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FIM Trial World Championship Series 2011
Round 04 St Julia – Andorra

Bou and Fujinami Take Top Two Spots in Andorra

Toni Bou and Takahisa Fujinami – both Repsol Montesa HRC scored a convincing 1-2 at the Trial Grand Prix of Andorra that marked the fourth round of the 2011 SPEA FIM Trial World Championship. This was Bou’s fourth win of the campaign, with the reigning champion having only been defeated on the first day of the French round. This was Fujinami’s best result of the season to date, his third position at the opening GP in Germany being his previous highest placing in 2011. Adam Raga – Gas Gas completed the podium at the end of a hot and tough day.

 Toni Bou (MONTESA) Takahisa Fujinami (MONTESA)

Toni Bou (MONTESA)

Takahisa Fujinami (MONTESA)

Located just a few kilometers through the Spanish border, Sant Julia de Loria is the first town in the south of the steep sided valley that very much defines the principality of Andorra. Whilst Andorra has hosted Trial Grand Prix events since 1992, it adopted a new format this time around, with the first ten sections being located high above the town all within close proximity of each other. These hazards were both steep and fierce and benefitted from being in the shade of the trees that covered this hillside area. From here the riders then climbed further to the highest and only water section of the Trial before descending back down the mountain for the final few hazards before arriving back in the town square for the final man-made test.

A combination of the heat and altitude, the highest section being located at one thousand three hundred meters above sea level added extra severity to a course that underwent several changes overnight to turn the impossible into the semi-impossible. Typically Bou relished the difficult conditions and was already moving clear of the field as early as the third section. His single dab ride here compared to fives by all the other World Pro riders. Only Fujinami managed to match this feat on the second lap, as Bou again parted with just one mark in what was perhaps the most dangerous hazard of the day.

Bou repeated a similar performance in section nine, with two single mark rides over the two laps as all his rivals failed this long and technical test at both attempts. Having only dropped five marks throughout his first lap Bou already held a healthy lead over his team mate and eventual runner up Fujinami. Raga had moved into third spot by the halfway point on nineteen marks, which was six more than the Japanese rider had dropped at this stage.

The heat and extreme nature of the competition certainly took its toll during the later part of the trial, with all but fourth placed Albert Cabestany – Sherco dropping more marks on their second lap compared to their first tour totals. Even with a final lap score of ten, Bou ran out an easy winner some twenty marks ahead of Fujinami. Takahisa matched Raga over the closing fifteen hazards and finished six marks ahead of his Spanish rival when the final results were declared. Bou now sits fifteen points clear of Raga in the general standings, with Fujinami in fourth position in the championship table, though only six points off Cabestany who currently holds third spot after four counting events.

The riders and teams can now enjoy a short break in proceedings, before the series resumes in the Italian mountains in two weeks time.

Takahisa Fujinami (MONTESA) Laia Sanz

Takahisa Fujinami (MONTESA)

Laia Sanz

Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa)
Trial result: 1st Championship position: 1st

“Today has been a fantastic trial, especially after they made the changes to the sections last night. For me I like it very difficult, but I think the changes made it better for all the riders. Section nine was the most difficult test for me as it was very technical, but section three was probably the best for the public as it was very spectacular. It has been physically tough today, but thankfully I had no problems. Now I will go away and continue the same work ready for Italy as I know Adam (Raga) is always pushing hard.”

Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Montesa)
Trial result: 2nd Championship position: 4th

“It has been a very hard trial today, I made a good start and was riding quite well. I did make some mistakes, but today these were not big mistakes so I was still OK. My first lap was very good, but like all the riders I became very tired on the second lap so my performance was not as good as it was this morning. I am very happy to finish second to Toni (Bou) and I want to keep fighting for this position at the next rounds too.”

Laia Sanz (Repsol Montesa)
Trial result: 11th Championship position: 16th

“I am happy because I was riding well today, I think my best riding was in the most difficult sections, which was good for my confidence. In some of the more easy sections I made some stupid mistakes, but I think everyone made some mistakes today in these tough conditions. I was very tired on the second lap as I was having to rush as the overall time was very tight. Andorra is always one of my favourite events and today I had the same feeling, as I really like these type of sections even when it is hot.”

FIM Trial World Championship Series 2011
Round 04 Andorra

10 Alexz WIGG / GBR / SHERCO
11 Michael BROWN / GBR / GAS GAS
12 Francesco IOLITTA / ITA / BETA
Toni Bou (MONTESA)

Toni Bou (MONTESA)

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