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WMXCzech RepublicAugust 7, 2005
2005 FIM Motocross World Championship Round 13
Grand Prix of Czech Republic, Loket

Coppins denied third success of the season at Loket

Josh Coppins clinched another podium but was beaten to victory by Suzuki’s Kevin Strijbos today at a cloudy Grand Prix of Czech Republic.

Joshua Coppins

Joshua Coppins

The thirteenth round of seventeen in the 2005 FIM Motocross World Championship was another race cursed by lousy weather as temperatures dropped and heavy showers glazed the Czech countryside throughout the afternoon. 19,000 fans flocked the steep inclines of the Loket circuit, located over 100km west of Prague and close to the tourist town of Karlovy Vary. The track was a difficult test. The loose Loket dirt only began to get rough and technical towards the end of the racing program. The terrain remained hard, fast and slippery with precious few places to safely overtake on the curving layout.

Mickael Pichon set his tenth pole position of the season during Timed Practice yesterday and then stated in the afternoon press conference that he would finish the 2005 season and complete one more year before considering retirement. The 29 year old even hinted that he might consider an MX2 ride for 2006. Pichon began the day well and with good speed after his victory in Belgium last weekend.

After following Stefan Everts past holeshot man and early leader Brian Jorgensen, the former double World Champion shadowed Belgian Everts to the flag both drawing closer and slightly losing time to the Yamaha in various sections of the course. A mistake while mounting a final attack in the last two laps meant that he was forced to consolidate second spot from the ever-closing Coppins in third, who had pulled through from a bad start.

The second moto was a chaotic affair as a first corner collision scooped up a collection of riders and saw Pichon, Steve Ramon, Everts and Pascal Leuret among others to hit the cold, wet Czech mud. Everts embarked on a comeback charge that would eventually earn him second position overall. Pichon had to free his tangled machine from Ramon’s KTM and worked his way back to 14th over two thirds of the race distance but a damaged throttle cable eventually forced the end of his participation. Coppins had avoided the carnage and passed Kevin Strijbos to lead for well over half of the moto. However the Suzuki rider was able to repass the New Zealander and complete his first career MX1 success after the Honda rider experienced difficulty with his goggles and had trouble picking his lines.

Sarholz Honda rider Ken de Dycker claimed his biggest points haul of the season and a very creditable 5th overall. The Belgian rode to 6th and 5th positions and was piped to fourth by a surging Everts on the final lap of race two.

Full plaudits must go to privateer Mark Hucklebridge from the UK Innovate Honda squad. The Englishman produced two good starts and solid performances to finish 10th and 8th, giving an MX1 career highest of 8th position by the end of play. His fellow private Honda compatriot Pascal Leuret was again a protagonist among the leading positions. The Frenchman was running as high as fourth, in front of factory riders Tanel Leok (Kawasaki) and Ben Townley (KTM), before finally taking seventh in the first moto. He was part of the first turn melee that engulfed Pichon in race two but still was able to gain sufficient ground and places to seal 11th for 9th overall. Leuret, racing on a shoe-string effort, is now a firm seventh in the World Championship standings.

Multitek Honda’s Paul Cooper crashed heavily in the second corner of moto2, instigating another group ‘gathering’. The veteran racer initially feared an injured back as he was struck by Joel Smets but was later able to walk back to the paddock. Cooper was fourteenth in the first moto.

RWJ’s James Noble also picked up only one race result with a decent ninth behind Hucklebridge in the second moto. The Briton lost the front end of the four-stroke during the opening sprint and lost too much time restarting and rejoining the fray to contemplate continuing.

In MX2 Patrick Caps took a brace of 15th positions which should have given a better overall result of the same standing if he hadn’t have crashed out of 6th three laps from the finish in moto2. Matteo Bonini was taken out by KTM’s David Philippaerts in race one and finished out of the points, a lap down the rest of the field. In the second moto he managed to secure five points for 16th spot. The Grand Prix was won yet again by Yamaha with Antonio Cairoli enjoying his fifth success of the season.

Jussi Vehvilainen (MX1 CAS Honda) and Erik Eggens (MX2 RWJ Honda) were both still absent due to their respective neck and head injuries.

The World Championship picture has now darkened slightly for Coppins. With four Grand Prix to run and 200 points still left to win it is possible that he could still take the title but he conceded ground to Everts for the first time in four Grand Prix this afternoon meaning that the gap now stands at 39 points. Despite his fourth DNF of the season Pichon is only 17 points away from Suzuki’s Joel Smets in fourth.

