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Pinnacle Sports Tourer Powered by a 1,832cm3 Flat 6-Cylinder Engine
The GOLDWING is the ultimate touring machine and the flagship of Honda's motorcycle lineup. This incredible motorcycle offers the most luxurious riding experience on two wheels. For improved comfort in cold weather, the new GOLDWING is equipped with grip and seat heaters, as well as enclosed foot warmers. With its upgraded audio system featuring new front and rear speakers, a new power amp and new tweeters, audio reproduction is simply first class. Styling improvements include a new taillight lens and a new cockpit design, further enhancing this machine's already impressive quality.
•Length : 2,635mm
•Width : 945mm
•Height : 1,525mm
•Engine Type : Liquid-cooled 4-stroke OHC flat-6
•Displacement : 1,832cm3

Now Available with ABS, This High-Speed Sports Tourer Also Gets an Exciting New Coat of Paint.
Powered by a V-4 781cm3 VTEC engine, the VFR-ABS is unequalled as a high-speed long-distance sports tourer. The combination of Honda’s remarkably efficient Dual Combined Brake System with ABS (Antilock Brake System) makes for impressive braking performance. Detail improvements include a thorough change in surface treatment, clear indicator lenses, and a new Pearl Cosmic Black color in addition to the current Digital Silver Metallic. Every detail of this high performing machine expresses the unmatched build quality for which Honda is famous.
•Length : 2,120mm
•Width : 735mm
•Height : 1,195mm
•Engine Type : Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC V-4
•Displacement : 781cm3

Deauville ABS
More Displacement, PGM-FI and ABS for Rider-Friendly Touring
The Deauville is fitted with a wind blast reducing half cowl and fully integrated panniers, features which have made it one of Europe’s most popular machines for light touring and commuting. For 2006, displacement of its liquid-cooled V-twin engine has been increased by 33cm3 to 680cm3, its previous three-valve heads changed to four valves, and PGM-FI added, resulting in improved combustion efficiency and power characteristics. Wind protection is greatly enhanced, thanks to a two-position adjustable windscreen, while a dual multi-reflector headlight provides even better night visibility. Confidently controlled braking performance comes by way of a Combined Brake System integrated with new ABS. The Deauville is produced in Spain and marketed in Europe.
•Length : 2,218mm
•Width : 810mm
•Height : 1,320mm
•Engine Type : Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 8-valve OHC V-twin
•Displacement : 680cm3

A Sports Touring Machine With the Heart of a Grand Tourers
The CBF1000 is powered by an extremely reliable Grand Tourers-based engine fitted with PGM-FI and delivering a smooth spread of responsive power across the rev range. To meet the unique needs of each rider, this machine is equipped with an adjustable seat and adjustable windscreen bringing riding pleasure and user friendliness to the next level, and a Combined ABS brake system ensuring even smoother and more confident operation. The CBF1000 is produced in Italy and marketed in Europe.
• Length : 2,156mm
• Width : 782mm
• Height : 1,238mm
• Engine Type : Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC inline-4
• Displacement : 998cm3

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