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WMXNorthern IrelandAugust 19, 2007
2007 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 13
Grand Prix of Northern Ireland – Moneyglass Demense, Northern Ireland

Ken De Dycker takes moto win and fourth overall for CAS Honda on home ground

A windy and cold Northern Irish Grand Prix was the dominion of Kevin Strijbos as Sebastien Pourcel and David Philippaerts also filled the podium respectively at the 13th round of the FIM MX1 Motocross World Championship.

Ken DeDycker

Julian Bill

The new purpose-built Moneyglass Demesne circuit had a tough baptism as rain, wind and cold battered the venue 40km from Belfast. CAS Honda’s Ken De Dycker was fourth overall after winning the first moto.

The course itself gained praise for its layout and numerous big jumps but the unforgiving rainfall created a deep, soft and sticky terrain that was as hard on the motorcycles as it was on the riders themselves. Maintenance work to scrape off the excess mud took place during the night and the track was in better condition on race day, offering a few racing lines even if the jump take-offs and landings were often perilous.

De Dycker claimed his second pole position of the season and of his career during a very wet Saturday that saw practice cancelled in favor of a 15 minute free session followed directly by a 30 minute timed period. He started well in the first moto - as always in the wake of team-mate Mike Brown - but quickly pushed through to second and then enjoyed an entertaining fight with fellow Belgian Kevin Strijbos. The pair swapped the lead several times before the CAS rider was able to make a break and win his second moto of the year and notch his seventh appearance in the top three.

De Dycker’s hopes of a second triumph of 2007 were dumped on the first lap of Moto2 when the 23 year old crashed and had to restart from last place. He came back through to twelfth on the drying track but missed the podium by four points.

Brown ended the first moto in ninth after struggling with some more arm-pump problems but was a different rider in the second race and was cruising home behind leader Strijbos when he had a technical problem and had to pull into the pits for his first DNF of the season. The American, who leads the MX2 British Championship with one meeting remaining, was poised for his third podium result of the term and ended up fourteenth in the final ranking.

Martin Honda’s Julien Bill again impressed on the Italian tuned CRF450F. The Swiss held third position in the opening stages of the first moto before being relegated by Jonathan Barragan and David Philippaerts. He then had a battle with Sebastien Pourcel before finishing sixth. In the second he gained the same position despite being held up by backmarkers and was the second best Honda rider on the day with seventh spot.

A creditable mention again goes to Pierre Renet for NGS Honda as the Frenchman marked yet another top ten finish with eighth spot and results of eleventh and eighth.

De Dycker is still Honda’s leading rider in the world championship standings with sixth position and 44 points from a possible top four entry. Brown is eighth while some good results of late from Bill – who joined the Martin squad for the Grand Prix of France in June – mean he is now thirteenth.

The MX2 world championship was finally won by Antonio Cairoli after the Sicilian has led the series since the first moto in Holland back in April. The 21 year old added a second crown to compliment his 2005 title by winning both races from Tommy Searle and Rui Goncalves. The stylish rider shut down twenty seconds in six laps to pass the Briton on the final circulation for the overall win.

Honda were aptly represented by fantastic French youngster Gautier Paulin. The teenager again fixed himself in the spotlight by rising from 13th to a career-best of fourth in Moto1 but sadly could not challenge for the overall rostrum later on when he slipped off while in the top ten and lost almost two laps restarting the 250F.

The European championship starlet is now a wanted figure in the Grand Prix paddock after impressing in a handful of world championship appearances. He should have gained his first top three two weeks ago in Namur if it hadn’t have been for some mechanical problems.

Pascal Leuret is still fifth in the standings after being forced to miss the rest of the season with a broken and dislocated right wrist but is only 19 points ahead on the next group of riders. Matti Seistola had an engine problem and retired in Moto1 and then was involved in a second corner pile-up that meant he had to leave Ireland with two points for his 19th place.

The penultimate round of the 15-race world championship will take place next week as Donington Park hosts the British Grand Prix. The series culminates in a fortnight with the Grand Prix of Holland seven days later at Lierop.

