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WMXItalyJune 11, 2006
2006 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 07
Grand Prix of Italy – MONTEVARCHI, Italy

De Dycker Takes Top Five in Difficult Italian Grand Prix

CAS Honda rider Ken De Dycker raced to fifth position in the Italian Grand Prix despite a second moto crash at a dry and sunny Montevarchi circuit. Martin Honda rider Javier Garcia Vico obtained sixth overall which constituted his highest GP finish in more than two years.

Ken de Dycker

Garcia Vico

Stefan Everts controlled both motos at a busy circuit that was dry, twisty and tested the traction and acceleration of the motorcycles more than any other layout so far this season. The off-cambered turns and slippery stone that protruded through the worn dirt made grip a precious commodity.

De Dycker pulled through from the mid-top ten to chase Cedric Melotte for third place. In an all-Belgian leading group he was soon alone in third with Kevin Strijbos too far ahead and Steve Ramon a safe distance away in fourth. It was his fourth appearance in the first three this season. The second race was not plain-sailing but saw the 21 year old at his most resolute after falling on the second lap and carving his way through the pack to seventh from last position. Even a run-in with Wulfsport Honda's Gordon Crockard and a subsequent damaged front brake wasn't enough to halt his progression.

Javier Garcia Vico was an excellent but fairly lonely sixth and fifth after a set of decent starts. His sixth position in the final classification represented his best finish in almost three years after machinery and injury problems since 2004.

His team-mate Brian Jorgensen was disputing ninth place with Tanel Leok before a collision between the pair sent the Dane off the track in race one. Fishing his Honda CRF 450R from the fencing he then had to restart after losing many positions and was punted off the track again by an eager Clement Desalle. Jorgensen eventually came back to 18th spot but his flight after a poor start later in the day was more impressive. At the back of the pack after messing up his jump from the gate, he rose to sixth and was left content with a rosier conclusion to proceedings where he was well supported by the local fans.

RWJ's James Noble was a season-highest fifth fastest in qualification yesterday but fell inside the first third of the race and retired. He was eleventh with his second bite of the cherry after lunch.

De Dycker is still the top ranked Honda rider in the World Championship standings and holds fourth, fourteen points behind Tanel Leok in third. Pascal Leuret, in seventh, and Brian Jorgensen, with eighth, are also among the higher positions on the leader-board.

Despite two broken ligaments in his left knee after a dislocation suffered in Portugal, Antoine Meo was fit enough to debut a refined CRF 250R at Montevarchi with an electronic fuel injection unit as just one of the little modifications. The injection offers more usable power and also drops the noise limit by two decibels. The Frenchman crashed in the first MX2 moto and then had to retire with a mechanical problem. Switching to his spare bike he captured 18th in his first ride back since the injury at Agueda in late April. Matti Seistola was Honda's top representative with a season-best result of 8th overall.

The MX2 class was won by David Philippaerts with Antonio Cairoli and Christophe Pourcel also on the podium.

The British Grand Prix at the new Matterley Basin circuit near Winchester in England will constitute round eight of fifteen in just seven days time. The meeting will hopefully see the return of De Dycker's CAS Honda team-mate Josh Coppins who has been practicing for the last two weeks after recovering from a dislocated shoulder.

Brian Jorgensen

Pascal Leuret

Ken de Dycker, CAS Honda:
"The bike slid away from me in a long left hand corner in the second race. I almost saved the front end but the rear went and I was down. It took me a lap or two to get back into the rhythm. Crockard then smashed into me and broke my front brake. I got Noble and Leuret on the last laps which was the best I could do and I was feeling stronger at the end."

Javier Garcia Vico, Martin Honda:
"I am really happy and I want to continue with this run of results because I have had some bad moments in the last few years. We have improved the engine and I want to thank Mauro for his work on the suspension and Juliano my mechanic; they have really helped me a lot and it is great that we are working well together. My starts were important today and it was good to get away with the leaders. I tried to stay with them and follow that speed the whole race."

