKenzie was best Honda rider in fifth, De Reuver was 10th, Bill 12th and Brown a disappointing – by his standards – 22nd place some 3.571 seconds down on the French pole sitter.

Sunday’s moto one saw Billy MacKenzie and MX1 series leader Philippaerts exit turn one side by side but the Italian edged into the lead before turn two allowing MacKenzie to watch his lines and bide his time as he waited to attack the leader. But rather than being the aggressor MacKenzie found himself hunted down by De Reuver who moved into second as arm pump forced the Scotsman to spiral down to 15th by the race’s end. De Reuver held the pace of the leader until he too lost his rhythm mid-race allowing Spaniard Jonathan Barragan by and into the runner-up position. De Reuver hung tough for third to secure his maiden MX1 podium of the year.

Swiss Honda Martin Racing rider Julien Bill also scored by far his finest performance of the year so far with a hard fought for sixth place after he battled through the pack from ninth. CAS Honda’s Mike Brown suffered similarly to his team-mate with arm pump but was able to tough it out to 12th.

After a heavy half hour shower between races, track conditions were much slicker for moto two which was led by Barragan until he crashed on the very last lap allowing Pourcel to steal victory. De Reuver and MacKenzie were Honda’s best performers this time in fifth and sixth while Bill and Brown also navigated inside the top-10 with eighth and 10th place finishes. Barragan’s mistake not only lost the overall win for the Spaniard as it also knocked De Reuver from third to fifth in the final standings.

Despite suffering his worst result of the year in moto one MacKenzie stays as Honda’s leading rider in the MX1 championship in fourth place now 49 points behind the leader. De Reuver jumps up to ninth, Brown rises to 11th and Bill also climbs to 16th.

Honda scored their first Motocross World Championship podium of the year with 17-year-old American female rider Ashley Fiolek who scored third overall on an LS Motorsport CRF250 in the opening round of the five-event Women’s World Championship. Fiolek finished behind Livia Lancelot and Maria Franke but ahead of the reigning Women’s World Cup champion Katherine Prumm on her way to third in her debut in World Championship competition.

The FIM Motocross World Championship continues next weekend in Mantova with the Grand Prix of Italy on May 18.

Billy MacKenzie

Mike Brown

Roger Harvey – Honda Off-Road coordinator
“It was good to see Marc De Reuver running the pace we know he is capable of and him finishing third in moto one on a circuit that probably doesn’t suit him too well – with it being hardpack – is excellent. He was very unlucky not to score his first podium of the year – coming into the last lap he was third overall but when Barragan crashed he dropped to fifth – so I’m quite disappointed for Marc and the Martin team because it would be nice to see him on the podium.

“The rate at which Billy MacKenzie dropped off the pace due to arm pump in moto one was quite disappointing. It’s sort of understandable a circuit like this with there being so many big hills and it’s also very fast in between. Of course it’s the same for everybody and it’s a shamehe could do no better than 15th. The second moto was slightly better for Billy, he felt his arm pump coming and just had to back it off a bit.

“Mike Brown also suffered with arm pump today – he’s suffered badly with it before so we could almost expect it – but he still rode quite well and got a great start in moto two from a gate where he was at a big disadvantage.

“Julien Bill made a great overall improvement today and he finished well in both races for the first time this year.

“I’d like to give Ashley Fiolek a special mention who is an American Honda supported rider who came to ride in the Women’s World Championship. Thanks must go to the LS Motorsports who supplied a bike and technical support and in return got their first podium in World Championship motocross when Ashley finished third overall. Congratulations to Ashley and thanks to American Honda for allowing her to come across.

“Also a mention must go to Marvin Musquin who rides for the NGS Honda team who had an excellent ride in the first moto even though he was in an incredible amount of pain with his leg. What had happened was that a stone had fallen inside his boot and was rubbing against his leg causing quite a bit of discomfort. I was especially pleased with how hard he charged all race – even at the end – and Marvin is definitely someone we’ll be looking at for the future.

“Overall I’m quite pleased but our MX1 results should have been a lot better than what was achieved. We’re at Mantova next weekend and that should suit all our riders so I’m looking forwards to that.”

Marc De Reuver – Martin Honda
“The timed qualifying session was really hectic and I did a fast lap which I thought would be good enough for top five but when they told me I was only 10th I was really surprised but all the times were very close so I was still quite happy.

“I know that on this track it’s important to get a good start and that’s exactly what I did in both races and I was also quite aggressive in the early laps.

“In both races I lost my rhythm a little bit, made some mistakes and lost a little bit of time but then I came good again at the end of the races. Since Portugal things have been getting better and better for me and today I only missed out on the podium because Barragan crashed on the last lap of moto two. Top five is good and next week is a good track for me.

“We did some testing on the suspension in Italy last week and now the bike is working really well for me and things just keep getting better and better now my confidence is coming back.”

Julien Bill – Martin Honda
“In the first moto I had a mid-pack start but I came through the pack from 12th to sixth and I was fighting with the best riders and so I was really happy with my speed and my fitness and I feel it was a good race.

“In the second race I also didn’t get such a good start and I found it a little bit more difficult as the track was rougher but in the final five laps I was catching Coppins and I’ve got to be happy with that. I finally finished eighth in moto two and so my results this weekend have been a massive improvement for me. I’ve also climbed up in the points standing and so I hope I can continue with this kind of results.

“The next few GPs are all on hard tracks which is good for me and so I hope I can keep getting top eight results and maybe even improve on that. I’d like to get on the podium but I realize all these guys are really fast and very strong so it will be tough but I will keep on trying.”

