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WMXJapanMay 21, 2006
2006 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 05
Grand Prix of Japan – SUGO

Japanese podium for De Dycker

A hot Grand Prix of Japan saw CAS Honda rider Ken de Dycker claim his debut MX1 podium with third place in front of 17, 400 fans at the Sugo circuit. The fifth round of the World Championship was won by a dominant Stefan Everts who retains a 100% record in the class but Honda were able to toast their first silverware of the season.

Ken de Dycker

Ken de Dycker

The Sugo circuit, located several kilometers from the road racing facility, was again the picture of decent organization and careful attention to track preparation. The terrain had been diligently primed to create a soft and technical prospect despite several days of intensive rain leading up to the weekend. Several racing lines assisted enormously towards some exciting action but the rough surface was unforgiving.

De Dycker was rampant in recovering from a mediocre start in the first moto. The Belgian is making a habit of ending the first lap in the lower reaches of the top ten but then pulling through the field with ruthless efficiency. He enacted his routine with aplomb for the opening half of the Grand Prix and then had to deflect the late attentions of Tanel Leok to secure the status of runner-up and his best ever GP finish behind runaway victor Stefan Everts. Later in the day he took part in a hectic battle for fourth and ultimately lost out due to arm-cramp that saw him slow to finish eighth. The 35 point total was still good enough for the CAS team to celebrate.

The first race saw four Hondas running in the top ten with Martin riders Brian Jorgensen and Javier Garcia Vico having made good starts and RWJ's James Noble also carrying his decent practice and qualification speed into Sunday's program.

Jorgensen would take his best finish of the campaign so far with fifth spot but any chance of a possible podium vanished in the second sprint when he nudged the rear of Cedric Melotte's Yamaha and fell. He had moved up from last to seventeenth before a mechanical problem curtailed his involvement at mid-distance.

Vico produced his most effective display of speed yet in 'Red colors' but a twisted knee, a result of a first moto mishap, proved to be a telling handicap as he faded out of the top ten and back to eighteenth. Using strapping for Moto2 he was a member of a close tussle for fifth place until a crash forced him out of play.

Noble was quietly consistent and reached a high of fourth position before going on to record two seventh place finishes and an overall standing of sixth for a '06 best.

Honda's Yoshitaka Atsuta was unfortunately, and reluctantly, ruled out of his home Grand Prix due to a wrist injury. Yoshihide Fukudome was riding a CRF450R with a fuel injection system as part of continuing experimentation with the unit. The test-and-development rider crashed in the first moto and needed medical attention to a facial ailment that prevented his participation in the next outing. His Honda compatriot Kazumasa Masuda was a victim of poor starts but was a positive 14th in Moto2 after being 17th earlier on; taking 16th overall.

Multitek Honda's Pascal Leuret made a late decision not to come to Japan. The Frenchman broke a bone in the top of his foot after a heavy landing from a jump last week competing in his native series, his machinery and mechanics were in Japan but Leuret was forced to abandon his trip at the last minute, he should be fit for the Bulgarian GP in two weeks time.

De Dycker now lies third in the World Championship standing and just 13 points away from Tanel Leok.

The MX2 class was won by Billy Mackenzie for the second consecutive year with Antonio Cairoli and Marc de Reuver also on the podium. Antoine Meo (Martin Honda) is still recovering from a dislocated knee while the Hondas best placed representative was Kouichi Fukaya with 23rd place overall.

The Grand Prix of Bulgaria will take place in two weeks time at the Sevlievo circuit and will be the first of three consecutive meetings with visits to Italy and Great Britain following hard after. CAS rider Josh Coppins is hopeful of a return at the British Grand Prix but might have to wait until the Swedish round at the beginning of July.

Brian Jorgensen

Kazumasa Masuda

Ken de Dycker, CAS Honda:
"Finally a third place! I always seem to be getting bad starts at the moment and this is something we need to work on. In the first moto I was just inside the top ten and tried to make sure that I passed at least one rider every lap at the beginning of the race. When I was in second I tried to pull away from third and it was possible so I eased off slightly but then Tanel came back at me so I had to raise the speed for the last few laps. In the second race I again got away badly and started to pass people quickly again. My arm started to cramp during the moto and I couldn't really hold on so I made sure of the podium."

