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WCTSpainMay 16 - 17, 2009
FIM World Trial Championship Series 2009
Round 03 Great Britain

Bou takes back to back wins in Great Britain

Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa HRC on his factory Cota 4RT increased his advantage at the head of the 2009 SPEA FIM Trial World Championship thanks to two hard fought victories at the Grand Prix of Great Britain. Bou now has a nine-point lead over arch rival Adam Raga – Gas Gas who finished as runner up on both days. In contrast it was not the best of weekends for Toni’s team-mate Takahisa Fujinami who failed to finish on Saturday due to a heavy fall, but bounced back brilliantly on Sunday despite his injured ribs to claim a very unexpected fourth place.

Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa) Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa)

Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa)

Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa)

The third round of the current series was hosted a disused sandstone quarry close to the border city of Carlisle. Sitting high on the hill over looking the rolling valley below, the ultra compact course comprised entirely of man made sections that proved a good test for the World’s best riders. Heavy rain was forecast throughout the weekend, but in reality this only materialised into a few light showers during Saturday’s competition.

Typically Bou and Raga traded blows as they moved through the early and relatively easy hazards, with Toni holding a single mark lead over Adam until section eight. Here the reigning champion made a really bad error that instantly cost him five marks and put Raga in the driving seat. However Bou was soon to rectify his mistake with the best ride of the trial in section ten. His clean ride up and over the steep jumble of rocks on his factory four stroke brought a roar from the crowd, as he became the only rider to reach the end cards on a hazard that was never conquered again on the day.

From here on in Bou began to stretch his advantage over Raga, to take his first day victory by a comfortable nine marks come the finish and after his early scare. Veteran campaigner Dougie Lampkin – Beta rounded out the podium in front of his younger compatriot James Dabill – Gas Gas, who took fourth. By the trial was coming to an end Fujinami was already undergoing an examination in the local hospital on his suspected broken ribs following his massive crash on section thirteen on the first lap.

Day two dawned with good news for Takahisa, as the doctors confirmed he had not broken ant bones and would be allowed to compete in Sunday’s trial. Over night changes to five sections meant the riders faced a slightly more difficult challenge for the second day. Bou began strongly again with cleans in the opening two sections, but needed a dab in the third hazard as his bike failed to rev out cleanly. His mechanics attended immediately to trace and rectify the fault and believed they had done so only to see Toni fail dramatically in the very next section as the engine misfired just at the wrong moment.

Further investigations then found a small stone had blocked one of the fuel pipes, and with this now removed Bou was faced with the task of clawing back marks on Raga who had been gifted the early lead. Again it was at section ten where Toni put his assault back on track with yet another stunning clean, to close the lap level on marks with Adam despite his problems. Toni looked back in control as he edged in front of the Gas Gas rider, but another poor error, this time in section six saw him add five marks to his tally.

Bou for the third time in the weekend had to rely on a wonder ride in section ten on his final visit to move back in front of Raga. This one epic ride was enough to give him his second victory, as he finished three marks ahead of Raga to take maximum points from his trip to Great Britain. Fujinami produced a super human effort on both laps to claim fourth spot, which had seemed an-impossibility at the start of the day.

Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa) Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)

Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)

Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)

Bou - 1st / 1st :
”Overall I have to be happy, as I have taken two victories, but that is not the whole story as it has been a difficult weekend for many reasons. The sections have not been that severe, but on both days I have made some mistakes that have nearly cost me the win each time. We had a small problem with the bike this morning, that caused me a few problems, but in the end I rode at an incredible level and think that I deserved the victory, especially today.”

Fujinami – DNF / 4th :
“After the crash yesterday, I was not sure if I was going to be able to start today. Yesterday the doctor was not happy for me to continue, and even for my own health, it was probably the best solution that I went to the hospital immediately. Today I thought I could ride just to gain a few points, but in the end I have been close to being on the podium. I have a lot of pain, but it has been worth it now that I have achieved this result. ”

Laia Sanz –
Repsol Montesa HRC was absent from this weekend’s event, with the female team member having opted to compete in the Women’s Trial European Championship in Poland instead. This is a title that Laia has won seven times consecutively already.

FIM World Trial Championship Series 2009
Round 03 Great Britain

1 Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa)
2 Adam Raga (SPA-Gas Gas)
3 Dougie Lampkin (GBR-Beta)
4 James Dabill (GBR-Gas Gas)
5 Albert Cabestany (SPA-Sherco)
6 Michael Brown (GBR-Sherco)
7 Jeroni Fajardo (SPA-Beta)
8 Marc Freixa (SPA-Gas Gas)
9 Loris Gubian (FRA-Gas Gas)
10 Daniel Oliveras (SPA-Sherco)
RT Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)
 Carlos Checa

Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa)
1 Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa)
2 Adam Raga (SPA-Gas Gas)
3 Albert Cabestany (SPA-Sherco)
4 Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)
5 Dougie Lampkin (GBR-Beta)
6 James Dabill (GBR-Gas Gas)
7 Jeroni Fajardo (SPA-Beta)
8 Loris Gubian (FRA-Gas Gas)
9 Marc Freixa (SPA-Gas Gas)
10 Michael Brown (GBR-Sherco)
11 Daniel Oliveras (SPA-Sherco)

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