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WMXFlandersApril 1 , 2007
2007 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 01
Grand Prix of Benelux - VALKENSWAARD, Netherlands

De Dycker top performer at season-opener with 6th

CAS Honda rider Ken de Dycker was a protagonist at the Grand Prix of Benelux that took place at a warm and sunny Eurocircuit in Valkenswaard. The weather encouraged 25,000 fans to watch the opening event of the15 round FIM World Championship.

Ken DeDycker

James Noble

The venue located less than ten kilometers from the city of Eindhoven presented the riders of the MX1 (450cc four-strokes) and MX2 (250cc four-strokes) series' with a fresh test as the course had been significantly altered since the last World Championship visit in 2004. Several new corner sections, a repositioned start-straight and a reversal of the track direction itself meant a novel opening Grand Prix test for the title aspirants.

De Dycker was on form through Saturday's initial sessions and then grabbed his first ever pole position by more than half a second after Timed Practice. He positively leapt out of the gate for the opening moto of the year and led Josh Coppins for six laps until the New Zealander's slightly superior speed relegated the Belgian to second whereby he was then caught by Steve Ramon before the flag.

The second race saw the CAS Honda man slightly more subdued, and he weathered further problems with arm-pump to take 7th and be the first Honda rider home again. De Dyker's sixth place overall gives the British Champion the same status in the series ranking.

Team-mate Mike Brown had a tough introduction to the MX1 class. The veteran held a top five position on the first lap of his debut in the category but swiftly dropped back through the pack, struggling with stiff arms. He eventually rescued seven points for 14th. A steadier approach in Moto2 saw a finish five positions higher and his ninth place slotted Brown into 10th overall.

Martin Honda's Antoine Meo was not fully fit after recovering recently from a knee injury but nevertheless managed to obtain 10 points with 15th and 17th place finishes and 16th spot overall at the end of the day for the same early ranking in the World Championship table.

Credit must go to Multitek Honda's James Noble. The Briton collected 8th by the close of play with two solid top ten finishes. Noble grabbed 10th and then 8th after an entertaining scrap with Mike Brown in the second outing and despite a slow speed tumble.

Coppins claimed the top step of the MX1 rostrum from Jonathan Barragan and Ramon.

The MX2 category suffered for the loss of Ryan Mills. The rated American and new Martin Honda representative felt the affects from a practice crash last week and had to withdraw from the Grand Prix after feeling groggy during Saturday's free session.

He will return to the USA for medical consultation this week but is optimistic of competing at Bellpuig in a fortnight's time.

Former World Champion Antonio Cairoli owned overall honours by running away with both motos while Tyla Rattray took second place and Gareth Swanepoel secured his maiden podium result with third.

The World Championship now pauses over Easter weekend but proceedings resume in two weeks time as the paddock heads to the Iberian Peninsula. The Grand Prix of Spain at Bellpuig in Catalunya is followed directly by the Portuguese round at the Agueda circuit south of Porto.

Mike Brown

Antoine Meo

Ken de Dycker, CAS Honda:
"I had a good start in the first one and I am not really used to riding up front so my arms started to pump up. In the second race my start was not as good but I came through quickly and had the same problem; it was like I could not hold the bike anymore and every bump I hit I almost lost it. The result overall is OK, I took some points and picked up some confidence for the next one."

Mike Brown, CAS Honda:
"It wasn't bad for my first Grand Prix; I did not really know where I was looking to be. The first moto was not the best, I got arm-pump and was a bit nervous. Both of my starts were really good but in the second race I decided to let the guys around me go instead of struggle and get arm-pump again. Overall it was not too bad. It's good to be back in the World Championship paddock and it seems to have changed a lot."

Antoine Meo, Martin Honda:
"I am happy because I have a painful knee. I elected to ride this weekend and came away with some points. I am pleased because I achieved what I wanted at this first race as I had three weeks without any riding and my bike fitness had dropped. I will go training now with Jacky Vimond and the next two tracks are better for me so we will look for better."

Ryan Mills, Martin Honda:
"After my Mantova injury we were working hard and testing for this race but I had a pretty big crash last week and gave myself a concussion. Yesterday in practice I wasn't feeling that great and my vision kept getting blurry. I checked with three different doctors and they said I was not fit so I could not get cleared to ride. I will fly to America now for another check-up and then be ready for Spain."

James Noble, Multitek Honda:
"I was pretty happy with today. The bike is set-up differently; it handles that bit better and there is more power so I could just lift it over the bumps, overall it is easier to ride. I had two good starts which was another positive. I was only frustrated with that small crash in the second moto because I could have been a few positions higher. I also had a bit of a flat patch in the middle of the first race that was frustrating. Mike never gives up! He made me push and I nearly caught Ken towards the end. However eighth overall was good though."

2007 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 01
Grand Prix of Benelux - VALKENSWAARD, Netherlands

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 Coppins, Joshua / Yamaha
2 Ramon, Steve / Suzuki
3 de Dycker, Ken / Honda
4 Strijbos, Kevin / Suzuki
5 Barragan, Jonathan / KTM
6 de Reuver, Marc / Yamaha
7 Nagl, Maximilian / KTM
8 Nemeth, Kornel / Suzuki
9 Mackenzie, Billy / Kawasaki
10 Noble, James / Honda
11 Leok, Tanel / Kawasaki
12 Leok, Aigar / Yamaha
13 Pourcel, Sebastien / Kawasaki
14 Brown, Mike / Honda
15 Meo, Antoine / Honda
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 Barragan, Jonathan / KTM
2 Coppins, Joshua / Yamaha
3 de Reuver, Marc / Yamaha
4 Strijbos, Kevin / Suzuki
5 Priem, Manuel / TM
6 Ramon, Steve / Suzuki
7 de Dycker, Ken / Honda
8 Noble, James / Honda
9 Brown, Mike / Honda
10 Nagl, Maximilian / KTM
11 Crockard, Gordon / Honda
12 van Daele, Marvin / Honda
13 Renet, Pierre A. / Honda
14 Leok, Tanel / Kawasaki
15 Vanni, Julien / Honda
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio / Yamaha
2 Rattray, Tyla / KTM
3 Swanepoel, Garreth / Kawasaki
4 Gundersen, Kenneth / Yamaha
5 Eggens, Erik / Suzuki
6 Aubin, Nicolas / KTM
7 Pourcel, Christophe / Kawasaki
8 Schiffer, Marcus / KTM
9 Leuret, Pascal / Honda
10 Searle, Tommy / KTM
11 Boissiere, Anthony / Kawasaki
12 Seistola, Matti / Honda
13 Boog, Xavier / Yamaha
14 Verbruggen, Dennis / Yamaha
15 Tarroux, Jeremy / Yamaha
MX2 - Race 2 Result
1 Cairoli, Antonio / Yamaha
2 Rattray, Tyla / KTM
3 Pourcel, Christophe / Kawasaki
4 Eggens, Erik / Suzuki
5 Gundersen, Kenneth / Yamaha
6 Swanepoel, Garreth / Kawasaki
7 Schiffer, Marcus / KTM
8 Aubin, Nicolas / KTM
9 Boissiere, Anthony / Kawasaki
10 Verbruggen, Dennis / Yamaha
11 Leuret, Pascal / Honda
12 Hamblin, Sean / Suzuki
13 Seistola, Matti / Honda
14 Monni, Manuel / Yamaha
15 Frossard, Steven / Kawasaki

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