Mike Brown

Gautier Paulin

Ken de Dycker, CAS Honda:
“In the first moto I had a really good race with Kevin and we passed each other a couple of times until I could make a little gap. In the second heat, on the first lap, I came into a rut around the back and the bike nose-dived off the jump. I had to get off mid–air and then escape to the side of the track because everyone was coming up behind me. I hurt my back and side and once I got going it was so hard, and I tried my best to catch up. I think twelfth position was ok considering. The jumps were soft and dangerous but the weather did not help; I think if it was dry here then this track would be one of my favourites.”

Mike Brown, CAS Honda:
“The track was much better than Saturday and for me the second moto was more enjoyable than the first. It was a good and bad day for me. In the second race I felt awesome and was ready to take advantage of people’s mistakes but five minutes from the finish something happen to the motor and I had to pull out.”

Julien Bill, Martin Honda:
“In the first moto I had a good start but rode really badly because I could not find a good rhythm and I wasn’t happy. I still finished sixth and it was not a disaster. In the second race I was again near the top five and managed to get it together. I was stronger and felt faster. I did not crack physically and had better lines. Towards the end I could catch Mackenzie but again I had a problem with the lappers. Once again I have only just missed the podium but I know one day I will have the chance to be there.”

Gautier Paulin, Martin Honda:
“It has been yet another great learning experience for me and I think that first race was even better than running third at Namur because I pulled through from thirteenth and made it to fourth. I made a mistake in the second moto and could not restart the bike. Luckily Julien was standing on the same corner and gave me some advice and I got going. I wanted to see if I could rescue any points but I was too far behind. Anyway, each Grand Prix is a privilege at the moment and I just want to keep on doing my best.”

2007 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 13
Grand Prix of Northern Ireland – Moneyglass Demense, Northern Ireland

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 de Dycker, Ken (Honda)
2 Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
3 Barragan, Jonathan (KTM)
4 Philippaerts, David (KTM)
5 Pourcel, Sebastien (Kawasaki)
6 Bill, Julien (Honda)
7 Mackenzie, Billy (Kawasaki)
8 Ramon, Steve (Suzuki)
9 Brown, Mike (Honda)
10 Nemeth, Kornel (Suzuki)
11 Renet, Pierre A. (Honda)
12 de Reuver, Marc (Yamaha)
13 Desalle, Clement (Suzuki)
14 Remes, Eero (Honda)
15 van Daele, Marvin (Honda)
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
2 Pourcel, Sebastien (Kawasaki)
3 Philippaerts, David (KTM)
4 Ramon, Steve (Suzuki)
5 Mackenzie, Billy (Kawasaki)
6 Bill, Julien (Honda)
7 van Daele, Marvin (Honda)
8 Renet, Pierre A. (Honda)
9 Nemeth, Kornel (Suzuki)
10 Desalle, Clement (Suzuki)
11 Noble, James (Honda)
12 de Dycker, Ken (Honda)
13 Salvini, Alex (Yamaha)
14 Leok, Aigar (Yamaha)
15 Theybers, Danny (Suzuki)
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio (Yamaha)
2 Searle, Tommy (KTM)
3 Goncalves, Rui (KTM)
4 Paulin, Gautier (Honda)
5 Aubin, Nicolas (Yamaha)
6 Guarneri, Davide (Yamaha)
7 Nunn, Carl (Yamaha)
8 Schiffer, Marcus (KTM)
9 van Horebeek, Jeremy (KTM)
10 Boog, Xavier (Yamaha)
11 Monni, Manuel (Yamaha)
12 Tarroux, Jeremy (KTM)
13 Campano, Carlos (Yamaha)
14 Terreblanche, Shannon (Suzuki)
15 Bonini, Matteo (Yamaha)
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio (Yamaha)
2 Searle, Tommy (KTM)
3 Goncalves, Rui (KTM)
4 Schiffer, Marcus (KTM)
5 Tarroux, Jeremy (KTM)
6 Swanepoel, Gareth (Kawasaki)
7 van Horebeek, Jeremy (KTM)
8 Hamblin, Sean (Suzuki)
9 Church, Tom (Kawasaki)
10 Guarneri, Davide (Yamaha)
11 Campano, Carlos (Yamaha)
12 Monni, Manuel (Yamaha)
13 Bonini, Matteo (Yamaha)
14 Barr, Martin (Yamaha)
15 Vongsana, Khounsith (KTM)

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