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WMXU.K.August 26, 2007
2007 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 14
Grand Prix of Great Britain - Donington Park

De Dycker makes second podium appearance of the season

28,000 spectators visited the second-to-last round of the FIM Motocross World Championship at Donington Park for the British Grand Prix and saw MX2 champion Antonio Cairoli own the MX1 class on his debut while Tommy Searle was another maiden winner in MX2. Cloudy and reasonably warm conditions graced the Midlands venue that also saw Steve Ramon take the lead in the premier MX1 series for the first time this season as Josh Coppins attempted and pulled out of the GP with a still painful left shoulder. CAS Honda’s Ken De Dycker finished third on the CRF 450F and picked up his second set of silverware in 2007.

Ken DeDycker

Mike Brown

The home of the British round of MotoGP had seen the infield section chiselled to form the brand new motocross circuit. The layout involved many jumps and hard dirt that was rocky in some sections and quite rutty in others.

De Dycker completed an effective charge through the field to capture third position in the first moto at his team’s home event. The 23 year old – who was not fully fit after his crash in Ireland last week left him with a sore back - had been mid-pack and set a strong pace to work his way past team-mate Mike Brown to break into third spot.

The second race was harder and the Belgian was bothered by a loose strap on right boot. He nevertheless came back from tenth to third place and although faced pressure from Sebastien Pourcel in the last few laps was able to score his ninth top three moto finish of the season when the Frenchman crashed.

Brown, who was actually trying a new tactic of not attempting to holeshot in an effort to get rid of his arm-pump, was fifth overall after he rode to a decent sixth position in the second race.

Martin Honda’s Julien Bill did not enjoy the best get-away in Moto1 and was having trouble making positions, finding the track difficult for overtaking. Eventually he made his way to ninth for his ninth consecutive top ten finish. A similar scenario took place in the second race and he was tenth, not having dropped off the leaderboard for a full five Grand Prix now.

Multitek Honda’s James Noble was disappointed to finish tenth overall after scores of two twelfth places. The British Motocross of Nations team member started among the leaders in the second moto but committed a series of interspersed small errors that saw him drop down the ranking and outside of the top ten.

In the championship standings De Dycker is sixth and 21 points from the top five. Brown is eighth and only three points from Jonathan Barragan in seventh. Bill’s consistency means that he is now nine points away from taking twelfth place. Noble is eleventh and cannot rise any higher with a 68 point margin to Billy Mackenzie ahead of him.

In MX2 Briton Tommy Searle won his first ever Grand Prix after coming within half a lap of his maiden success last week at Moneyglass Demesne. On this occasion he beat the French duo of Jeremy Tarroux (first ever podium) and Nicolas Aubin respectively.

SRS Honda’s Matti Seistola was the sole CRF250F campaigner and guided his machine to sixth and ninth positions for sixth in the final Grand Prix ranking. The Fin is eighth in the world championship and is not able to catch the injured and absent Pascal Leuret as the Frenchman has dropped to seventh but is too far adrift with 60 points the difference.

Antonio Cairoli has already conquered the series and Searle has now moved up to second with the injuries of Christophe Pourcel and Tyla Rattray having ended the respective rider’s seasons.

The final round of the world championship takes place next week in the sand of Lierop for the Grand Prix of The Netherlands.

Mike Brown

Julian Bill

Ken de Dycker, CAS Honda:
“I was feeling good today and always around the front. I could not walk properly until Thursday after the Irish crash and my back still does not feel right but I came through the two heats OK this afternoon. I was not too strong at the end of the second moto because I had used a lot of energy coming from the back in the first. Strijbos and then Pourcel were riding well and I all thought about was keeping on two wheels and making the podium.”

