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Safety, Ecology and Security.
Honda Has The Advanced Technology.
Honda has very high standards when it comes to making motorcycling more convenient and more enjoyable, and we are carrying out extensive research and development in these areas. The world's first airbag system for production motorcycles is a perfect example of Honda's safety technology. Software for rider safety education is another example. Honda engines feature many technologies to reduce exhaust emissions and to ensure environmental compatibility. We also offer sophisticated anti-theft technology. Here's a closer look at some of these advanced Honda technologies.
The Latest in Passive Safety Technology
The First Airbag System on a Production Motorcycle
Honda first began research on an airbag system for production motorcycles in 1990. The resulting Motorcycle Airbag System for production motorcycles is a showcase of advanced Honda technology. The system consists of acceleration sensors, an airbag ECU which processes impact calculations from the sensors, and an airbag module mounted in front of the rider.
The acceleration sensors are mounted at the fork, enabling instant detection of impacts. Using two separate channels, the airbag ECU independently calculates the acceleration data from the four sensors. If the impact requires airbag deployment, an ignition signal is sent to the inflator inside the module to release the gas, and the airbag inflates. As an added safety feature, even if the power source is damaged or voltage is reduced due to damage from the crash, the ECU has a back-up power source and voltage booster circuit to activate the system. Made of tough nylon with a silicon inner coating, the airbag has a 150-litre capacity and a V-shape. The time between impact and airbag deployment sufficient to absorb the rider’s forward energy is a mere 0.15 seconds*, or less time than the blink of an eye (0.2 sec.).
*When impacting the side of a stationary passenger car at 50km/h


Advanced Motorcycle Braking Technology
Honda's "stopping" technology is as impressive as its "going" technology. The Combined Brake System and Honda's Dual Combined Brake System provide smooth, confident braking force to the front and rear wheels. This advanced system is equipped to many of Honda's commuter and sports models. Honda's Antilock Brake System (ABS) detects impending wheel lockup caused by excessive braking or changing road surfaces. When used together with the Dual Combined Brake System, ABS rider-friendly technology makes motorcycling more enjoyable than ever.  

Safe, Real-Time Simulation - The Riding Simulator.
The riding simulator allows students to experience and understand dangerous riding situations in a safe environment. The simulator can reproduce a wide variety of riding patterns and conditions to teach defensive riding techniques in real time.  

Simple, Effective Training on the Riding Trainer
Simple construction allows the operating section to be connected to a personal computer for rider training. Students can practice proper riding techniques before riding a motorcycle and instruction can be given on how to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations.
*Computer and monitor not included

Making Motorcycles Clean, Fun and Environmentally Friendly
Honda is carrying out extensive research and development on how to improve the environmental performance of motorcycles. For example, Honda is applying the electronically controlled fuel-injection (PGM-FI) system to many different models. With some exceptions, most of Honda's 4-stroke models are being equipped with special emission reducing technologies. For example, some scooters feature an Idle Stop System, while many sports bikes are fitted with HECS3 (Honda Evolutional Catalyzing System 3) and Air Injection. In this way is Honda's environmental philosophy reflected in every motorcycle we build, with no detriment to riding fun.  
Reliable Energy That's Good for the World
With the motorcycle fuel cell FC, Honda is developing an environmentally friendly replacement for fossil fuels which also reduces exhaust emissions. This fuel-cell powered motorcycle is the first step into this bold new world. It features the new-generation fuel cell Honda FC STACK, an automotive-type fuel cell in a compact, motorcycle size, which starts even at below freezing temperatures. By mounting the fuel cell at the swingarm-mounted EV drive system, Honda was able to apply this remarkable technology to a engine-powered machine of the same class. Research and development continues on making fuel cell technology more compact and on applying this technology to actual use.  

High-Tech Security Systems for Your Machine
The Honda Smart Card Key System
This system lets you communicate with your bike using the key. An electronic verification function built into the key permits remote starting and helps prevent theft. When near the motorcycle, this small key allows the rider to remotely perform many functions: the ignition knob can be turned, the bike started and the seat and fork lock can be operated, and the locked, large console box can be opened. The bike can also be locked and unlocked remotely. One more way in which Honda is making bike life easier and smarter. This system is now used on the FORZA series machines.    
H.I.S.S./Anti-Theft Ignition Switch Helps
Prevent Tampering and Theft
[H.I.S.S. (Honda Ignition Security System)] This is Honda's unique, electronically controlled security system. A chip in the original ignition key recognizes signals from the Engine Control Unit and sends a special ID verification signal. If the signals do not match, the engine will not start.
There is also an Anti-Theft Ignition Switch. The main switch also operates the seat opener and the fork lock. A shutter over the key hole prevents tampering and theft and helps to ensure that your favorite motorcycle is always waiting for you when you return.

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