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WMXItalyMay 6, 2007
2007 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 04
Grand Prix of Italy – MANTOVA, Italy

De Dycker so close to maiden moto victory

CAS Honda rider Ken de Dycker came within three laps of taking his first checkered flag after a determined second moto at Mantova for the Grand Prix of Italy and the fourth round of the FIM World Championship. The MX1 class was won by Josh Coppins from Tanel Leok and Sebastien Pourcel.

Ken DeDycker

Mike Brown

The sandy course was compacted within the enclosed setting, allowing the large crowd an excellent view of the vast majority of the 1600m circuit. However, the terrain became so rough, that the second moto of each class was especially tough physically.

The tight winding track was punctuated with jumps and rhythm sections giving the impression of a ‘supercrossy’ race in prospect. The layout received a thumbs-up from the majority contesting the grands prix..

The opening sprint from the gate in Moto1 saw a crash between David Philippaerts and Marc de Reuver leaving De Dycker to lead for several laps and enjoy a fraught tussle with Josh Coppins. The Belgian was to struggled again with arm-pump and dropped back to fourth his participation was curtailed late in the race with a technical problem.

Coppins won the heat from Leok and Strijbos.

The determined 22 year old De Dyker pushed to the front in Moto2 and again fought briefly with Coppins. He seemed to have a distinct advantage entering the final stages of the 35 minutes and 2 laps but tensed up and faced a fresh charge from the New Zealander. He was able to hang on for second position, his highest result of the season so far.

Team-mate Mike Brown experienced similar ill-fortune to De Dycker. The American, as per usual, started well in the first moto, with the holeshot, but was powerless to stay with the leaders through the heavy bumps; he took 14th place. The second race saw the veteran display his best speed yet in only his fourth MX1 GP. He again was first out of the gate and spearheaded the pack for three laps. He ended the moto with ninth for 10th spot overall.

De Dycker may have taken some of the spotlight in each race but it was Multitek’s James Noble who was Honda’s best overall performer on the day. He rode a steady first moto, steering his CRF450R in an error-free outing to fifth; equalling a career best. He benefited from the DNF of De Dycker to gain an extra placing but it was still a resolute effort. In the second race he was pipped to sixth position by Tanel Leok on the last lap but still sealed a season-highest result of sixth, elevating him to eighth in the World Championship.

Martin Honda rider Antoine Meo was unable to finish Moto1. The Frenchman crashed on the first corner and then caught his painful knee in the ground while mounting a comeback and retired. He elected not to enter the second sprint and has now decided to undergo an operation this week. Depending on the extent of the repair needed to the knee joint Meo could be out for either two months or the rest of the season.

In the MX2 class Antonio Cairoli completely swept both motos and had each race in his pocket by the end of the first few laps. The unchallenged Sicilian ran away from Tyla Rattray and Tommy Searle and climbed onto the top step of the podium with a perfect score.

Pascal Leuret was once again Honda’s top finisher in the category two weeks after his maiden podium in Portugal. The French privateer gained seventh place in the first moto and was hunting for better in the second until he crashed while chasing fifth position. He would slip off again but then ride hard to recover from the lower end of the leader-board to reach 12th. Leuret has dropped back one place in the World Championship standings but is still fifth just seven points behind Searle.

The Martin team was left a little light for their home Grand Prix after the two year deal agreed with rider Ryan Mills was annulled this week. The American had struggled with a wrist injury (ironically sustained at Mantova during an International event in February) as well as a concussion. Mills also commented on his difficulty to adapt to the European lifestyle and World Championship racing.

The MX2 standings have Cairoli as the leader but now by a mammoth 55 points ahead of Rattray.

The fifth round of the World Championship will take place next weekend on May 13th at the Talkessel circuit in the small town of Teutschenthal for the Grand Prix of Germany.

James Noble

Pascal Leuret

Ken de Dycker, CAS Honda:
“My riding was pretty good in the first moto, I still had a little bit of arm-pump and that caused me to make a few mistakes and slow down but I was getting my rhythm back when we had the mechanical problem. It was just more bad luck. In the second moto my start was not that great but I could pass a lot of guys quite quickly and get up with Josh. I could overtake him but right near the end I got tired and made some mistakes. Second place behind him at the moment is not so bad. Considering the results we have had so far this season I am happy with this GP.”

Mike Brown, CAS Honda:
“Today was good. I holeshotted that first moto and then got some arm-pump. I don’t know whether it is me, the bike or just because it’s the 450. I just hung on. The second moto was much better. I had a small crash, which cost me a few places but it was more positive and I could stay up there for longer.”

