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WMXIrelandSeptember 17, 2005
2005 FIM Motocross World Championship Round 17
Grand Prix of Ireland – Desert Martin, Northern Ireland

Coppins wraps season with 3rd position in Ireland

CAS Honda rider Josh Coppins has finished third overall at Desertmartin today for the seventeenth and final round of the FIM Motocross World Championship. The 2005 MX1 runner-up took his first pole position of the season yesterday and then went on to score third and fourth in the two motos held under grey skies with winds and low temperatures.

Joshua Coppins

Mickael Pichon

The distinctive red Desertmartin sand was rough and physically tricky. The sweltering conditions of Lierop two weeks ago had been replaced by an early winter with the thermometer barely rising above ten degrees and a stiff breeze ensuring that the majority of the 15,000 crowd were wrapped up warm.

Coppins hole-shotted and led the opening moto for the first nine of the twenty-two laps but was ultimately unable to resist the superior pace of Stefan Everts and Ben Townley who were never more than a second behind the British Champion. The New Zealander was relegated to third in the space of a lap and a half and circulated alone comfortably ahead of Tanel Leok.

Mickael Pichon, in his last appearance wearing Honda Martin colors, showed the affects of his lack of training in the sand and could not pass Kawasaki’s Leok for fourth settling for top five. James Noble produced a solid performance to capture ninth just ahead of Ken de Dycker. Pascal Leuret, recovered after his heavy practice crash at Lierop two weeks ago that forced him to sit out the Dutch Grand Prix, replaced Paul Cooper in the Multitek Honda team but was unable to score points after falling and failing to restart.

Coppins crashed on the third lap of the second moto and thus began a flight from twelfth through to fourth and hard work defending the standing from KTM’s Steve Ramon and Suzuki’s Kevin Strijbos. The Kiwi was despondent that Ramon’s last lap attack relegated him from third but his final position was enough to confirm yet another piece of silverware.

Pichon started brightly but a slip on the second lap while behind leader Townley was the first of two dips into the Irish terrain and prevented the former double World Champion from climbing higher than seventh, confirming the same placing overall. RWJ’s Noble went down on the opening circulation and gained twelve positions over the course of the race to finish thirteenth. Pascal Leuret stayed on two wheels to collect eleventh while De Dycker fell out of twelfth.

In MX2 Martin Honda elected not to enter Matteo Bonini and Patrick Caps had to retire from both motos. SRS Honda’s Matti Seistola was the best representative with eighth in the second race as KTM dominated the class, Tyla Rattray winning his fourth Grand Prix of the year and third in succession, his team-mate Marc de Reuver was runner-up.

With Stefan Everts and Antonio Cairoli taking the MX1 and MX2 title respectively Honda’s best performers were Coppins, Pichon, Leuret, de Dycker and Noble who finished 2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th and 10th in MX1 while Patrick Caps ended the MX2 campaign with 14th. Honda were second in the MX1 manufacturer’s standings just twelve points from Yamaha.

James Noble

Pascal Leuret

Josh Coppins, CAS Honda:
“In the first race I had a good start and pushed as hard as I could but I knew I was a little bit slow on the deep sandy section around the back. I did not have a good line and Stefan and Ben both passed me there. In the middle part of the race I was riding well but there was no real chance to come back. We had changed the bike all weekend and we got it working well; it was just that I was not fast enough in the first moto. I think I hit Stefan at the start of the next race and was not out-front. I was in the top five and concentrating on making a pass on Leuret and not on the track. I got out of shape on the whoops and made a big crash. I was in thirteenth when I restarted and pushed hard to come back. I was happy with that second race and to take the podium was pretty good.”