Mike Brown, CAS Honda:
“Today was alright. I thought it would be better for my arms not to get the holeshot but I still started well. I just rode the best I could after that. I had some bad lines in the beginning and the front guys got away from me a little bit. I got passed but then settled down and ran the same speed but the distance was hard to cut. The track wasn’t bad but I felt they over-watered it and should have put some haybales out to protect it because it was one-line in many places. They were some big jumps which were fun and for the first race on the track it was OK.”

Julien Bill, Martin Honda:
“The track was really nice but also really bumpy. It was difficult to pass with one line in almost all the corners so even if you were faster it was not easy to show it! In the first moto I had a bad start and came back pretty good but it was too late to run with the top guys and I finished ninth. In the second moto the start was a bit better but I still was not at the front. I had a good rhythm and was fighting with Barragan but I still found it so hard to pass. I finished again the top ten which was not bad but now if I am not in the top five I am not so happy. I have the speed and the bike so I will train really hard for next year. I have been consistent in the last third of the season and this is another positive point.”

James Noble, Multitek Honda:
“I am a little bit disappointed. In the first race I was ninth and I had a few guys in front of me but then someone was right on my back wheel so I was making a few mistakes and the harder I tried the slower I went. In the second race I had a really good start and just wanted to ‘go’, but made mistake after mistake and dropped down to fourteenth. I managed to pick myself up a bit and take twelfth but it should have been a lot better here.”

2007 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 14
Grand Prix of Great Britain - Donington Park

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
2 Cairoli, Antonio (Yamaha)
3 de Dycker, Ken (Honda)
4 Brown, Mike (Honda)
5 Leok, Tanel (Kawasaki)
6 Ramon, Steve (Suzuki)
7 Pourcel, Sebastien (Kawasaki)
8 Mackenzie, Billy (Kawasaki)
9 Bill, Julien (Honda)
10 Barragan, Jonathan (KTM)
11 Nemeth, Kornel (Suzuki)
12 Noble, James (Honda)
13 Renet, Pierre A. (Honda)
14 Coppins, Joshua (Yamaha)
15 Salvini, Alex (Yamaha)

Ken DeDycker
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio (Yamaha)
2 Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
3 de Dycker, Ken (Honda)
4 Ramon, Steve (Suzuki)
5 Leok, Tanel (Kawasaki)
6 Brown, Mike (Honda)
7 Philippaerts, David (KTM)
8 Pourcel, Sebastien (Kawasaki)
9 Barragan, Jonathan (KTM)
10 Bill, Julien (Honda)
11 van Daele, Marvin (Honda)
12 Noble, James (Honda)
13 Nemeth, Kornel (Suzuki)
14 Anderson, Bradley (Yamaha)
15 Renet, Pierre A. (Honda)
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Aubin, Nicolas (Yamaha)
2 Searle, Tommy (KTM)
3 Tarroux, Jeremy (KTM)
4 Swanepoel, Gareth (Kawasaki)
5 Boog, Xavier (Yamaha)
6 Seistola, Matti (Honda)
7 Bonini, Matteo (Yamaha)
8 Frossard, Steven (Kawasaki)
9 Monni, Manuel (Yamaha)
10 Barr, Martin (Yamaha)
11 Verbruggen, Dennis (Yamaha)
12 Hamblin, Sean (Suzuki)
13 Roelants, Joel (KTM)
14 Goncalves, Rui (KTM)
15 Church, Tom (Kawasaki)
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Searle, Tommy (KTM)
2 Tarroux, Jeremy (KTM)
3 Bonini, Matteo (Yamaha)
4 Verbruggen, Dennis (Yamaha)
5 Aubin, Nicolas (Yamaha)
6 van Horebeek, Jeremy (KTM)
7 Nunn, Carl (Yamaha)
8 Hamblin, Sean (Suzuki)
9 Seistola, Matti (Honda)
10 Goncalves, Rui (KTM)
11 Monni, Manuel (Yamaha)
12 Barr, Martin (Yamaha)
13 Dougan, Jason (Suzuki)
14 Church, Tom (Kawasaki)
15 Gundersen, Kenneth (Yamaha)

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