Tokyo 2005
October 19, 200



Tokyo 2005 - Remarks by Takeo Fukui President & CEO, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (10:28)

Released: October 19, 2005

Transcript, October 19, 2005

At this year's Tokyo Motor Show we are presenting our continuing challenge to realize the dreams of our customers and the dreams of Honda itself.
Our theme for this year is "Dream Wings," expressing Honda's initiative to "always continue tackling new challenges to realize our dreams."

We would like visitors to get a feel for our effort to create new values for the future and the potential to enhance riding pleasure.

As sport, hobby, or essential commuter vehicles, Honda motorcycles are used regularly in the daily lives of our wide range of customers worldwide.

As part of the responsibility of a company providing motorcycles to more than ten million customers a year, we at Honda have consistently addressed the issues of the "Environment" and "Safety" as our utmost priorities. We are committed to continuously take on new challenges in these areas as well.

Regarding the "Environment"... in our effort to improve fuel economy and to reduce tailpipe emissions, we have completed the transition to 4-stroke engines and expanded application of programmed fuel injection, PGM-FI, for more models.

As a result, we were able to improve the average fuel economy of Honda motorcycles sold around the world by about 34%, in comparison to the level of ten years ago in 1995.

We are going to continue to work proactively to increase fuel economy by pursuing the further improvement of combustion efficiency with our engines and by applying the most optimum technologies for each class.

As for tailpipe emission regulations, we will employ a variety of technologies in order not only to meet the regulatory standards, but also to satisfy the high goals we have set for ourselves.

As for "Safety," we have just succeeded in developing the world's first airbag system for mass production motorcycle models. The new airbag system will be installed on a new model of Gold Wing, which will be gradually launched in the U.S., Europe and Japan starting from 2006. Regarding our brake systems, we plan to further enhance the sense of ride security by increasing the number of model types equipped with advanced systems which combine the easy-to-operate and highly effective Combined Brake System (known as CBS) with an anti-lock braking system.

Turning our eyes to the overall environment of current motorcycle use, tandem riding on Japanese expressways recently became legal, and that expands opportunities for more people to enjoy motorcycles. In addition, there is a recent trend toward an increase in the number of older motorcycle users in Japan. We have begun to see structural changes in motorcycle demand.

We also believe that the introduction in June of the new motorcycle rider's license limited to automatic transmission motorcycles will make AT motorcycles even more a part of peoples' lives. The values our customers expect from motorcycles are becoming more diverse.

Amid such major changes, we find ourselves in an era in which the research and development of motorcycles requires free thinking full of visionary dreams, without being bound or limited by preconceived notions including conventional values generally, and conventional thinking on product use.

Even though the "market in" concept that focuses on responding to customer needs remains as the basis of our activities, we at Honda will also proactively pursue a "product out" approach, through which we propose our dreams in addition to providing technologies and products exceeding customer expectations.

The two concept models we are about to introduce are the physical embodiment of such thinking. By integrating visionary dreams and free thinking with cutting-edge technology, through these models we are presenting "the creation of new values" and "enhanced riding pleasure."

The first of these concept models is the E4-01.

With a powerful 900cc engine, together with an advanced automatic transmission system, and the combination of the Unit Pro-Link Suspension and Pro-Arm suspension, the E4-01 boasts both riding performance equivalent to that of a supersports model and cruising comfort exceeding those of a touring model.

Embodying what we call the "automatic supersports concept," the E4-01 is a motorcycle for mature people with the goal of creating new values, which cannot be classified into any conventional category.

The second of the two concept models we would like to introduce today is the DN-01. The name "DN" coming from "Dream New" concept. This is an automatic sports cruiser model that literally realizes a Honda "dream."

The futuristic, innovative styling and a power unit that adopts the HFT automatic transmission mechanism in a motorcycle for the first time in the world will provide each rider with a quality cruising feel and the enjoyment of actively operating the machine.

The DN-01 transcends the common, accepted image of the motorcycle, creating a totally new value for the customer.

Honda plans to start sales of the DN-01 in the near future. With this model, we are hoping to provide our customers with the joys of riding and owning a motorcycle, creating new value, and wonderful riding pleasure. Please look forward to it!!

I thank you for your patience. Now, here's the worldwide debut of the DN-01.

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