Antoine Meo, Martin Honda:
“I put my leg on the ground and had pain again so I have made a decision to stop and get the situation sorted out. I want to ride and represent the team but I am not able to be at my best and it is frustrating for all of us. I will go to see the specialist in Paris this week and there are two possible operations. One means being out for two months and the other means no riding for six; I hope we will be able to take the two month option! I want to thank the team for all their support.”

James Noble, Martin Honda:
“I am very happy with today. Leok passed me on the last lap of the second moto because he had a slightly better line and that was a little disappointing because I would have had fifth otherwise. I had some good speed in Portugal and was finally able to get two motos together today. I enjoyed the track; it was hard, physical and good fun.”

Pascal Leuret:
“The first race was good because I made a bad start but pushed all the way. In the second moto I got away well and passed Searle but in the next corner I hit a big bump and it put me over the bars. The bike landed on top of me and I lost time getting it off and then re-starting. I was in 25th and came back to 16th but then crashed again trying to pass Goncalves. Finally I could make it to 12th, which wasn’t too bad after two crashes. My physical condition is good and now I will see about my future and what can be done. I am talking with Martin Honda but we will see.”

2007 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 04
Grand Prix of Italy – MANTOVA

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 COPPINS Joshua (Yamaha Motocross Team)
2 LEOK Tanel (Kawasaki Racing Team Europe)
3 STRIJBOS Kevin (Suzuki WMX GP)
4 POURCEL Sebastien (GPKR Team)
5 NOBLE James (Multitek Honda)
6 MACKENZIE Billy (Kawasaki Racing Team Europe)
7 RAMON Steve (Suzuki WMX GP)
8 CROCKARD Gordon (PAR Honda)
9 PHILIPPAERTS David (KTM Red Bull Racing)
10 NEMETH Kornel (TEKA Suzuki)
11 DESALLE Clement (Inotec-Ortema-Suzuki)
12 PRIEM Manuel (TM Racing Factory Team)
13 LEOK Aigar (Yamaha van Beers Racing)
14 BROWN Mike (CAS Honda)
15 BILL Julien (Delta Kawasaki)
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 COPPINS Joshua (Yamaha Motocross Team)
2 DE DYCKER Ken (CAS Honda)
3 DE REUVER Marc (Yamaha Motocross Team)
4 POURCEL Sebastien (GPKR Team)
5 RAMON Steve (Suzuki WMX GP)
6 LEOK Tanel (Kawasaki Racing Team Europe)
7 NOBLE James (Multitek Honda)
8 STRIJBOS Kevin (Suzuki WMX GP)
9 BROWN Mike (CAS Honda)
10 BARRAGAN Jonathan (KTM Red Bull Racing)
11 VAN DAELE Marvin (Shineray MX Team China)
12 CROCKARD Gordon (PAR Honda)
13 LEOK Aigar (Yamaha van Beers Racing)
14 RENET Pierre A. (NGS Team)
15 PYRHONEN Antti (Medei Motocross Team)

Ken DeDycker
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 CAIROLI Antonio (Yamaha De Carli)
2 RATTRAY Tyla (KTM Red Bull Racing)
3 SEARLE Tommy (KTM Red Bull Racing)
4 POURCEL Christophe (GPKR Team)
5 GUNDERSEN Kenneth (Ricci Racing)
6 SWANEPOEL Gareth (Molson Kawasaki)
7 LEURET Pascal (Nouvelle Generation Sport)
8 HAMBLIN Sean (Suzuki Swift Motocross Team)
9 CHURCH Tom (Molson Kawasaki)
10 SCHIFFER Marcus (KTM Sarholz Racing Team)
11 AUBIN Nicolas (Ricci Racing)
12 BARR Martin (Bike it.Yamaha UK Dixon Racing )
13 VERBRUGGEN Dennis (Yamaha van Beers Racing)
14 FROSSARD Steven (CLS)
15 GONCALVES Rui (AXO KTM Silver Action)
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 CAIROLI Antonio (Yamaha De Carli)
2 RATTRAY Tyla (KTM Red Bull Racing)
3 SWANEPOEL Gareth (Molson Kawasaki)
4 SEARLE Tommy (KTM Red Bull Racing)
5 POURCEL Christophe (GPKR Team)
6 AUBIN Nicolas (Ricci Racing)
7 SEISTOLA Matti (SRS Racing)
8 GONCALVES Rui (AXO KTM Silver Action)
9 HAMBLIN Sean (Suzuki Swift Motocross Team)
10 SCHIFFER Marcus (KTM Sarholz Racing Team)
11 SIMPSON Shaun (Wulfsport Kawasaki)
12 LEURET Pascal (Nouvelle Generation Sport)
13 GUARNERI Davide (Ricci Racing)
14 AVIS Wyatt (KTM Sarholz Racing Team)
15 BARR Martin (Bike it.Yamaha UK Dixon Racing)

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