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Sporty styling and sporty performance make the 250cc FORZA Z a kick to ride! Featuring S-Matic, Honda's electronically controlled transmission, '06 improvements include a manual mode with seven speeds instead of six, and an automatic shift mode which automatically shifts through all seven speeds. In the automatic shift mode, riders can enjoy easy-to-operate shifting with a manual shift feel, for sporty riding in various conditions. The thin dual headlights and windscreen give the machine a bold new face, complemented by the round taillight design with LED brake light. And a set of speaker grills makes it easier than ever to install the audio system made by Honda Access Corp.
Advanced Honda S-Matic.
Four Modes To Match Your Every Riding Style
The Forza Z's most appealing feature is the Honda S-Matic transmission. Offering the automatic S and D Modes for city riding, a manual mode is available for sporty riding on winding roads. For 2006, the six-speed manual mode has been upgraded to seven speeds. The extra speed enhances sports riding and improves high-speed touring performance and comfort when riding tandem. There is also a new seven-speed automatic shift mode featuring a sensor which measures vehicles speed and throttle opening for electronically controlled shifting. The four shift modes allow Forza Z riders to smoothly match their riding style to their riding environment.


Newly Designed Headlight and Meter Visor
and Clear Lens LED Taillight Give a Bold New Look.
A new front cowl, together with new thin headlight and new meter visor, gives the Forza Z an exciting new image. The extension of the visor to near the top of the cowl, and thin dual headlights make this machine's presence unmistakably bold. From the front, the Forza Z retains the look of the existing model, but is more aggressive. From the rear, clear lenses are used on the right and left indicators, along with a brake light consisting of nine bright LED lamps. Together these offer improved visibility of the rear of the machine, while the round LED lamp creates an even more impressive image.


Easy Audio Installation for a Fresh Way to Enjoy Riding
New technology makes the FORZA Z as fun to operate as it is comfortable to ride. The "Gathers M" audio system is specially designed for the FORZA and the speakers can be quickly mounted on either side of the instrument panel for an attractive, integrated appearance. Featured as standard equipment on the FORZA are a set of speaker grills for easy mounting of the Gathers M kit.

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