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WCTJune 2, Race Results
World Trials Championship Round 4 USA

Fujinami Takes Day Two and Overall Victory
Hands First Loss of Season to Lampkin

Dougie Lampkin (Montesa-HRC) went into Round 3 unbeaten so far this season. Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa-HRC) was determined to change all that, and at last got the result he wanted. After the two finished level on Saturday, the judges declared Lampkin the winner. Then on Sunday Fujinami came from behind to finish 4 marks ahead of his rival and clinch his 3rd ever overall victory.

World Trials Championship Round 4 USA

Day 1

1 D.Lampkin (Montesa HRC)
2 T.Fujinami (Montesa HRC)
3 A.Raga (Tarres Gas Gas)
4 A.Cabestany (Beta Tarragona)
5 M.Freixa (Otyan Sherco)
6 D.Cobos (Montesa HRC)
7 G.Jarvis (Otyan Sherco)
8 S.Colley (Tarres Gas Gas)
9 K.Kuroyama (Beta Kenny)
10 M.Colomer (Tarres Gas Gas)
11 J.Manzano (Beta)
12 M.Alcaraz (Scorpa)
13 J.Fajado (Tarres Gas Gas)
14 J.Pascuet (Tarres Gas Gas)
15 S.Connor (Tarres Gas Gas)
Day 2

1 T.Fujinami (Montesa HRC)
2 D.Lampkin (Montesa HRC)
3 D.Cobos (Montesa HRC)
4 M.Freixa (Otyan Sherco)
5 A.Cabestany (Beta Tarragona)
6 A.Raga (Tarres Gas Gas)
7 K.Kuroyama (Beta Kenny)
8 J.Manzano (Beta)
9 G.Jarvis (Otyan Sherco)
10 S.Colley (Tarres Gas Gas)
11 M.Alcaraz (Scorpa)
12 J.Fajado (Tarres Gas Gas)
13 M.Colomer (Tarres Gas Gas)
14 F.Nozaki (Scorpa Racing)
15 J.Pascuet (Tarres Gas Gas)

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