Brian Jorgensen, Martin Honda:
"I had some good speed this weekend. In the first moto it was difficult to find the good lines and I dropped a few positions but I looked at the track and sorted out my rhythm. It was a decent race for me with fifth position and consistent lap-times. I was pushing a lot and trying to be smooth with the bike. This was probably the toughest track conditions for me. The bumps were so sharp but I felt easy on the bike for perhaps the first time this season. In the second moto I started in the top five but I caught the rear wheel of Melotte going into the pits section and crashed. I restarted and was riding well but then the bike stopped. I am not having too much luck at the moment and it is frustrating that I can't seem to find two consistent motos for one reason or another."

Javier Garcia Vico, Martin Honda:
"In the first race I was around sixth or seventh and everything was OK, I was fighting hard but I entered a corner and caught my knee and the pain was incredible. It was difficult to concentrate after that and I lost positions. For the second moto I took a pain killer and heavily strapped the knee. I was fifth and pushing with Melotte but I crashed and hurt my right hand. I won't leave my first Japanese Grand Prix with good memories and with hardly any points."

Yoshihide Fukudome:
"I was really nervous in the first five minutes of the race and the European riders were so fast. I started to find my rhythm but then I crashed and smashed my chin on the handlebars. I had to go to the hospital and this meant that I could not make it back for the second heat. Last year I was injured so this is my first GP and I have learned a lot. I did not do many laps but I felt that the fuel injection engine was easy to control and helped with my riding. I only wished that I could have made a better race with it."

Kazumasa Masuda:
"I had bad starts in both heats and crashed but I was catching riders afterwards and my riding was not that bad. I think with better starts I might have been nearer the top ten. For sure this was better than last year and I enjoyed the GP; it was good for my confidence. I will be back next season!"

Roger Harvey, Honda Europe Motocross Co-ordinator:
"It was not a bad day really with Ken getting his first podium. He suffered with arm-cramp in the second moto which ruined his race and he could have been better placed. It was the same for Jorgensen who had some bad luck when it looked as though he might have his best day of the year. I was pleased with how Noble kept plugging away and his good overall ranking reflects that."

2006 FIM MX1 / MX2 World Motocross Championship Round 05
Grand Prix of Japan – SUGO

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 EVERTS Stefan / Yamaha
2 DE DYCKER Ken / Honda
3 LEOK Tanel / Kawasaki
4 RAMON Steve / Suzuki
5 JORGENSEN Brian / Honda
6 MELOTTE Cedric / Yamaha
7 NOBLE James / Honda
8 BARRAGAN Jonathan / KTM
9 PRIEM Manuel / Yamaha
10 VAN DAELE Marvin / Honda
11 BILL Julien / Yamaha
12 STRIJBOS Kevin / Suzuki
13 THEYBERS Danny / Suzuki
14 NARITA Akira / Yamaha
15 PYRHONEN Antti / TM

Ken de Dycker
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 EVERTS Stefan / Yamaha
2 RAMON Steve / Suzuki
3 BARRAGAN Jonathan / KTM
4 STRIJBOS Kevin / Suzuki
5 VAN DAELE Marvin / Honda
6 PRIEM Manuel / Yamaha
7 NOBLE James / Honda
8 DE DYCKER Ken / Honda
9 NARITA Akira / Yamaha
10 THEYBERS Danny / Suzuki
11 KAGA Shinichi / Suzuki
12 LEOK Tanel / Kawasaki
13 PYRHONEN Antti / TM
14 MASUDA Kazumasa / Honda
15 MELOTTE Cedric / Yamaha
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 MACKENZIE Billy / Yamaha
2 POURCEL Christophe / Kawasaki
4 CAIROLI Antonio / Yamaha
7 SWANEPOEL Gareth / Kawasaki
8 SEARLE Tommy / Kawasaki
9 GUNDERSEN Kenneth / Yamaha
10 POURCEL Sébastien / Kawasaki
11 BOISSIERE Anthony / Yamaha
12 NUNN Carl / KTM
14 NAGL Maximilian / KTM
15 SEGUY Luigi / Yamaha
MX2 - Race 1 Result
1 CAIROLI Antonio / Yamaha
3 MACKENZIE Billy / Yamaha
4 SWANEPOEL Gareth / Kawasaki
5 POURCEL Christophe / Kawasaki
6 NUNN Carl / KTM
7 SEARLE Tommy / Kawasaki
8 LEOK Aigar / Yamaha
10 GUARNERI Davide / Yamaha
11 GUNDERSEN Kenneth / Yamaha
12 NAGL Maximilian / KTM
13 MONNI Manuel / KTM
14 POURCEL Sébastien / Kawasaki
15 SEGUY Luigi / Yamaha

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