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Internavi Premium Club
Innovative information performance for more enjoyable motoring
Internavi Premium Club is a unique information network using the latest telecommunications technology to integrate the driver’s onboard navigation system with Honda’s Internavi Information Center. The service combines access to real-time traffic information with advanced features that enhance the accuracy of navigation, to make life on the road more comfortable and enjoyable.
Finding a Quicker Route in the Shortest Time-Internavi VICS
Internavi Floating Car System*
This service is available to Internavi Premium Club members only, and transmits required traveling time data to the center when a member vehicle has driven into a prescribed members’ road area. The service can be used for guidance when regular VICS information is not available.
*Availability of features varies by model.
Traffic Congestion Forecast Information
The system uses accumulated traffic congestion data to accurately predict changes in traffic conditions and to inform drivers of a quicker route.
Timely Delivery of Route Conditions Information*
The Information Center delivers real-time travel information at 10-minute intervals, checking for changes in road conditions between you and your destination, and suggesting a faster route whenever appropriate.
*Availability of features varies by model.
Lane-by-Lane Information
The system provides route guidance with travel time for each lane in the direction of travel, with information on which lanes have the smoothest traffic flow on the route to your destination.
Internavi’s premium features deliver an enhanced driving experience
Internavi Weather*
Provides clear and easy-to-understand real-time information on weather conditions Reports of rain and snow on the route to your destination are provided via the car navigation map and voice alerts.
*Availability of features varies by model.
Departure Time Advisor
Your personalized Internavi web page provides departure time and route advisory information to help you make sure you set out on time. On the day of departure, you are notified by email in the event of traffic accidents or other major traffic delays along your route.
Information provided is based on VICS and Internavi Floating Car Quick forecasting. Actual travel times and car navigation information may vary.
Parking Lot Selection
Guides you to parking spaces suited to your vehicle’s size. You can even set the system according to how much you want to pay and how far from your destination you are willing to park, and it will find the parking areas that best match those criteria.
Uses a network of some 10,000 parking areas throughout Japan, 5,300 of which provide real-time information on parking availability (as of May 2005).
The onscreen map displays an icon indicating only those parking lots that match your preset conditions.

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