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WMXSwedenJuly 4, 2004
2004 FIM Motocross World Championship Round 11
Grand Prix of Sweden, Uddevalla

Perfect One - Two for Tiscali Honda In Sweden

A second successive MX2 win this afternoon at Uddevalla for the Grand Prix of Sweden for Mickael Pichon signalled a perfect result for the Tiscali Honda team as the Italian squad swept the top two steps of the podium with Brian Jorgensen earning second spot at his ‘semi-home’ event.

Mickael Pichon (Honda)

Brian Jorgensen (Honda)

The occasionally interrupted sunshine of Saturday was replaced by frequent showers and cloud this afternoon. A rough and dusty circuit became a boggy, slushy mess; offering a single effective racing line and little passing action. The weather brightened up in the afternoon and dried the Swedish mud accordingly but the terrain generally limited the action.

The opening MX1 moto was decided by the first corner. Kevin Strijbos took the holeshot and was able to remain relatively mud-free to win the race. Jorgensen slotted into second and despite some heavy pressure from team-mate Pichon defended the position, even coming close to leader Strijbos in the final few laps. The Tiscali Honda duo rounded out the top three after some pressure from Stefan Everts in fourth was dispelled when the World Champion crashed. The Belgian could quickly recover his machine and keep fourth. The 35 minute and 2 lap affair was an exercise in muted excitement as the gaps between the riders fluctuated but overtaking moves were non-existent and not really possible due to the conditions. CAS Honda rider Josh Coppins endured a tough race.

The New Zealander and winner of the British Grand Prix was involved in a first lap collision that subsequently meant a trip to the pit-lane to repair a broken clutch lever. Dead last and several seconds adrift of the pack Coppins showed his customary determination and pulled through to 13th, scoring 8 points. His team-mate Yoshitaka Atsuta, still nursing a sore shoulder, was a victim of a first corner melee and was facing an uphill task to enter the points. The former Japanese Champion rose to 18th before slipping to 21st and just missed out on adding to his World Championship tally.

The second (drier) race set the tone for the overall result as Jorgensen and Pichon grabbed the first two positions on the opening turn. The pair headed off Stefan Everts until the latter hit the deck for the third time in one week and Pichon edged past Jorgensen on lap five. A mistake by the Dane late into the moto allowed Everts to assume the runner-up spot. The three-way chase in the initial third of the moto was the highlight of the Swedish MX1 contest as the track did not lend itself to exciting racing and precious little overtaking. Pichon, the most successful Frenchman in World Championship history, was up to the task and sampled the view from the top step for the third time this season.

Yoshi Atsuta recorded his highest ever GP moto finish with 5th and was pleased with a significantly better performance in the last moto of the day. Atsuta started well in 6th and passed Joakim Eliasson to enter the top five on lap 15 of 19, scooping 10th position in the overall result.

Coppins did not seem comfortable on the changing terrain and dropped from 8th to 9th place inside the last two laps. The Kiwi was disappointed with the weekend and subsequent 8th.

Pichon has eaten into Everts’ Championship lead by just five points and reduced the deficit to 97. Coppins remains 29 points behind his former team-mate.

In the MX2 category KTM’s Ben Townley was a dominant force by comprehensively taking both moto wins. It was the New Zealander’s sixth victory of the season and he headed a podium flanked by Italian Yamaha riders Alessio Chiodi and Andrea Bartolini respectively.

Jeff Dement, Grand Prix of Belgium podiumee last weekend, was Honda’s highest placed rider after 8th and 10th gave him an overall standing of 6th. RTT Honda’s Carl Nunn did not have an easy time on the Scandinavian mud and placed 11th; the Briton has now dropped to 9th in the World Championship points table.

RWJ Honda rider Jamie Dobb suffered further injury misery when a crash in Saturday’s practice left the former World Champion with a damaged shoulder. The 32 year old tried to complete his qualification heat but couldn’t record a lap and was unable to take part in the Grand Prix motos.

Mickael Pichon (Honda)

Brian Jorgensen (Honda)

Mickael Pichon:
“I made a mistake in the second practice session that caused me to crash. I hit the shoulder I hurt in Teutschenthal but it was not that bad and I was lucky. I carried on the session and was able to make a good lap that got my confidence back right away. I felt good in the dry conditions and was not so happy when the rain came. We have had weather like this here before so I knew it would become a one line track. In the first moto my start was not so bad but I was not happy because I could not find my speed. I tried to pass Brian but every time I got closer I had to use my roll-offs almost every ten seconds. For the last four laps everything was gone and I had trouble to see properly. For the second heat I was ready to win that race and make a good start. I thought I took the hole-shot but I broke a little too early and Brian came around the outside. I felt stupid because to have the holeshot makes the race easier. From that moment I had a tough time in the first few laps as Stefan pushed me hard. After a short while I was getting into my rhythm and came closer to Brian, who was making mistakes, and I found a spot to pass him around the back of the track. I then pushed hard for two or three laps because I knew Stefan would be coming, but I had better speed today and could make the gap. He made a mistake somewhere and from that I had a ten second lead and could ride my own race to stay on two wheels. Together with the team after our bad luck early this season we have been trying to get better and better all the time. My shape is good and we are setting up the bike better at each GP. My confidence is high at the moment. I have nothing to lose and it is important for me to win races.”

Brian Jorgensen:
“It was good for me to do well after the unlucky period with the injuries to my shoulder and arm. I wanted to come back and get on that podium after last week and it was great for my confidence to be able to do that. I think that I rode two pretty strong races and that is what it takes to get into the top three. This is like my home GP and it is always nice to do well with a lot of fans behind you. The first race was very difficult in the beginning and I stayed back so as to not waste my goggles because I knew it would be important to try and push in the last ten minutes. I closed the gap to Kevin from seven to three or four seconds. In the last two laps I was trying much harder and didn’t get that close so I knew that was going to be the result. It was very difficult to pass and important to make the start like always. In the second moto I was leading after passing Mickael in the first turn and it was my plan to push very hard from the beginning. I pulled away a little bit but then made two big mistakes and I don’t know how I stayed on the bike! I was lucky and decided to back off the speed and try to find some better lines. Mickael passed me and he was faster in the second race, that’s fair enough. I made another mistake four or five laps from the end that let Stefan through. But anyway I feel that I have made two decent races and I am second overall, so that is great and means some good points.”

Josh Coppins:
“I hate this track. A rider stopped in front of me on the first lap and when I hit the brakes someone slammed into the back of me. I hurt my leg and the clutch lever broke so I had to pit. I rode badly in the second moto and I’m not really happy at all with this weekend.”

Yoshitaka Atsuta:
“The first race was not worth talking about because I started bad and didn’t score any points but the second was much easier! I made a brilliant start and it was not easy to pass because the track was narrow and there was only one dry line. I pushed hard but was careful and my consistent laps were good. It was difficult for me because my shoulder is still weak and the bike was heavy. I am happy with the 5th place.”

2004 FIM Motocross World Championship Round 11
Grand Prix of Sweden, Uddevalla


MX1 - Race 1 Result

3 PICHON Mickael (HONDA)
6 RAMON Steve (KTM)
10 ODDENINO Enrico (TM)
15 DINI Fabrizio (KTM)

Brian Jorgensen (Honda)
MX1 - Race 2 Result
1 PICHON Mickael (HONDA)
4 RAMON Steve (KTM)
5 TSUTA Yoshitaka (HONDA)
12 DINI Fabrizio (KTM)
13 PYRHONEN Antti (TM)

Mickael Pichon (Honda)

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