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WMXGermanyAugust 21, 2005
2005 FIM Motocross World Championship Round 14
Grand Prix of Germany – Gaildorf, Germany

Coppins third for CAS Honda in slippery German Grand Prix

CAS Honda rider Josh Coppins snatched another podium position at a wet and very muddy Gaildorf this afternoon for the German Grand Prix; the fourteenth round of seventeen in the 2005 MX1 Motocross World Championships.

Mickael Pichon

Mickael Pichon

The New Zealander, who is currently holding the runner-up berth in the premier class, brought his trophy tally into double figures for the season when he took advantage of a slip by Mickael Pichon in the final stages of the second moto to mount the rostrum behind KTM’s Steve Ramon and winner of his 85th career Grand Prix Stefan Everts.

Race day began with 12,000 lining the steep and grassy undulations 80km outside of Stuttgart despite showers on Saturday, incessant rain during the evening and another heavy deluge this morning. The track was a difficult, swampy mire for the opening races and only some very belated sunshine and warmer temperatures later in the afternoon helped to dry the terrain.

Mickael Pichon was denied his eleventh pole position of the season yesterday as Steve Ramon clocked a lap-time a tenth of a second faster. Coppins was 8th quickest. The first moto of the Grand Prix was an endurance test more of luck than skill as the deep, boggy ruts captured many victims and the varying grip levels punished the smallest of mistakes. Pichon nudged the gate and rounded the first turn in last position which was probably a blessing in disguise as he could avoid the pile-ups and carnage ahead of him. Coppins started in the mid-top ten and floated from 6th to 8th (suffering two small falls) throughout the duration before finally sealing fifth; opting for a steady and secure route rather than taking any risks.

Stefan Everts had escaped at the front followed by Ramon but Pichon completed a very impressive 35 minutes and 2 lap distance by pulling through to 4th. The Frenchman earned his standing after Sarlholz Honda rider Ken de Dycker missed the chance of registering his highest ever GP finish with a crash on a greasy double-jump two laps from the flag (he would restart for 10th). Earlier in the race RWJ’s James Noble had been holding third (again another career-best in the pipeline) for five of the fifteen laps before a fall relegated him to 12th.

A drier and much bumpier surface greeted the second MX1 test. A better opening salvo for Coppins elevated the Swedish and South African GP winner to fourth while Pichon’s error-free getaway meant that he was chasing the escaping Everts for the lead. A mistake and crash by the World Champion entering the final minutes was amazingly followed by Pichon stalling the 450 in the same corner. The Martin Honda rider was passed by Kawasaki’s Tanel Leok with Coppins also skipping through as Everts thankfully regained the lead shortly after. Third position allowed Coppins to spray some more champagne while Pichon, fourth, was frustrated by his error in what was a physically tough event for the 29 year old. James Noble rose to 8th by the end of play, just ahead of De Dycker, and the position gave him 9th overall, the Belgian was 8th.

Coppins now stares at a 53 point deficit to Everts with 150 still to be won in trips to England, Holland and Ireland. Pichon is fourth 56 points behind Ben Townley.

Yamaha’s Antonio Cairoli claimed a successive MX2 victory and a nineteen point advantage in the World Championship standings thanks to a double moto shut-out. KTM’s Carl Nunn and Manuel Monni rounded out the top three. Honda’s top performer was SRS rider Patrick Caps with 4th and 11th positions.

Coppins’ team-mate Jussi Vehvilainen is expected to return from a neck injury at the next Grand Prix while RWJ Honda representative Erik Eggens was still absent.

The fifteenth round of the World Championship takes place in seven days time at the Arreton circuit on the Isle of Wight for the Grand Prix of England, the first of three remaining races within a four week period.

Joshua Coppins

Matteo Bonini

Josh Coppins:
“I was happy with my speed and the bike in practice. I made two good starts today but that first heat was very tough. I got stuck in the mud twice and also had two small crashes but still could take fifth. We made a bad choice with the rear tyre and thankfully my riding was much better in the second heat. I was more relaxed and I needed to be less stiff because the track was so tough. I had used a lot of energy in the first moto fighting the bike in the mud. Towards the end of the GP I was finished

Mickael Pichon:
“I have nothing to say. It was very difficult out there and I am disappointed for the people who cheered for me and those who respect me. There are some good guys in the team and we should have had a podium today. I was riding at only 90% because we could not sort out the suspension and I was just holding on because my arms, from my wrists to my neck, were sore after ten minutes of each race. I came back from last in the first moto but this was a small positive because I should have been
top three overall.”

Ken de Dycker:
“In the first race I could ride around the crashes and came up to third before Townley passed me. I thought fourth was OK but going into the last lap I crashed. I was happy that the bike started quickly but I was disappointed to go from fourth to tenth so near the end. I had a bad start in the second moto and made a mistake at the crucial point of coming through and lost some positions. I was really tired then and the bike felt pretty heavy to move around. My final place was OK and overall I am happy with the GP.”

Roger Harvey:
“Generally I have to say that I am disappointed with today. Josh could and should have been better and although we were on the podium he never looked like he could get close to Everts. Pichon rode well and it was disheartening to see James Noble in a position to take a podium in that first moto but finally slip out. I think we salvaged what we could and there is still a chance of the World Championship.”

2005 FIM Motocross World Championship Round 14
Grand Prix of Germany – Gaildorf, Germany

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 EVERTS Stefan (Yamaha)
2 RAMON Steve (KTM)
4 PICHON Mickael (Honda)
5 COPPINS Joshua (Honda)
6 SEGUY Luigi (Yamaha)
8 LEOK Tanel (Kawasaki)
9 STRIJBOS Kevin (Suzuki)
10 de DIJCKER Ken (Honda)
11 BARRAGAN Jonathan (KTM)
12 NOBLE James (Honda)
13 HUCKLEBRIDGE Mark (Honda)
14 FREIBERGS Lauris (Suzuki)
15 PYRHONEN Antti (TM)
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 EVERTS Stefan (Yamaha)
2 LEOK Tanel (Kawasaki)
3 COPPINS Joshua (Honda)
4 PICHON Mickael (Honda)
5 RAMON Steve (KTM)
6 BARRAGAN Jonathan (KTM)
8 NOBLE James (Honda)
9 de DIJCKER Ken (Honda)
10 LEURET Pascal (Honda)
11 JORGENSEN Brian (Yamaha)
12 DOBES Josef (Kawasaki)
13 FREIBERGS Lauris (Suzuki)
14 CROCKARD Gordon (Yamaha)
15 PYRHONEN Antti (TM)

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