Mickael Pichon, Martin Honda:
“The GP was hard and it has been a tough year. About half way through the season I was unhappy with my condition and my knee and that put me down mentally. I felt quite depressed and wasn’t riding much at all away from the races. My fitness was good but riding in tracks like this and also Lierop when you haven’t practiced in the sand is a disadvantage right away. The bike was working great today but it was a war for me against the track. My muscles were aching trying to hold on and I was riding out of control. I did the best I could but I have lost my speed on this kind of terrain and I knew it so I am not surprised that I am far from the podium. This year has been the worst time for me but now it is over. I had a good start in the second moto but went down on the second lap. I came back well but then felt a little tired after 25 minutes. I had a second wind to chase Barragan but crashed again two or three laps before the end. It was not that fun because I was fighting the bike and I think that everybody could see that I was not riding like I can out there today.”

Roger Harvey, Honda Europe Off-road Co-ordinator:
“It was a day of hard work for Coppins and he did not make it easy for himself so to come away with third was brilliant, especially after that big crash. We did not have much in MX2 and we are looking at that for next season so that we will have more of a presence. It was good to see Leuret in Multitek colors this weekend and hopefully a deal can be reached there for 2006. Paul Cooper is still not right physically and I believe he will go to Germany for a week for more tests to try and sort out this problem. We have fulfilled our target with CAS this season and Coppins by finishing second and we are two thirds into a three year plan. Pichon had a difficult 2005 and did not come up with as much as we had hoped for. Vico only made two GPs because of injury but should be back next season. We achieved one or two goals but need to improve in other areas.”

2005 FIM Motocross World Championship Round 17
Grand Prix of Ireland – Desert Martin, Northern Ireland

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 EVERTS Stefan (Yamaha)
3 COPPINS Joshua (Honda)
4 LEOK Tanel (Kawasaki)
5 PICHON Mickael (Honda)
6 RAMON Steve (KTM)
7 STRIJBOS Kevin (Suzuki)
8 BARRAGAN Jonathan (KTM)
9 NOBLE James (Honda)
10 DE DYCKER Ken (Honda)
11 PYRHONEN Antti (TM)
12 THEYBERS Danny (Suzuki)
13 JORGENSEN Brian (Yamaha)
14 GUNDERSEN Kenneth (KTM)
15 PRIEM Manuel (Yamaha)

Joshua Coppins
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 EVERTS Stefan (Yamaha)
3 RAMON Steve (KTM)
4 COPPINS Joshua (Honda)
5 STRIJBOS Kevin (Suzuki)
6 BARRAGAN Jonathan (KTM)
7 PICHON Mickael (Honda)
8 LEOK Tanel (Kawasaki)
9 PRIEM Manuel (Yamaha)
10 JORGENSEN Brian (Yamaha)
11 EURET Pascal (Honda)
12 ATSUTA Yoshitaka (Suzuki)
13 NOBLE James (Honda)
14 THEYBERS Danny (Suzuki)
15 KOVALAINEN Marko (Honda)
MX2 - Race 1 Result
5 CAIROLI Antonio (Yamaha)
6 LEOK Aigar (KTM)
7 MCFARLANE Andrew (Yamaha)
8 MACKENZIE Billy (Yamaha)
9 POURCEL Christophe (Kawasaki)
10 NUNN Carl (KTM)
11 CHIODI Alessio (Yamaha)
12 POURCEL S├ębastien (Kawasaki)
13 ALESSI Jeff (KTM)
14 SEARLE Tommy (Kawasaki)
15 GUARNERI Davide (Yamaha)
MX2 - Race 2 Result
2 LEOK Aigar (KTM)
4 SWANEPOEL Gareth (Kawasaki)
6 CHIODI Alessio (Yamaha)
7 NAGL Maximilian (KTM)
8 SEISTOLA Matti (Honda)
9 RENET Pierre A. (Yamaha)
10 MACKENZIE Billy (Yamaha)
11 MCFARLANE Andrew (Yamaha)
12 BOISSIERE Anthony (Yamaha)
13 GONCALVES Rui (Yamaha)
14 SMITH Wayne (Honda)
15 CAMPANO Carlos (KTM)

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