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WCTApril 13 - 14, Race Results
World Trials Championship Round 2 Spain
2 Victories for Lampkin in Season Opener, Good 2nd and 4th for Fujinami

Aiming for a 6th consecutive FIM championship, Dougie Lampkin (Montesa-HRC) was the clear winner in Spain, the season opener after the postponement of Round 1 in Luxembourg. Team-mate Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa-HRC), whose only goal is to overthrow Dougie, got a terrific start on day one with a 2nd place finish. He was unable to keep up with Lampkin on day two, partly due to the home advantage of the Spanish riders, but still managed to secure 4th position and make a reasonable start to his season.

World Trials Championship Round 2 Spain

Day 1

1 D.Lampkin (Montesa HRC)
2 T.Fujinami (Montesa HRC)
3 A.Cabestany (Beta Tarragona)
4 A.Raga (Tarres Gas Gas)
5 M.Freixa (Otyan Sherco)
6 J.Manzano (Beta)
7 G.Jarvis (Otyan Sherco)
8 D.Cobos (Montesa HRC)
9 M.Colomer (Tarres Gas Gas)
10 M.Justribo (Otyan Sherco)
11 K.Kuroyama (Beta Kenny)
12 J.Pasquet (Tarres Gas Gas)
13 T.Tanaka (Fish Gas Gas)
14 S.Colley (Tarres Gas Gas)
15 M.Alcaraz (Scorpa)
Day 2

1 D.Lampkin (Montesa HRC)
2 A.Raga (Tarres Gas Gas)
3 A.Cabestany (Beta Tarragona)
4 T.Fujinami (Montesa HRC)
5 G.Jarvis (Otyan Sherco)
6 M.Freixa (Otyan Sherco)
7 D.Cobos (Montesa HRC)
8 J.Manzano (Beta)
9 K.Kuroyama (Beta Kenny)
10 M.Alcaraz (Scorpa)
11 M.Justribo (Otyan Sherco)
12 M.Colomer (Tarres Gas Gas)
13 F.Nozaki (Scorpa Racing)
14 T.Tanaka (Fish Gas Gas)
15 J.Pasquet (Tarres Gas Gas)

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