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WMXGermanyMay 13, 2007
2007 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 05
Grand Prix of Germany – Teutschenthal, Germany

Leuret marks Martin debut with fourth place

New Martin Honda recruit Pascal Leuret gave a very positive result to his team with fourth position overall in the MX2 class of the Grand Prix of Germany at the Talkessel circuit. The meeting represented the fifth round of fifteen in the fast moving Motocross World Championship and for the fifth time this season Antonio Cairoli triumphed while David Philippaerts became the first Italian to win in MX1 and the first in the premier class since 2001.

Ken De Dycker

James Noble

The historic course located in eastern Germany yielded a slightly different surface in places as the dark mud had been mixed with sand for a softer terrain, while construction of a new set of curves and rutted sandy straight helped extend the lap-time to beyond two minutes. The speed was still pretty high with precious few technical sections and many riders circulated at the same pace restricting any major movements in the classifications after the starts.

As Josh Coppins and Philippaerts gained MX1 moto wins - the second race was a thrilling battle between a cast of six riders - PAR Honda's Gordon Crockard was the manufacturer's top performer overall with sixth place. It was the Irishman's best result of the season at the circuit where he enjoyed his last World Championship podium in 2003. He rode to seventh and fifth positions and joined in the scrap for the top three in Moto2.

Crockard is suffering slightly with an injured knee that forced him to miss the Portuguese round, but was on form today.

CAS Honda riders Ken de Dycker and Mike Brown filled eighth and tenth spots in the final standings respectively. De Dycker got out of the gate quite well in the first moto and held a top five position in the opening stages. On the fast course he was unable to make an attack before gaps of several seconds started to separate the field. In the second race he gated badly and then struggled to make an impression from the back of the pack, eventually crossing the line in a disappointing fourteenth.

Brown, who slipped off yesterday and tweaked his shoulder, again started well in Moto1 but experienced a few problems, including a bike stall that dropped him to twelfth. As he has done on several occasions this year he gave a better account of himself in the second moto and hole-shotted to lead at least twice; once before being passed by Coppins and then again when the Kiwi crashed. Holding second position behind de Reuver later into the sprint he was unlucky when he slipped off the machine and down to a final ranking of eleventh.

Philippaerts won the GP from Steve Ramon and Coppins.

MX2 was once again won by Antonio Cairoli, this time from World Champ Christophe Pourcel and Tyla Rattray in third. Pascal Leuret was up with the spaced-out leading group in both affairs and looked confident and quick on the Martin-tuned CRF250R.

The Frenchman, who had qualified in third position yesterday, rode to sixth place in the first moto after featuring among the leaders but being unable to close down the distance to warring pair Kenneth Gundersen and Davide Guarneri. In the second race he started better and passed Guarneri for fourth even though he was some distance from Rattray ahead. Countryman and fellow Martin representative Gautier Paulin scored seventeenth overall with a personal best ever finish of twelfth in the first moto.

The French teenager is now likely to contest some more rounds of the World Championship after impressing at the Italian Grand Prix last week and also having the speed to qualify. The 17 year old is highly rated by the team and is currently under the wing of former World Champion Jacky Vimond.

Antoine Meo has an appointment with a specialist in Paris tomorrow to determine how the Frenchman's left knee problem can be fixed and whether he will miss the rest of the season.

The first round of three in the Women's World Cup also took place today. Overall honours were earned by Honda's Larissa Papenmeier. The 17 year old German won a thrilling first moto of 20 minutes and 2 laps and survived an attack from World Champ Katherine Prumm on the last two circulations to earn her spurs on the international stage. She then finished fourth in the second outing to confirm her triumph on home turf. It marked Hondas first victory in the competition and also the first time that the CRF250R has been placed on the top step of a Grand Prix podium. The teenager leads the series by three points over Maria Franke. The next meeting for the ladies will be at the GP of Sweden on July 1st.

From the rest of Honda's off-road riding fleet James Noble was holding ground solidly in the top ten of both races; taking eighth in the first but then was unlucky to have some gearbox trouble that forced a DNF later in the afternoon.

The World championship standings now show that Leuret has moved back up to fourth in the MX2 table and is 37 points from third. De Dycker is also fourth in MX1 and 25 adrift of Ramon. Noble is ninth with Brown tenth.

After back-to-back events the World Championship now has a free week to pack units for the trip to Japan. The Sugo circuit will host the Japanese Grand Prix and the sixth round of the series on May 26th/27th.

Mike Brown

Pascal Leuret

Gordon Crockard, PAR Homes Honda:
"For once I didn't have to ask who won the race I could see for myself! It was a hard race. The track was tough and quite tiring. I tried to save as much energy as I could and I had a hard time being down in gate 23 so I was going for gold on the starts and just had to dive in and take a risk. It takes time to ride at that level but in general I'm pleased with seventh and fifth. I have had problems with my right knee and I have a small piece of bone broken off as well as some cartilage damage but I am glad that I haven't chosen an operation yet. We will see how it goes from here. France will be the next race for us."

