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New CRF-style Design for a Sharper,More Aggressive Attitude
Off road or on the street, the popular, all-around XR250 is a rider favorite. For a more aggressive image, the new XR250 features bodywork styled after the '06 CRF series motocrossers, a heteromorphic multi-reflector headlight and a polished stainless steel exhaust pipe for a more aggressive look.
• Length : 2,175mm
• Width : 805mm
• Height : 1,190mm
• Engine Type : Air-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve OHC single
• Displacement : 249cm3

XR250 Motard
CRF Styling & Bodywork for a More Aggressive Look
This XR250-based hot-rod runs sticky tyres on 17-inch wheels for heaps of high-traction excitement. Designed after the hard-charging Super Motard bikes, the XR250 Motard features the CRF motocrosser styled body work used on the new XR250. The Motard also gets the new stainless steel exhaust pipe and a racy heteromorphic multi-reflector headlight. The aggressive style of a motocross bike, high-revving power and an in-your-face attitude — the XR250 Motard is built for action.
• Length : 2,110mm
• Width : 790mm
• Height : 1,150mm
• Engine Type : Air-cooled 4-stroke 4-valve OHC single
• Displacement : 249cm3

Fusion SE
Improved Tandem Comfort & Urban-Chic Styling
“Low and Long” styling has made the Fusion king of the quarter-litre scooters. Improvements for 2006 include a new, more comfortable seat, bolt-on handlebars with a new bend, and new mirror mounts. Styling upgrades enhance the low-and-long look, resulting in a more relaxed riding position. Other improvements include a new multi-reflector headlight, clear lenses for the turn indicators and high-mount brake light. The mirrors are mounted on the chromed handlebars, for a more urban image.
• Length : 2,265mm
• Width : 745mm
• Height : 1,115mm
• Engine Type : Liquid-cooled 4-stroke OHC single
• Displacement : 244cm3

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