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WCTJapanJune 2-3, 2007
World Outdoor Trials Championship 2007
Round 04 Motegi, Japan

A win and second for Bou and two podiums for Fujinami in Japan

Four stroke mounted Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa HRC took yet another win and a closely fought second place at the two-day Grand Prix at the Twin Ring Motegi in Japan. Team-mate Takahisa Fujinami – Repsol Montesa HRC finished each of the two days of competition in third place, in front of his home crowd. Dougie Lampkin – Repsol Montesa HRC was sixth on the first day and seventh on the second, after injuring himself at the end of day one.

Toni Bou (E-Montesa)

Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)

The 2007 FIM SPEA Trial World Championship made a welcome return to the Twin Ring Motegi, the purpose-built motorsport complex playing host to a variety of sections, including natural earth climbs over tree roots, daunting rock climbs, both natural and man-made as well as the traditional pair of man-made hazards on the start/finish straight of the circuit. Thousands of eager fans turned out to witness the World’s best trial riders battling over two days of competition.

Bou on board his factory Cota 4RT was undoubtedly the star of the first day. He took just a single mark on the first lap, on the fearsome rock climb of the final hazard and just five more marks on his second lap. He finished with a five-mark advantage over second-placed Adam Raga – Gas Gas, once again the only man who was realistically able to get anywhere close to Bou. Fujinami was one of four riders separated by just four points after the first lap, but he both resisted pressure form other riders and put them under it himself to take a well-earned third place.

If the competition was close on the first day, there was almost nothing in it for the second. Bou and Raga were again the men to watch and ended the first lap on identical scores, with Albert Caestany – Sherco showing a return to form one mark back and Fujinami only two behind him. However, Raga cleaned the entire second lap and while Bou’s two-point performance was impressive in itself, it was not enough to keep Raga off the top podium step. Fujinami and Cabestany battled throughout the lap and eventually, the local hero was able to take his second podium pace of the weekend.

Dougie Lampkin suffered a frustrating and ultimately painful weekend. Close to the end of his first lap on day one, he suffered a damaged wheel and rear brake. While the Montesa mechanics were able to repair his factory Cota 4RT, he incurred time penalties. He then fell on the huge rock climb on the final section and dislocated his right index finger. He carried on for the rest of the first day and the second, but was clearly in pain and unable to ride to his full potential. However, he still managed a creditable sixth on the first day and seventh on day two.

Dougie Lampkin (GB-Montesa)

Laia Sanz

Bou - 1st / 2nd :
“Overall, I’m very happy with this weekend. The win on Saturday was fantastic, especially after such a close fight with Adam - again. Of course, I would have loved to follow that with another win on Sunday, but Adam was just too strong for that. However, I’m still very pleased with second place. Realistically, to think about the championship, I must be on the podium as much as possible and this is a good result with that objective; for me, for the team and of course, for Honda.”

Fujinami – 3rd / 3rd :
“It has been quite a tough trial this year. It’s not so much that the sections themselves are particularly difficult; it’s just very easy to make mistakes. And for me, there seemed to be several sections where I either cleaned them or if I made a small mistake, I picked up a five. My riding was better on the second day, as you can see from the scores and the much closer competition, but to succeed, you had to maintain complete concentration all the time and that was quite an effort.”

Lampkin – 6th / 7th :
“A very frustrating weekend for me, that’s for sure. I felt my riding on Saturday was good to begin with but then I caught the rear wheel on a post and broke it and the brake caliper. I lost time as it was repaired then had a big fall on the last section of the first lap and dislocated my front-brake finger. I rode the second lap but had to use a different finger for the brake and couldn’t put much weight on the hand. It was a similar situation for the second day; the hand was so tightly bandaged, I started to lose feeling by the end. What’s even more frustrating is that I was only two points away from fifth place.”

Ladies World champion, Laia Sanz - Repsol Montesa HRC had an improving weekend, finishing the first day seventh, but fifth on day two, with the same number of marks as fourth place, but with slightly fewer clean sections on the tie-break.
“I wasn’t very happy with my riding on the first lap of day one, but the second lap was much better and gave me improved confidence for day two. Some small mistakes meant I did not get fourth place, but I am happy with the result and my riding this weekend.”

World Outdoor Trials Championship 2007
Round 04 Motegi, Japan

1 Toni Bou (E-Montesa)
2 Adam Raga (E-Gas Gas)
3 Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)
4 Albert Cabestany (E-Sherco)
5 Jeroni Fajardo (E-Beta)
6 Dougie Lampkin (GB-Montesa)
7 James Dabill (GB-Montesa)
8 Tomoyuki Ogawa (JPN-Honda)
9 Kenichi Kuroyama (JPN-Yamaha)
10 Fumitaka Nozaki (JPN-Yamaha)
11 Marc Freixa (E-Scorpa)
12 Daniel Oliveras (E-Sherco)
13 Isao Shibuya (JPN-Beta)
14 Christophe Bruand (FRA-Sherco)
15 Jerome Bethune (FRA-Beta)

Toni Bou (E-Montesa)
1 Adam Raga (E-Gas Gas)
2 Toni Bou (E-Montesa)
3 Takahisa Fujinami (JPN-Montesa)
4 Albert Cabestany (E-Sherco)
5 Jeroni Fajardo (E-Beta)
6 Kenichi Kuroyama (JPN-Yamaha)
7 Dougie Lampkin (GB-Montesa)
8 James Dabill (GB-Montesa)
9 Tomoyuki Ogawa (JPN-Honda)
10 Marc Freixa (E-Scorpa)
11 Isao Shibuya (JPN-Beta)
12 Fumitaka Nozaki (JPN-Yamaha)
13 Daniel Oliveras (E-Sherco)
14 Daniele Maurino (ITA-Beta)
15 Tsuyoshi Ogawa (JPN-Montesa)

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