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WCTItalyJune 29, 2008
FIM World Trial Championship Series 2008 Round 06 Italy

Bou back to winning ways in Italy with Fujinami third

Toni Bou - Repsol Montesa HRC was back to his winning ways at the sixth round of the 2008 FIM SPEA Trial World Championship at Tolmezzo in Italy. He held off a strong challenge from Adam Raga - Gas Gas to take his fifth win of the season so far. Third place once again went to team-mate Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Montesa HRC, making this the seventh time this year that these three riders have filled the podium.

Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa)

Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)

The Italian round of the championship moved to the small town of Tolmezzo in the Carnia region, in the far north-eastern corner of Italy. The area was experiencing a heat-wave and the riders were faced with high temperatures in the thirties as they began the event. Several thunderstorms in the run-up threatened the trial, but Sunday was bright and warm and this brought out the Italian trials fans in their thousands.

The trial comprised a combination of natural hazards and man-made sections, created within the town itself. The sections were concentrated in three main areas around the town, creating a total lap distance of some nine kilometers. This meant riders not only had to contend with the sections themselves, but traffic and the fans as they negotiated their way around the outskirts of the town.

It was Bou who set the running on the first lap, picking up a single five, a three and a two with a pair of dabs on the tricky sections as they wound their way up several of the hillside stream beds descending from the mountains surrounding the town. By the end of the first lap, Toni on his factory four stroke had a clear margin of nine marks as he began his second tour.

In contrast, Raga and Fujinami were evenly matched by the end of the first tour, despite difficulties for Fujinami, when his Cota 4RT suffered brake problems and the team were forced to return it to the paddock to make repairs. Their totals of twenty-one marks were reached with the pair only taking the same score on two sections, thirteen and fourteen and the scene was set for an excellent second lap.

As it transpired, Raga was the man on the move for lap two, claiming just eleven marks against Bou's sixteen and Fujinami's fourteen. While this was enough to ensure he would win out against Fujinami, it was not enough to reel in Bou and claim his second win in as many weeks, but it did mean a familiar podium ceremony for trials fans.

Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)

Laia Sanz

Bou - 1st :
"Today has been a very strange day. I made two very big mistakes and picked up a pair of fives and at that point, I thought I would not be able to even get on the podium, let alone win. However, I was able to take another victory, which I knew would be important and of course, I’m very happy to do so. The sections here this weekend seemed quite easy, but it was also not difficult to pick up points. I think it was very good for the spectators to have the sections mainly in three areas, but it did mean we had to cover a lot of ground between them. It tends to be a bit easier when the events are more compact."

Fujinami ­ 3rd :
"I was very pleased with my riding on the second lap today, but the first lap was a very different story. I made two big mistakes, on sections thirteen and fourteen and picked up five marks on each. That gave me a big problem. These areas were difficult to climb where normally, I would have made less marks. I also had a problem with the rear brake on my bike on the first lap and the team had to take it back to the paddock to repair it, as they could not do so out on the route. That affected my concentration and confidence a little and I had to push to get that back. Overall I was pleased with my second lap, but am not particularly happy to be third again."

Laia Sanz ­
Repsol Montesa HRC had another difficult weekend, finishing the Junior category of the trial in sixteenth place, after a better result on Saturday in the European Championship event. "Today was a disaster for me ­worse than a disaster! I feel I rode well yesterday [Saturday] on the European round and even though I finished fifteenth, I was close to the top ten on marks. However, we had a clutch problem and the team changed the engine overnight and this morning, I think I just felt too nervous and stressed. Normally I like these sections and felt I should have been able to do better."

FIM World Trial Championship Series 2008
Round 06 Italy

1 Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa)
2 Adam Raga (SPA-Gas Gas)
3 Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)
4 Albert Cabestany (SPA-Sherco)
5 Jeroni Fajardo (SPA-Beta)
6 James Dabill (GBR-Montesa)
7 Dougie Lampkin (GBR-Beta)
8 Marc Freixa (SPA-Gas Gas)
9 Michael Brown (GBR-Beta)
10 Jordi Pascuet (SPA-Beta)
11 Daniel Oliveras (SPA-Sherco)
12 Michele Orizio (ITA-Scorpa)
13 Daniele Maurino (ITA-Gas Gas)
14 Francesco Iolitta (ITA-Scorap)
15 Jerome Bethune (FRA-Beta)

Toni Bou (SPA-Montesa)

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