Ken de Dycker, CAS Honda:
"The first race was OK, I got a good start and could make a decent speed. Fourth was a good result and I wanted to build on that. In the second moto I was last off the start. I timed the gate badly and then got boxed in. It was hard to come back from there because you get stuck behind people and many are going the same speed so to make up ground to the next rider is difficult. The second heat was not good so I hope for better in Japan. Sugo is much more technical and better for me."

Mike Brown, CAS Honda:
"I had a pretty big crash the first lap of practice. I hurt my shoulder in January and while this fall did not make it as painful it was still sore and bothered me a little bit. The track was fast and everybody was close. I got a good start in the top three but had a few problems. I stalled the bike in the dip before the start straight and it took a while to get going. It wasn't a good race and I ended up twelfth. In the second one I got the holeshot and was feeling fine. My arms were OK and I was making the speed. Josh had a crash and I was in the lead for a little bit. De Reuver went around me and I tried to stay with him but the front end just washed out on one of the uphill cambered turns. Again I lost a lot of places getting the bike started, and that's about it really. I just wished I hadn't have crashed because things were going well."

Pascal Leuret, Martin Honda:
"Everybody has been great with me in the team and they have worked 100% to support me and I am very happy. We all worked hard this week in terms of testing and getting the bike ready so I am pleased for them. The second moto was better for me. I made a better start and pushed hard to pass Guarneri. I tried to catch Rattray but I did not want to go too crazy and crash so I made sure of fourth. I want to take as many points as I can every GP. I made a mistake last week in the second moto and I did not want to repeat it today."

Gautier Paulin, Martin Honda:
"I am really happy with this GP and to score my first points is of course an important thing for me. I felt good on the bike at this track and I was happy to be able to compete with people like Searle and Monni, riders who have been doing the World Championships a lot longer than me. In the second moto I had a bad start but tried hard to at least get one point. I heard some strange sounds from the bike so I decided to stop because I did not want to wreck it. I hope I can take this experience and confidence into the European championship now and make some more wild-card appearances later in the year."

Larissa Papenmeier, Women's World Cup winner
"I never thought I would win here at my home Grand Prix so I am really happy. The first moto was great. I thought I would make the top five but to win was fantastic. The track was very hard and it was difficult to stay on the bike."

2007 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 05
Grand Prix of Germany – Teutschenthal

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 Coppins, Joshua (Yamaha)
2 de Reuver, Marc (Yamaha)
3 Ramon, Steve (Suzuki)
4 de Dycker, Ken (Honda)
5 Philippaerts, David (KTM)
6 Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
7 Crockard, Gordon (Honda)
8 Noble, James (Honda)
9 Nagl, Maximilian (KTM)
10 Priem, Manuel (TM)
11 Anderson, Bradley (Yamaha)
12 Brown, Mike (Honda)
13 Leok, Tanel (Kawasaki)
14 Barragan, Jonathan (ESP)
15 Desalle, Clement (Suzuki )
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Philippaerts, David (KTM)
2 Pourcel, Sebastien (Kawasaki)
3 Ramon, Steve (Suzuki)
4 Strijbos, Kevin (Suzuki)
5 Crockard, Gordon (Honda)
6 Coppins, Joshua (Yamaha)
7 Barragan, Jonathan (KTM)
8 de Reuver, Marc (Yamaha)
9 Mackenzie, Billy (Kawasaki)
10 Leok, Aigar (Yamaha)
11 Brown, Mike (Honda)
12 Renet, Pierre A. (Honda)
13 Allier, Thomas (Kawasaki)
14 de Dycker, Ken (Honda)
15 Leok, Tanel (Kawasaki)
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio (Yamaha)
2 Pourcel, Christophe (Kawasaki)
3 Gundersen, Kenneth (Yamaha)
4 Rattray, Tyla (KTM)
5 Guarneri, Davide (Yamaha)
6 Leuret, Pascal (Honda)
7 Schiffer, Marcus (KTM)
8 Seistola, Matti (Honda)
9 Aubin, Nicolas (Yamaha)
10 / Nunn, Carl (Yamaha)
11 van Horebeek, Jeremy (KTM)
12 Paulin, Gautier (Honda)
13 Simpson, Shaun (Kawasaki)
14 Verbruggen, Dennis (Yamaha)
15 Searle, Tommy (KTM)
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio (Yamaha)
2 Pourcel, Christophe (Kawasaki)
3 Rattray, Tyla (KTM)
4 Leuret, Pascal (Honda)
5 Guarneri, Davide (Yamaha)
6 Aubin, Nicolas (Yamaha)
7 Searle, Tommy (KTM)
8 Seistola, Matti (Honda)
9 Avis, Wyatt (KTM)
10 Nunn, Carl (Yamaha)
11 Boissiere, Anthony (Kawasaki)
12 Monni, Manuel (Yamaha)
13 van Horebeek, Jeremy (KTM)
14 Gundersen, Kenneth (Yamaha)
15 Swanepoel, Gareth (Kawasaki)

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