The series enjoys a brief and rare hiatus next weekend but then enters a final flurry of four rounds in just over a month. The paddock will next pull up in Gaildorf on August 20th/21st for the Grand Prix of Germany.Josh Coppins, CAS Honda: “It was a difficult day. Jorgensen hit me at the start of the first race and I bumped into Barragan. I came back pretty good though and had some decent speed in the middle of the moto. I used a lot of energy to catch up to Stefan and Mickael and then made a mistake on the last lap that meant I could not get any higher than third. In the second race it was tough on the first corner because many people were hitting each other. My roll-offs broke on the second lap when a stone from Kevin’s bike hit my goggles and had to go to the front because I could not see so well. I made another mistake with about six laps to go when I missed the berm and Kevin passed me. To find the good lines for traction was a real problem in that moto. I was just trying to survive at he end and make sure of second.”

Mickael Pichon

Pascal Leuret

Mickael Pichon:
“I had a good jump off the gate in the second moto but unfortunately for me I was beside Seguy and he forgot to hit the brakes in the first corner. He caused the crash and everyone to go down. My bike was caught with Ramon’s and it took me forever to restart it. The throttle cable was completely bent. When I was going again I was twenty or thirty seconds behind the last guys so it took me five or six laps to come back to the group. The throttle was playing up in a few places and I saved a few big crashes. The roll-off on my goggles broke and that meant I lost good vision. The mud was going in between the screen and the tape so I could hardly see. Two or three times I almost crashed near the end and the throttle was sticking open so I decided to stop because I did not want to end up in the hospital. It was close in the first moto but when Stefan would make a mistake then so would I; I was never really close enough to be able to make a pass.”

Pascal Leuret:
“It was disappointing today because the first moto was OK with seventh and there was the chance for better in the second race but I was cut-off in the first corner and crashed. I was racing with Townley and Leok in the first moto so the final position was OK. My riding was not as good in the second heat but I was pushing as hard as I could and making some mistakes. The track was bad out there and dangerous in places.”

Ken de Dycker, Sarholz Honda:
“In the first race I had a pretty good start and got up to speed quickly. At the end I got by Leok who had crashed and was closing down Leuret so the moto was positive. In the second heat my start was worse but there were some crashes in the first corner. I came through from eighth to fourth but about fifteen minutes from the end I had some problems with my goggles. It was hard to keep the pace because I was also feeling tired. I could see that Stefan was coming closer right up until the last lap and I had nothing left to answer him when he passed. I was nervous and making mistakes and my tire was not hooking up on the hill. Still it was not such a big problem that Stefan Everts passed me! I think it was a good race.”

Mark Hucklebridge:
“Those were the best starts I have had all year and good results come from those kinds of positions on the first turn. There were some crashes on the first lap of the second moto which I managed to avoid and like in the first moto I just rode my own race. The bike is standard but I am happy with the way things are at the moment. People always say to me “Where are you doing GPs?” and today I think I showed them; two good starts and two good finishes so I am really pleased.”

Roger Harvey, Honda Europe MX Co-ordinator:
“I can’t believe that Josh did not win that second moto. It looked there for him to take and I’m sure he will be bit disappointed. Pichon was strong in the first moto and made the best of the second race which was really a bit of a lottery in the circumstances. I want to make a special mention for Mark Hucklebridge who was great in both races today. From our perspective it was good to have three podium results in the two motos but with our results of late it was a shame that we couldn’t have been up there for the win again.”

2005 FIM Motocross World Championship Round 13
Grand Prix of Czech Republic, Loket

MX1 - Race 1 Result
1 EVERTS Stefan (Yamaha)
2 PICHON Mickael (Honda)
3 COPPINS Joshua (Honda)
4 STRIJBOS Kevin (Suzuki)
6 DE DYCKER Ken (Honda)
7 LEURET Pascal (Honda)
8 LEOK Tanel (Kawasaki)
9 JORGENSEN Brian (Yamaha)
10 HUCKLEBRIDGE Mark (Honda)
11 THEYBERS Danny (Suzuki)
12 SEGUY Luigi (Yamaha)
13 SMETS Joël (Suzuki)
14 COOPER Paul (Honda)
15 MEO Antoine (Husqvarna)
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 STRIJBOS Kevin (Suzuki)
2 COPPINS Joshua (Honda)
4 EVERTS Stefan (Yamaha)
5 DE DYCKER Ken (Honda)
6 SEGUY Luigi (Yamaha)
7 LEOK Tanel (Kawasaki)
9 NOBLE James (Honda)
10 THEYBERS Danny (Suzuki)
11 LEURET Pascal (Honda)
12 ATSUTA Yoshitaka (Suzuki)
13 PRIEM Manuel (Yamaha)
14 SALVINI Alex (Suzuki)
15 JORGENSEN Brian (Yamaha)

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