WCTSpainJune 19, 2011
FIM Trial World Championship Series 2011
Round 03 Pobladura – Spain

Bou Wins Home Grand Prix - Fujinami Takes Fourth

Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa HRC romped to a relatively easy victory on board his Cota 4RT machine at his home Grand Prix held at the unknown town of Pobladura de las Regueras. Whilst Bou finished well clear of eventual runner up Adam Raga – Gas Gas and third placed Albert Cabestany – Sherco, it was a tough day for his Repsol Montesa team mate Takahisa Fujinami who did well to salvage fourth spot come the end of the day. Toni’s third win of the season takes him further ahead in the general standings, with the reigning champion now holding a ten point lead over his closest rival Raga.

 Toni Bou Takahisa Fujinami

Toni Bou

Takahisa Fujinami

Sitting almost eighty kilometers north west of the Spanish city of Leon, the tiny rural town of Pobladura de las Regueras is located in a steep sided valley, with an abundance of good trial terrain on the surrounding hills. Whilst the venue has previously hosted Spanish national competitions, the recent addition of a one and a half million Euro paddock complex has now established this remote destination as one of the best-appointed stops on the World trial tour. The two man made hazards in the start / finish area created a great focal point for the many fans and complimented the otherwise natural tests that were spread wider afield and included a mixture of dry dusty climbs and slippery stream sections.

Bou on his factory four stroke bike did not part with his first mark until the fifth section on the opening lap, which was the first hazard in the tree covered river, here Fujinami matched the clean rides of Raga, Cabestany and Jack Challoner – Beta to take an early lead. Takahisa maintained his un-penalized run until section nine, but then a string of marks and mistakes including a spectacular five at section fifteen and then another failure at the initial hazard on the last lap would ultimately seal his fate. In contrast Bou just got stronger and more confident and only dropped two more marks to close the first lap on a total of just three marks, which put him eight clear of Cabestany at this point in the competition.

A soft five in section one on the final lap, when he lost his front wheel on one of the huge, wet and slippery tree logs, was Bou’s only scare of the day. This error only served to focus his attention, with Toni completing the rest of the lap by losing only one more dab in the tenth section. With a total of nine for the entire trial, Bou took the win by ten clear marks from Raga who produced the lowest second lap score, his intermediate tally of five marks being one better than that recorded by Toni. An equally poor second lap gave Fujinami no chance of a podium place on this occasion, though was enough to secure him fourth spot ahead of Jeroni Fajardo – Ossa, who he has now also moved ahead of in the general classifications.

With the final round in Poland having now been cancelled due to landslides in the region as a result of heavy and persistent rainfall, next week’s Grand Prix in Andorra will become even more significant in the title race.

Takahisa Fujinami Laia Sanz

Takahisa Fujinami

Laia Sanz

Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa)
Trial result: 1st Championship position: 1st

“It’s been a difficult race today, even if the result does not show this. Riding first in the river sections on the first lap was certainly a disadvantage, as that was when the rocks were most slippery. Despite this I made an incredible first lap, which put me in a strong position, so even when I failed in section one on the second lap I knew that I could still win. In the end I did a great performance in the rest of the sections to win at my home GP, which is always a special feeling.”

Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Montesa)
Trial result: 4th Championship position: 4th

“Today I have been very bad in some sections, so I am perhaps lucky to be in fourth position. What is strange is that I started so well, and I was actually leading the trial until section nine on the first lap. Then I began to make a series of errors, and as each section went by the mistakes were even bigger. The fives in section fifteen on lap one and in section one on lap two were terrible, so I am glad that I did manage to recover some positions. Also I was lucky that Jeroni finished behind me today, so I have now overtaken him in the championship, so it is not all bad.”

Laia Sanz (Repsol Montesa)
Trial result: 17th Championship position: 17th

“Today I rode better than I did in the European championship yesterday, but still it was not good enough. The big steps in section one and section four cost me twenty marks, which is a shame as I rode well in the river sections. Without these marks in these two sections I could have finished inside the top ten, which would have been a good result for me.”

FIM Trial World Championship Series 2011
Round 03 Spain

9 Michael BROWN / GBR / GAS GAS
11 Alexz WIGG / GBR / SHERCO
12 Francesco IOLITTA / ITA / BETA
Toni Bou

Toni Bou

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