Brian Jorgensen, Martin Honda:
"I made a good start in the opening race and took it easy on the first couple of laps just to see where the track had been watered. I felt good and caught up to Leok. I wanted to make an aggressive pass on him but arrived to overtake just a little too late. He had committed to the berm and took my front wheel when he bounced out. It was my mistake and I should have been a bit more patient. I had a big crash and hit my head. I got going again and make some decent laps to come back to 15th but this stupid young kid riding a Suzuki was trying to take people out if they passed him and he managed to hit me. I believed I could have made 13th place and I was not pleased. That fired me up a little bit for the second moto. I had been struggling all weekend with the track and it is probably the worst of the year for me. I like hard-pack but it is difficult when there is nothing to turn on and I am very aggressive on the throttle. I got a great drop and then missed a gear somehow. I was dead-last again and rode an awesome race to reach 6th place. It was a big boost for my confidence to be able to pass inside and outside and make positions like that."

Antoine Meo, Martin Honda:
"In the first race I made a good start but crashed on the first lap. I made up five positions quickly but then we had a problem with the bike and the new injection system. I used the stock bike for the second heat but it was a bit different and I needed a bit more time to get my feeling with the tyres and grip on the track. I moved up to 17th but then I felt pretty tired because it is more than two months since I last raced. I am happy to have finished the moto and will hope for better next time. Next week I will ride with the injection again. It makes a big difference and a very good bike."

Roger Harvey, Honda Europe Off-road Co-ordinator:

"Ken was unlucky to go down so early on. He made quite a mess of the bike but rode well to come back. Brian was great in the second moto also but Vico's performance today was magic. At long last he has showed what he is capable of."

2006 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 07
Grand Prix of Italy – MONTEVARCHI, Italy

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 EVERTS Stefan / Yamaha
2 STRIJBOS Kevin / Suzuki
3 DE DYCKER Ken / Honda
4 RAMON Steve / Suzuki
5 BARRAGAN Jonathan / KTM
6 GARCIA VICO Javier / Honda
7 LEOK Tanel / Kawasaki
8 MELOTTE Cedric / Yamaha
9 BILL Julien / Yamaha
10 LEURET Pascal / Honda
11 SALVINI Alex / Suzuki
12 FREIBERGS Lauris / Suzuki
13 CROCKARD Gordon / Honda
14 JELEN Roman / Suzuki
15 DESALLE Clement / Suzuki

Ken de Dycker
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 EVERTS Stefan / Yamaha
2 STRIJBOS Kevin / Suzuki
3 LEOK Tanel / Kawasaki
4 RAMON Steve / Suzuki
5 GARCIA VICO Javier / Honda
6 JORGENSEN Brian / Honda
7 DE DYCKER Ken / Honda
8 LEURET Pascal / Honda
9 PRIEM Manuel / Yamaha
10 VAN DAELE Marvin / Honda
11 NOBLE James / Honda
12 PYRHONEN Antti / TM
13 THEYBERS Danny / Suzuki
14 FREIBERGS Lauris / Suzuki
15 SALVINI Alex / Suzuki
MX2 - Race 1 Result
2 CAIROLI Antonio / Yamaha
3 POURCEL Sébastien / Kawasaki
4 POURCEL Christophe / Kawasaki
6 SWANEPOEL Gareth / Kawasaki
7 GUARNERI Davide / Yamaha
8 GUNDERSEN Kenneth / Yamaha
10 LEOK Aigar / Yamaha
12 MONNI Manuel / KTM
13 SEISTOLA Matti / Honda
14 NUNN Carl / KTM
15 SEARLE Tommy / Kawasaki
MX2 - Race 2 Result
2 CAIROLI Antonio / Yamaha
3 POURCEL Christophe / Kawasaki
4 SWANEPOEL Gareth / Kawasaki
5 POURCEL Sébastien / Kawasaki
7 SEARLE Tommy / Kawasaki
8 CAMPANO Carlos / KTM
9 SEISTOLA Matti / Honda
10 SEGUY Luigi / Yamaha
11 CHIODI Alessio / Yamaha
12 NUNN Carl / KTM
13 MACKENZIE Billy / Yamaha
14 MOSSINI Fabio / Suzuki
15 RENET P. / Honda

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