Billy MacKenzie – CAS Honda
“The first race is one that I want to forget ever happened. I almost holeshot – I definitely got to the first corner first – and for the first 10 minutes I was feeling good, I was behind Philippaerts and that’s exactly where I wanted to be – I wanted to be putting the pressure on him – and I was just waiting to pick my moment. I made a little mistake and De Reuver went by and then I messed up every single corner of the next lap and from there I just pumped up – it was the worst I’ve had all year.

“I struggled for the whole race after that point and I was getting passed everywhere, whenever I went wide someone would get me on the inside and vice versa. I just couldn’t do anything right and I was just going slower and slower. Being back in 15th place is not good enough and I was very annoyed and so was everybody else so I knew I had to do better in the next one.

“Philippaerts cut me off at the start of the second race but I found myself in third and was feeling very comfortable on the bike. Barragan and Philippaerts pretty much took off and I didn’t really have an answer for them even though I kept them in sight for two or three laps. I was pushing quite hard and I could feel my arm pump coming so I was hanging on going up the hills and then when I’d get to the corner at the top I could barely turn the thing so I calmed it down a bit and let the bike do all the work. I was behind De Reuver and on some parts of the track I would catch him and on other parts he’d pull away, I found some good lines and caught him a little and then the next lap he found them too! I’m happy to finish the day with a top six because if I’d have had another race like the first I wouldn’t have enjoyed the trip home at all.”

Mike Brown – CAS Honda
“In the first race I rode a little tight in the beginning and got arm pump for half of the race – it was so bad I couldn’t even use the clutch. In the last 15 minutes I loosened up and I started riding a lot better and overall it was an okay ride and I pulled through to 12th.

“In moto two I got a great start and was around fourth place but a couple of guys passed me and then I crashed on the inside of a corner and struggled to restart the bike. I was a long way back and so then I had to pull through the pack again. Overall I’m happy with the way I rode even if my results weren’t as good as I’d like them to – or they should – have been.”

Ashley Fiolek – LS Motorsport Honda
“I wasn’t sure really what to expect when I came here it’s a lot different from home so I just tried to do my best and then see what happened. I’m definitely glad that I got on the podium – there are so many fast women here and it’s tough to do well so I’m pleased I finished where I did especially with the mud. The women I normally race with in America are fast but here is where the fastest women in the world are and that’s why I came here to race with them. I’m gonna keep on working and training hard and hopefully I can win a moto next weekend.”

2008 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship
Round 04, Grand Prix of Bulgaria, Sevlievo

MX1 Race 1
1 PHILIPPAERTS David (Yamaha Monster Motocross Team)
2 BARRAGAN Jonathan (AXO KTM Silver Action Team)
3 DE REUVER Marc (Honda Martin Racing)
4 COPPINS Joshua (Yamaha Monster Motocross Team)
5 RAMON Steve (Team TEKA Suzuki-WMX1)
6 BILL Julien (Honda Martin Racing)
7 LEOK Tanel (Kawasaki Racing Team Europe)
8 POURCEL Sebastien (GPKR Team)
9 DESALLE Clement (Team Suzuki Inotec)
10 DE DYCKER Ken (Team TEKA Suzuki-WMX1)
11 NAGL Maximilian (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing)
12 BROWN Mike (CAS Honda)
13 NEMETH Kornel (KTM Sarholz Racing Team)
14 PRIEM Manuel (Kawasaki Racing Team Europe)
15 MACKENZIE Billy (CAS Honda)

Mark DeRuever
MX1 Race 2
1 POURCEL Sebastien (GPKR Team)
2 PHILIPPAERTS David (Yamaha Monster Motocross Team)
3 RAMON Steve (Team TEKA Suzuki-WMX1)
4 BARRAGAN Jonathan (AXO KTM Silver Action Team)
5 DE REUVER Marc (Honda Martin Racing)
6 MACKENZIE Billy (CAS Honda)
7 COPPINS Joshua (Yamaha Monster Motocross Team)
8 BILL Julien (Honda Martin Racing)
9 NAGL Maximilian (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing)
10 BROWN Mike (CAS Honda)
11 DE DYCKER Ken (Team TEKA Suzuki-WMX1)
12 PRIEM Manuel (Kawasaki Racing Team Europe)
13 SCHIFFER Marcus (KTM Sarholz Racing Team)
14 LEOK Tanel (Kawasaki Racing Team Europe)
15 NEMETH Kornel (KTM Sarholz Racing Team)
MX2 Race 1
1 CAIROLI Antonio (Yamaha Red Bull De Carli)
2 SEARLE Tommy (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing)
3 RATTRAY Tyla (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing)
4 SWORD Stephen (Molson Kawasaki Racing)
5 PAULIN Gautier (Molson Kawasaki Racing)
6 MUSQUIN Marvin (NGS Team)
7 BOOG Xavier (Team Suzuki Inotec)
9 VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy (Champ-KTM)
10 GONCALVES Rui (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing)
12 MONNI Manuel (3C Racing)
13 AUBIN Nicolas (Ricci Racing Yamaha)
14 DOUGAN Jason (SUSO MVR-D Suzuki)
15 ARANDA Gregory (CLS)
MX2 Race 2
1 SEARLE Tommy (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing)
3 AUBIN Nicolas (Ricci Racing Yamaha)
4 BOOG Xavier (Team Suzuki Inotec)
5 RATTRAY Tyla (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing)
7 GONCALVES Rui (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing)
8 VAN HOREBEEK Jeremy (Champ-KTM)
9 ARANDA Gregory (CLS)
10 GUARNERI Davide (Ricci Racing Yamaha)
11 MONNI Manuel (3C Racing)
12 MUSQUIN Marvin (NGS Team)
13 NUNN Carl (SUSO MVR-D Suzuki)
14 DOUGAN Jason (SUSO MVR-D Suzuki)
15 TERREBLANCHE S. (Beursfoon Suzuki MX Team)

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