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Winning the trust and approval of customers and the community
Dealerships are Honda’s public identity. With the aim of developing progressive dealerships that earn the trust and approval of our customers and local communities, Honda has established special standards governing dealer activities in regard to the environment, safety, and public welfare.
Green Dealers
Green Dealers are involved in improving environmental efficiency, eliminating waste, and saving energy and resources at the sites where our cars are sold and serviced. These dealers aim to please customers and the local community while contributing to protection of the global environment.
Rainbow Dealers
Rainbow Dealers help customers strive for motoring safety through safe-driving advice and seminars. These dealers aim to contribute to the realization of a society with the minimum of traffic accidents.
Orange Dealers
Orange Dealers provide barrier-free showrooms that contribute to the local community by focusing on assisting customers with disabilities and senior citizens. The goal is to offer dealerships that welcome all customers.
Support for Guide Dog Training
Honda promotes activities in support of guide dog training through the Japan Guide Dog Association (JGDA). Honda cosponsors an annual charity golf tournament and acts as a trustee of the JGDA, applying business acumen to help the organization achieve its goals with advice and planning assistance.
In addition, Honda automobile and motorcycle dealers throughout Japan have placed JGDA collection boxes on their premises. Honda also donates all daily inspection workshop attendance fees to the JGDA.

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