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WCTApril 12-13, 2003
World Outdoor Trials Championship Round 2 Luxembourg

Double Win for Freixa

The winner on both days of Round Two of the 2003 World Trials Championship, held at Ettelbruck, Luxembourg on April 12 and 13, was the 23-year-old Montesa HRC rider Marc Freixa. This result lifted the Spaniard in one swoop to second place in the series rankings. Second on both days was Dougie Lampkin, also of Montesa HRC and winner of the season opener in Ireland, while Takahisa Fujinami was fourth on both days. Lampkin kept his top spot in the rankings but Fujinami dropped back one place to third.

The Ettelbruck course includes many artificial sections of sloping wood and large rocks, and the dry, sunny conditions over the two days made the course quite dusty, which hardly made things more difficult. The riders were therefore expecting fewer penalty points, and delaying their start on their first section attempts on Saturday in an attempt to gain any advantage.

There was nothing to separate Freixa and Lampkin on most of the 15 sections of the first lap. Freixa was about to finish that lap with a two-point gap ahead of his rival, but then Lampkin failed to finish within this season's newly introduced 3.5-hour intermediate time limit (the regulation time for finishing Lap 1) and suffered a further two-point penalty.

On the second lap, Freixa seemed to have handed Lampkin the advantage by five-pointing the first section, but then Lampkin failed on sections 8 and 13, and so in the end it was Freixa who took the honors on the first day.

Fujinami had problems on Saturday's first lap in the form of a damaged rear shock absorber, but completed the next lap and the day's competition with minimum penalties. However the Japanese rider just missed out on a podium place, finishing fourth behind Freixa, Lampkin and the Sherco team's Graham Jarvis.

With only two changed sections on day two, the top riders were nervous because low penalty points were again expected. In the warm spring sunshine, the spectators gathered in large numbers around the starting point and waited impatiently for the riders to start.

Lampkin committed an unfortunate error on section three of the first lap, but then recovered with a clean section eight while Freixa and the Beta team's Kenichi Kuroyama both picked up five-point penalties. By the end of the lap the order was Kuroyama, Lampkin, Jarvis and Fujinami.

Because the riders had used up most of their total time allowance on the first lap, they had to take the sections more quickly on the second lap. Lampkin crashed on section three under the extra pressure and the repairs to his machine took time, but no gap opened up because Freixa and Kuroyama made similar mistakes too.

In the end, the second day's free-for-all was won by Freixa with 19 penalty points, followed closely by Lampkin and Kuroyama both on 20 penalty points. Lampkin took the tiebreak for second place, pushing Kuroyama back into third. Fujinami was unfortunate again to just miss out on the podium, finishing in fourth place on day two.

World Outdoor Trials Championship Round 2 Luxembourg

Day 1

1 Marc Freixa (montesa HRC)
2 Dougie Lampkin (montesa HRC)
3 Graham Jarvis (Sherco)
4 Takahisa Fujinami (montesa HRC)
5 Kenichi Kuroyama (Beta)
6 Marcel Justribo (Honda)
Day 2

1 Marc Freixa (montesa HRC)
2 Dougie Lampkin (montesa HRC)
3 Kenichi Kuroyama (Beta)
4 Takahisa Fujinami (montesa HRC)
5 Graham Jarvis (Sherco)
6 Jordi Pascuet (Gas Gas)

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